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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AND FINALLY UBBC#31!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is it... 31 posts in 31 days.... 
urgghhhh i'm exhausted. I thought it would be a pretty easy 
challenge. Alas not. 

I though "I post every day anyway, piece of carrot cake"
obviously, I really don't post every day, every single day.
I take a break when I have nothing... it's not forced.. not squeezed out
just for the sake... Blog for Blogs sake!!!! 

This has been pretty draining to say the least... but after all I did it!!! I
actually completed the challenge... something is finished, done, 
executed to the bitter end. 

Now, can we all get back to normal around here and have some
pure, unadulterated, blogalicious FUN!!!!!
Yipppity Dooo Daahhh.


Little Ms Blogger said...

About a year ago, I took upon the challenge to blog every day for the month of November.

It sounded easy, but let's just say I haven't done it since.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I sent too soon -- congrats for doing it!

Unknown said...

Yeah... It's pretty hard for me to blog every day unless I have a project I have some definite interest in. Even then, life gets in the way... Hope you are enjoying getting back into a routine outside your home. Have a wo derful week and take a deep breath-you don't have any blog posts to complete!

Julia said...

You rock! Congratulations :)

Diane said...

And I come back, right at the end! I'm going to work on posting at least every other day, which seems reasonable, given my loooooong sabbatical! And? It's good to see you again!!

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