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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Normal Service has been resumed...

After my marathon posting in August I had to take a break... I was just out of ideas.. out of things to say and out of enthusiasm to be perfectly frank!!!!

So what's been going on whilst I've been on my little hiatus from the blogosphere? what have I missed? who's been the funniest? who's been the snarkyest and who's been revealing their innermost secrets???? I have a busy day of shopping ahead and don't have time to go thru my entire reader so if you'll oblige and just give me the abridged details in my comments I'd appreciate it!!!

So new job is going well, like it, like it a lot and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Kids, well that's a whole different bag of cartwheels right there....just when you get one part of your life together there's always another steaming turn just waiting to be discovered. School is not the pleasure cruise it used to be, we're struggling in places we used to cakewalk and it's really becoming no fun whatsoever. The hard part is that no matter what you tell  your kids they cannot possibly comprehend the importance of education from an adults perspective... they are not there yet.. they are still living it and we all know what that feels like. My plan is to just take it day by day, a little consistent encouragement every day will go further than a blow up once a semester!!!! I'll keep you posted!!!!

On the domestic front... it's a freakin' nightmare to work full time and keep this place the show home I aspire to.... LOL... that is a joke peeps.. but I do like some assemblance of order and no health hazards lurking in the kitchen.  I feel a housekeeper coming on in the near future, either that or the chore chart in the kitchen will need to be adhered to!!!!! The kids decided to enter initials into the squares so we all know what we're responsible for on any given day, check it out, M stands for Mama and D for Daddy.... I'm pretty happy with the arrangement in theory although it seems no one is actually DOING the chores.
i also realize it's unfortunate to have a chart like this when all our names begin with A or S!! 

In other news... I am now the proud owner of a complete Jeep, the rear bumper has been replaced following the little altercation  in the school pick up line recently. The rear sensors have been replaced and work as they should and I can be proud to be seen around town in my ride once more!!! Let me just say this... BACK OFF.... do not follow closely, do not talk on your phone... and for Goodness sake get your kids under control!!!  I cannot be responsible for my foul mouth and pissy attitude should anyone else rear end me!!!!

So, that's all for this Saturday morning round up. Glad to be back, have been slackin' on the photography front too so hope to get some pictures this weekend and get back to Corner View!!! Have a great labor day and please... lets all wear white on Tuesday!!!!


Brian Miller said...

teehee...under the right circumstances your chore chart spells dad there something you need to talk about...

recap my posts for you:
homeless, politics, fingerpaints, romance...thats all you need to know...

Anonymous said...

Lol. Nobody does the chores on our chore chart either! If you ever figure out how to make it work, please share!

G-Zell said...

Just for you, I am going to try to wear white on tuesday. You know what happens when I wear white without fail... yep... accidents.... I look like a dirty rican lady... :)