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Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone...

I really need to start and join in on some more meme's... I'm quite the slacker these days.
Of course my favorite game is about to start back, Corner View, if Jane gets off her
vacationing, slackery butt and gives us a theme. Look for us on Wednesdays. 
I love you Jane.... besos!! 

Anyhoodles... this morning I decided that seeing as this is the last of my play stay at home Mom
days I would make it Creative Friday and do some of the stuff I have been meaning to 
do. I wanted so much out of this break but things like kids, school and dentists seemed to
keep getting in the damn way!! 
Um... hello... who died and put me in charge of this domestic stuff??? I never asked
to be elected Mayor and General Flunky of McGilliville.

So, this morning I noticed some mushrooms in the yard and being me I immediately 
thought... grab the camera before they run away... oh they don't run away... but they do 
disappear faster than green grass through a goose.

So I crawled out on all fours and got this little beauty... quite nice dontchya think?

and I took just a few more for good measure.... 
You can see them if you take a wee detour over to my flickr page.. 

Since then it has persisted to dump down rain on McGilliville and there is no more 
outside activity going on. I know you're all thinking well heck girl, you don't have to be
outside to get creative... I know that but I just wanted to be outside today!!!! 
I wanted to boost my portfolio, to increase my pictures of this darling town and to 
breath the fine outdoors air. I hate it when you're dead set on doing something and then
rain stops play. It's like having the champagne and strawbs but no Wimbledon!!! actually
that wouldn't be so bad either as long as it was a good vintage.

So here I sit, with a shih tzu on my lap (she's afraid of storms!!) wondering what 
to do. I think I'll try some new approaches to editing some old stuff and check 
back witchya later. 
How's your Friday turning out?????


Brian Miller said...

happy friday!
nice shroom! i like the textures...
have fun editing...

Conny said...

Oh yes, Happy Friday! and happy editing too. This afternoon we'll be driving to Santa Barbara for a quick weekend before school begins. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

rxBambi said...

I'm so sad you didn't come to visit on your break. What is this new job anyway? I need details.

Have a super weekend!!

Ashley Sisk said...

That looks so cool - have a great weekend!

Char said...

i wanted that rain here....glad you got to enjoy some of it.

great mushroom shot

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