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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More long awaited Randomonium!!!! ubbc#18

Like it???... my goofy assistants love to get in on the act but for some reason
the video is playing faster than the sound when I insert the clip!!! That makes it 
all the more hilarious... will try and iron out that glitch before my next randomonium post! 

So my loverly bloggers... time to get silly and share some of the random stuff
going on here in South GA. It's still hot and humid although the temp lately seems 
to have dropped to a bearable 95 degrees... not too shabby. There has to be something
out there blooming tho' cos I had to take a couple of sniffs of the old nasal spray today.

Ash had her semi-annual cleaning this morning and no cavities to report. She does 
have a six year molar peeking in at the back which we need to ensure is brushed
properly and the x-rays look good. Braces in her future.. of course... there 
was no way on God's earth we would escape expensive dental work now would we????

Please take a look to your right... I have a FB page.. plenty  more random crap 
going on over there... "like" it... pretty please.... merci. 

So we're into the third week of school and the novelty has worn off. Yes siree 
no more picture perfect mornings and the homework is like birthing watermelons.
How many more weeks 'til fall break??? 
Syd has had to redo an assignment a couple of times already. When did 
4th grade turn into junior year of college??? I have been very encouraging
and tried to say all the right things but give me a break already!! 
I am trying to remain calm and adopt a positive attitude, after all if you instill 
attention to detail and following directions at this early age we should have 
complete smooth sailing through the rest of her academic career right????
Please tell me that this is doing her some good!!!!!!!

I have turned over a new leaf in my approach to photography... yes... yes I have.
I have studied some photo's of people that I admire, really studied them and 
found I have been doing it all wrong. I need to actually be a little more 
purposeful in my actions and the results will speak for themselves. I'm all point 
and shoot but with a fancy camera... so yesterday I actually set up some still life arrangements.
I thought about and used my f stop, my aperture and my ISO. 
I looked at the lighting and altered it here and there, and most of all I used that 
dusty freakin' tri-pod... hope you like what I came up with... hee heeeee.

first is our family portrait in mugs... everyone has their fav mug right... 

 Can you tell who's is who's... of course you can!!! 

Then there's Grandpa's biplane... I used the black and white version in yesterday's post.
It's actually red, and quite lovely. 

I took a few more but for now that's all I'll bore you with. Today I will be 
venturing outside and instead of grabbing a shot here and there I'm gonna think and 
plan and execute the plan and then do it all over again!! Oh it's so much fun to 
have all this creativity buzzing around again!! I'm a nerd i know!!!! 

Well that wraps up this weeks randomonium, if I knew how to do the linky thing 
I'd let y'all link up and do your own randomonium posts..... feel free to do it and just let 
me know in the comments so i can visit...toodlepip!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

ha. love the fmaily portrait in mugs...we start school on not looking forward to homework...

Stephanie said...

My baby is going in to 4th grade this year too! we don't start until Sept 7th. I have tried to warn her the homework ramps up, but I don't think she is listening!:)

Love your Family Mug portraits!

Char said...

great job with the photos! :) lighting is where it's at really.

i love the randomness

Liz Mays said...

I think you've got a bit of a gift with your photography!

I remember noticing that 4th grade was a HUGE jump in difficulty!

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