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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Corner View ...White....

When this weeks theme of WHITE was posted I knew immediately I already had just the thing!  White to me means clean, I love white glossy trim, freshly painted and especially when it pops against something vivid. I love the wood against the brick on the first picture.

White flowers are always special too, they are fresh and full of hope, popping out amongst the green.

Sorry, just had to add this... my favorite room in the house is our bathroom because the clean fresh blue with the crisp white makes you wake up in the mornings.... love it!!!!

Go on now, run along and check out all the other Corner Views... they are all fabulous!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mrs. McG, we need to talk about Syd....

It's happened, the Explo teacher called me to discuss an event that happened with my wonderful first born! For those of you not familiar with the term Explo it is basically the "gifted" program in schools in Georgia. The kids are tested in Kindergarten and First Grade and for those who show exceptional abilities in certain subjects, they are entered into the gifted program, they take accelerated classes, it's a really great program and up until now Syd has really enjoyed it and has learned a whole bunch of stuff.

I say up until now because this week she decided not to participate in Monday's spelling test, she thought that it would be a better idea to read the book on her lap and not to pay attention to the teacher and the test.  Of course, she doesn't need to do a test, she knows it all, what's the point in testing when she always gets it right? So she just kept right on reading after the third time the teacher asked her to put it away and stop holding up the whole class. Not only did she defy the teacher but she "got MAD" at the teacher!!! she GOT MAD!!!

Now if you knew my soft spoken, tender hearted, little angel you would know how funny it is to me that the teacher told me she got mad.  She is always to mild mannered and so sensitive, but, when she gets mad she really does get mad and her looks can kill, I am still amazed that she would give the teacher one of those turn to stone looks!!!

I thanked the teacher for letting me know and told her we would deal with Syd, but what to do what to do? It's not like she was being abusive, or being a little shit or anything. She was READING.. aren't they supposed to READ in school???  I know, I know, she was being defiant and therefore disruptive.  I did that thing, that good parent trick, the one where you just say out of the blue..."Mrs A. called me today, do you know why?"... that stopped her in her tracks .... then I did the most awesome of all parent moves and told her that Daddy would deal with it when he got home!!!!!!!!!!   That sent her into a turmoil... what's he gonna say, what's the punishment gonna be, why am I  letting him deal with it?????  He's really pretty cool though and sat with her to explain the deal with listening and doing as your told blah blah blah. She was VERY upset non the less, we've taken the tv out of her room for a week and she's to go in there and read every night instead of watching her fave shows. She loves reading, it's not really a punishment but it'll make her think about it.

It's only been one day and she's tired of staring at the blank space on the wall, poor baby!!!! I am really hoping this is a good lesson and we won't have any further phone calls from the school.  It's so hard being a parent and it doesn't feel good to put them on restriction but you soooo don't want to be getting calls every other day. And for her, my goodest girl ever, it's unbelievable. Let's hope this nips it in the bud!!!! What would you have done?????????

Real World Weekend!!!

Look at me, haven't been on the blogosphere for pretty much the whole weekend!!! What in the world is up with that? Could it be I am actually getting a life? Could it be there are living, breathing people who actually like my company and vice versa? Whoa it's a little much to take in but this past weekend the gorgeous one and I had a fantastic time with great friends and we're wore the heck out!!!!!!!!!

Sat morning we as a family, yes that's all of us Peanut included, went out into the community and happily gave of ourselves unto others. I did a little arts and crafts with the elderly at a retirement home, Hubby did some manly outside work at the local University fixing dugouts. The kids both went to the local YMCA where they made some wooden toys for underprivileged kids and filled baggies with dog food to be delivered to seniors with pets (I think). Cool huh? Then we had all assembled for a lunch of hot dogs and ice cream in the, fun, fun!!!

Later, my good friend C and I went and had a pedicure, kind of a weird experience, you never really know what to expect at this place but it was good non the less. Saturday night we all convened (funny word isn't it) at Chez McGilly and had a good old fashioned cook out followed by a game of Scene It (music version). Suffice to say that we won and our friends could do with turning on the radio once in their lifetimes! Pullleeeaasseeee!!!!

Sunday was just as busy with us teaching Childrens Church in the morning, whole nother post possibly....again it's something that you just never can tell what's gonna happen.

Sunday evening was again spent in the company of great friends when we all attended the sixth birthday of Peanut's bestest friend in the whole wide world. Luckily, bestest friend has wonderful parents that we love to hang out with so although it was the kids party... we went along too!! and I might add had a ball!!!! Took millions of pictures and once I've edited them to within an inch of their lives I'll do a post on bestest friends birthday. And there's the rub, now I am super Nikon Girl I have to edit all my pics, I don't just come home and stick them on Snap fish and email them to my family and friends.... no.. I have to crop, adjust, fill, and soften... blah blah blah... then I delete some, mess with some more... then pick out the best... then upload them here, download them there, fiddle faddle and poof.... you may now view the three that are considered viewable!!!!! It takes more time than I actually have but I love it.

It's now Tuesday morning and I still have a ton of things to do.... I'll try and squeeze in some more blog time later, I am missing my regulars!!!! Hope you're busy too!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wordless Happy Hour!! just some stuff!!!!!

Just pics, no words really but all of the below make me HAPPY !!!
of course this is just stuff...true happiness comes from the people around me and I'll do a post on them next week.....when they're ready to be photographed, apparently it takes preparation! urgh!!!

(apparently there's something on my lovely floor, now that doesn't make me happy!)

Now git on over to RxBambi and Otin and see what makes then happy!

And Now for some Randomonium!!!!!

Why do Blogger and FB keep changing things? Just when a chick like me gets to where she feels comfy things freakin change and my life is thrown into turmoil, just for a minute or so anyway.

When people really accuse you of something and get mad, it's because of something they dislike about themselves, take comfort in that thought, apparently it's true.

Shih Tzus are the bomb, there's no discussion, it's a fact people.

Who started crap like thumbs up and high fives? So dorky it makes my skin crawl!!! yet I always give my kids five when they do something wonderful????  I am perpetuating the dorkyness.

If I won the lotto would I travel the world or just sit home blogging all day?

I have all these pictures stored all over the place, as in my real life, I just can't seem to get them organized! Is it worth taking them if they will then be STORED somewhere and no one can see them. Even if they are organized will they ever be viewed?

Will the outside of my house ever be finished? It's past the three year anniversary of when it was started and apparently there's just "one good weekend" of work left, well we've now had 156 of those since this project started surely one out of 156 was a "good" one. Evidently not.

Why was that Gadaffi (or however you spell it) maniac allowed to speak to the UN and why the hell was he given air time on TV, no one could tell what the hell he was saying anyway. Too many hells in that sentence?

When you have tests done at the docs office and they come back negative, why is it that they never move on to more tests to find out what the heck IS wrong with you??? They say, well you might have this, lets test for it, then they say, nope, that's not what it is... all clear.... but they never say oh well lets see if it's this??? you're just left out there saying well at least it's not that but I'm still in freakin' pain so it has to be SOMETHING. Docs are quacks... just sayin'.

Do you ever feel like there should be more hours in the day yet you can't stay awake for more hours? So why have them, to sleep? You can sleep when you die!!!!!

And that my friends is as random as it's getting today......let me know your random thoughts!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Corner View ... Out the Car Window....

Ummm thanks for this weeks Corner View idea, lately I have been clicking away while driving which I don't think is entirely a good idea with a Nikon D60, firstly it's heavy and secondly you can't really focus whilst trying to stay on the correct side of the road. Still, I did it, and hope you like the results. The first is a shot of City Hall, yep that's all you get folks, it's in a teeny weeny little place about 20 miles from T-ville and with their itty bitty population I guess they don't need a very big City Hall. For those of you not in the States it's kind of a Town Hall if you like, a government building where there's a court and you can go look up other peoples information if you're nosey that way.

Driving in rural Georgia is just that.... rural ... and boring!!!!

Heres's a classic I managed to snap on a trip to St Augustine last week, I am not really sure why that KMart buggy is there but it made for an interesting pic, and not too shabby considering how quickly I had to do it before himself sped off in search of a parking spot.

So that's if from me, glad to be back in the Corner View and can't wait to showcase my efforts next week. For more Corner Views check out Jane (she's awesome) and the crew over at Spain Daily. Until next week!

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Where have all the followers gone?????

What's up Blogger????? I have a new follower on LPC and can't see who it is to go check them out!!!! That really pisses me off.  Last night and this morning I can see the big fat 13 staring at me but there's no way to see who this nice person is.

Maybe I should be posting this on LPC and no IROMLM however, I'm feeling groggy this morning and don't know my ass from my elbow so I"ll just leave it here.

I need to get my tiara out and wear it all day in order to feel better!!!! How is your morning??????????

Monday, September 21, 2009

Humping flies.....

Hello again... haven't been here since Friday!!! missed me??? check out Little Pink Clock for a view of what I have been up to with his gorgoeousness.... it's not R rated believe me.

While we were gone rekindling the fun times of our youth, the kids stayed with good friend H and their kids, they went to the park, they saw two flies and Syd announced that they were "humping"!!!! This is not something new for her, she likes this term as she watches a lot of Victoria Whatshermajiggie, the Brit chick who trains dogs and will bandy about the word humping like it's hello or how are ya?

The weird thing is that another little girl, in the gaggle of girls, then announced that humping is when they sniff each others butts. How delightful our sweet young ladies are, I am sure there's a Swiss Finishing school somewhere in their future.

How was your weekend and did it involve humping flies????

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

Don't have a lot of time to be wordy this morning but I'm happy, happy, happy!!!

Bought new clothes yesterday.....made me happy!!!

Going to a Junior Service League Social with his gorgeousness and lots of friends... I'm taking the fizzy pink Vodka stuff for me and a secret friend to share... she'll be happy therefore I'll be happy!!

The girls are being good and helped me clean the house last night and do laundry... happy!!

His Gorgeousness and I are going on a romantic getaway just the two of us (and Nikon) this weekend to celebrate our twelfth anniversary!!!  HAPPY!!!!!

The girls are being taken care of by my goodest friend H. and they'll go bowling, go to a movie blah blah blah, they're all happy so guess what?? I'm happy!!

I finished the project I have been working on for Mumsie and it's being prepared and mailed to her as we blog speak.... she's gonna be super happy..therefore I'll be super super happy.

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Get to wear jeans to work and although they're tight they still make me happy!

Now Go..... get on over to RxBambi and Otin and see what makes them happy!!
Cheerio Chaps.
News just in... took the 8 year olds to school this morning and rocked out to BOOM BOOM POW!! they have their own dance moves and aren't afraid to sing it sistah... makes me really happy!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Pictures or not school pictures... vote now!!!!

OK folks, what to do what to do.... do I buy the school pictures??? the stiff head shot, ridiculously overpriced and under creative.... or do I take my own with my lovely Nikon????????????

It just feels a little weird not to get the school pictures!!! but I really don't want them!!! 
p.s. these weren't even taken with the Nikon so imagine what I could do!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funnies from the drop off...

And so it has been a few weeks since my young ladies have returned to school, back to the morning drama and hilarity that is the Drop Off... last year I car pooled with a friend and I took Sydney to her school, this year I'm pooling with another friend and I take Ashley and my friends daughter.  Our school district is spread far and wide and by the time they're in High School they will have been through no less then five schools already!!!

So we get in the car this morning and we're chit chatting about boys and who likes who in their class at school, and Ashley pipes up with "it's like a romantic comedy Mama"!!!! She's FIVE!! I laughed and told her, yes honey, I'm sure if you're involved it certainly is a comedy.  Then later when we got to the drop off lane at her school she made me turn down the music (we like the Black Eye Peas) she told me she didn't want the teachers to hear us rockin' out!!!! I just love morning drop off, it puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day!!!!

p.s. I went to the trash can this morning and it was covered in maggots!!!!!!!!! AARGGGGGGGHHHHHH now how in the hell does that happen?????  the neighbors was fine so I put my trash in their can... thanks lovely neighbor, I heart you!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And now I'm pissed.....

There's just too much crap going on for me to deal with.... last night I wanted to get the house straight because I have people coming for a meeting tonight... can't have people over when the house is a wreck right? Didn't happen.

This morning I woke up late because dearest got up before the butt crack of dawn, didn't wake me and then turned the alarm off. He's merrily pissing around on his computer and doesn't even entertain the thought that the rest of us might have things to do and need to get out of bed.  And so it begins, the chaos that is morning in our house.

I had a meeting to get to this morning for credit on my insurance license continuing ed... i had to drive an hour each way for a three hour class.... ergo... sleepiness... drowsy through the class where they close the blinds and dim the lights. They may as well have handed me a snuggie and a cup of warm milk. Then a long drive back through the countryside of South GA.... more conditions conducive to napping.

After that I had an afternoon of catching up on what I normally do in the mornings along with helping out other co-workers with their filing... yes filing! urggghhhh.  Still, if you're helping someone out you're helping someone out, it doesn't matter how you do it as long as you do it. We learned in our meeting this morning that whatever you do for someone, it's human nature for them to feel the need to return the favor... and that's what I traveled all that way to learn!!!!!

So now it's later, the meeting is over and I did manage to clean up before everyone arrived, it was a little hectic because the girls and the dogs were kinda all over the place to begin with. Did we accomplish anything? only time will tell.  Do I feel better.... nope.... I'm going to bed and tomorrow is another freakin' day... I won't give up on the commitments I've made, I'll just learn not to commit in the future!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A lesson in economics and negotiation.

For those of you with young children, a word of advice, make them three envelopes for their money, SAVE, SPEND AND GIVE AWAY. That way they will grow up a lot wiser than we are and their generation may not have to face the problems of ours.

I have never been good at encouraging the girls to save, yes they have piggy banks but it's all just lip service really because like me they have inherited the I want it now gene.  The money in their banks gives them a lot less pleasure than the toys in their hands.  Therefore I am changing the tactics and going to the Dave Ramsey method of giving them three jars mentioned above. That way they will have the best of all worlds.

This weekend was a great example, Ashley has been holding onto a gift card that she received for her birthday,  it was for Walmart and she's a Target girl. She specifically wanted an item she had seen at Target that they didn't carry in Wally World, so I suggested that she give me the gift card and I'll give her ten bucks which she can then spend anywhere she wants.  OK, it took her a while to see what this transaction meant but she finally agreed.  Then she told me .... well, we can go to Walmart and spend my gift card on a toy, then you can give me some ten dollars and we'll go to Target!!!  Uhhh no Ash it's not gonna work like that but nice try.

So off we go, three intrepid shoppers ready to seize the bargains and seek out all the cutest stuff around.  We arrive in Target and after messing around with bras on their heads we move on to the toy department. All of a sudden Syd has an attack of the can't waits, I gotta have it.  Note to self, when you're already inside Target toy department there is no use trying to explain the finer points of saving up for things you want versus the instant gratification of buying stuff you don't really want just 'cos you need something NOW!!!!!  It was a pointless exercise and she wasn't having any of it.  I thought she was going to have a freakin' breakdown..... until that is.... ping the light bulb went off right above her beautiful little head... the negotiations began.  Syd approached Ashley and told her that even though they both had $10 each and it wasn't enough to buy the toys each of them wanted separately ... they could put their money together, purchase said toy and share it. Awesome!!!! I was totally impressed that she came up with the solution all by herself, Ash was not immediately on board but Syd can be very persuasive when she wants to be.

So here we are safely home and they are playing together (not exactly in harmony) but they're sharing and playing and it's a creative toy with which they are making little pictures out of tiny balls. Cool. Later we will set about making the envelopes/jars/whatever to split their money up from the get go.... thus knowing they'll have some in savings at home on the next shopping trip out. God Bless Dave Ramsey...go check him out, now, seriously your life will never be the same!

p.s.. I just heard Ash tell Syd that she thinks she's the funniest sister in the whole wide world... cute!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

WTF Friday... a day late and a dollar short!!!!

OK last night I got all caught up in Happy Hour Friday and didn't do my usual utterances of the things that make you go WTF!!!!!!

  • Why the hell has five year old munchkin suddenly developed a Jersey accent?  Seriously, all day the inflection has changed and I'm thinking about making her hair bigger and getting her some gaudy earrings.
  • There are some browsers that have WAY TOO MANY TOOLBARS!!!! I mean get over it all ready, we don't even use the effin' things so stop with the TB's. I am sick of logging on and having to adjust them so that I can actually see some of the site I came to see. 
  • I am thinking of getting those giant letters that you can hang on the wall and putting WTF above my bed.
  • Hubby ran a toll booth in Orlando but guess what??? the $100 fine only amounts to what we'd have paid if we took all the toll roads in Central Fl anyway so who gives a shit. 
  • Eight year old rode in a limo last night around town, I'm 40 and never got to do that!! Still can't understand why Bambi, Sara and Shannon didn't have one waiting for me at the airport last week, I had totally expected it. 
  • Google maps has a pic of my house and there's an unknown car in the driveway!!!! now that's a big WTF don't you think? especially as it's parked behind hubby's car and he claims not to know who it belongs to. Not going to make an issue of it, I trust him implicitly, however will print pic just in case.
  • Is summer really over? how did that happen? I swear I am still somewhere back in April/May! 
And that my friends is that, another episode of WTF Friday in the can, even if it's late I will not disappoint my fans!! hahahha.  Get ready for a new series of posts coming soon, it's based on the ever apparent likenesses of RxBambi and myself. Once we get our act together we'll share, we promise.  Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

I'm jumping aboard the Happy Hour train and letting you all know what's keeping me chipper lately, check out Bambi and Otin when you're done! 
~ I love seeing my kid tickled to death 'cos she gets to ride in a Limo for her friends birthday! 
~ I'm working on a really heartwarming project for my Mum and it's making me happy to know that she will freakin' adore it when she sees it!  I just wish I could give it to her personally but hey that's just selfish.
~My Shih Tzu's make me happy, they're soft and sweet and follow me everywhere. if I could take them to the office everyday I would, I talk to them like they're my babies and it makes me happy. 
~ Really cool purses make me happy, I love to get dressed up and have a handbag that compliments my outfit. Shoes do the same thing but it's been a while since I purchased some doozies... must shop online more.
~ My 5 year olds nostrils make me so happy I could squeal!!! They are like little upside down triangles and I have never seen anything like them, they are totally unique and she can work them baby, her face is wonderfully expressive and it all centers around those adorable nostrils!!!!! 
~ The pink bubbly vodka drink that Sara had at blog camp makes me happy, and I'm totally happy that they sell it here in S. GA... who would have thunk it. It makes me giggle that it looks like it should be sold at Ricks Toybox or Xmart or somewhere... hee hee. 
~Happy Hour Friday makes me Happy!!! 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So today started like any other, I woke up feeling like I had slept for say... 30 minutes.... slapped the snooze button about seven times before crawling out of bed and stumbling to let the dogs out. Then it's just a frantic dash for about thirty minutes while clothes are picked out, teeth and hair are brushed, ears cleaned and book bags sorted. I took the kids to school looking like something the freakin' cat had dragged in. I was so tired that I asked our little car pooler (she just turned 10) if she'd like to drive.... she quietly declined. So I turned to Ash the outlandishly eccentric 5 year old if she was up for the job.... and wait for it.... she very matter of factly told me "Oh no Mama, I'm a terrible driver!!"

And that, my dear friends was that!

I want to offer a little recap of my blog to those who may be checking in for the first time or who don't know my background. I'm hoping this may help you in your decision whether to bother journeying back to the land of McGillicutty.

I am a displaced Brit, I married the gorgeous American man of my dreams after being in his company for only about 30 or so days, that was 12 years ago, I now reside in South West GA and love my life. I am a little bit Southern Bellish at times with the quirkiness of the British thrown in, in my opinion it makes for a very good mix. Things happen to me... they just do... I don't know why! In my head I think of myself as this totally together modern woman who exudes coolness and charm. In everyone else's heads I am a freakin' train wreck waiting to happen. And therein lies the emergence of this lovely blog. There were things happening in my brain that if I didn't get down on paper, nay online, I feared they would be forgotten forever and I'm hoping that when my girls are older they will have some small record of the fun that went on in our lives when they were young.

Examples of stuff just in the past year or so;

I was forced to demand refund from shitty dentist who almost ruined my mouth, therefore my life. Had hideous allergic reaction to Avon watch and had to spend a month or so with a huge rash on my wrist, very ugly. Had a small flood in kitchen, replaced floors. Had huge flood throughout the whole house, replaced floors, walls, some cabinets etc. spent a month in a two bed roomed apartment. Contracted something I have self diagnosed as gout. Severe case of pink eye. Surprisingly did not contract Swine Flu although it seems to be all around me. Nursed my five year old for a week while she was severely dehydrated and had to have fluids pumped into her not once but twice. Drove over a pine tree in a hurricane and nearly killed the whole family... completely terrifying.

So you see, it's always fun and games around here and worth checking back to see what I will be up to next. The previous few posts are tales of Blog Camp Reno, a totally random trip where I met some other bloggers and had the time of my life. Seriously thinking of hosting one here although it's no where near as awesome as Reno and Lake Tahoe, what would we do? Where would we go? How would I match up as a hostess? Would they notice the toothpaste on the sink and the constant finger prints on the patio doors? Would they like Cheddar Grits? I digress... so if you like what you saw here today, please stop by again, Oh and comment, for the love of God comment,... I thrive on it!!! I want to get to know you!!!! Really.

final thought.... all Senior Citizens should drink Vodka.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got Wood?????

Ah yes, I thought the title would grab the attention of those with a less wholesome disposition!!

I mean real wood, silly! Pure unadulterated, beautiful wood from trees hundreds of years old, trees that have stood silently by as we toil to alter a landscape which is already totally perfect. Trees that watch over the marvelous lake and swaddle the mountains against the elements. They grow majestically up, up, up reaching for their own delicious portion of sunlight, stretching taller and taller to gently brush the azure skies. The wood is strong yet so soft, hardy yet often vulnerable, taking it's place in the landscape, helping to create a magnificent back drop to the dazzling colors created by the water and the earth coming together in one breath taking experience; the experience that is Lake Tahoe. The masterpiece which truly is God's own creation, a mindbogglingly wondrous attack on the senses, if you leave there unmoved then you surely are dead in the head.

One thing is for certain, it's not a place from which you depart saying "what's next?". You will feel invigorated, excited and completely in awe of this world in which we live, there's only one question burning in your mind, "when will I be able to return?".

This post is dedicated to my new fabulous friends of BCR to whom I am totally indebted..thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Morning, I am home and soooo good for nothing today!!!!  Tired doesn't even begin to describe it, my body is just numb and my brain is still dreaming of mountains and lakes and vibrant colors and silly, silly girls all snapping away with an array of different cameras and lenses.

Check out the blog for some other pics and comments, I just can't bring myself to put anything up here I'm exhausted people ya hear me exfreakinhausted!!!!!!!!!! but happy :0)))))))))))))))

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Check us out....

Get on over to Blog Camp Reno if you're in the least bit interested in what we're doing this weekend! I am totally exhausted after having one of the funnest (that IS a word) days I have ever had with people i am just meeting in person for the first time. My God they have walked my ass off though, which is probably OK for next weeks week end weigh in.....and after seeing myself in some of the pictures I better get crackin'.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A weekend Sans Kids....

I will be a mid life mama with no kids this weekend, and no husband! I am off to Reno for Blog CAmp, I've made it to the airport, it's hot as hell!!!!! Will check in on the other side and tell you all the gossip about what RxBambi, Sara and An Open Heart are really like!!!!! Too Cool!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flying, Escaping and Voyeurism!

There is something so wonderful about travelling; ever since I was young had a bad case of the wanderlust. My first journey off into the unknown was a trip with the school when I was about 8 or 9, we went on a train from my hometown in Scotland all the way to the South West of England and visited such fabulous places as Weston Super Mare, Glastonbury Abbey and Wells Cathedral. I loved it, there was a moment when I felt a tad bit homesick, but on the whole the experience was one I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to repeat over and over again. From that point on I would beg my parents to let me go on any and all of the school trips that came up. Germany, Belgium, touring the French Battle Fields of WWI & II, I toured Denmark when I was 18 and partied in Spain in my early twenties. I could not get enough.

Skip to present day, travelling in a car with young kids aside, I am still in love with the thrill of planning a trip, packing and even getting through the airport. I love airports! They are a Mecca for people watchers and day dreamers. Get yourself there early and you have plenty of time to sit and study the people all there for one purpose, to go somewhere. You can play spot the superstar, or not! You can make up little scenarios about why they are there and where they have been, or where it is they are going. I like to make up my own mysterious existence in the airport, one time I was a runaway, hiding from the CIA, high tailing it out of the country after a stunning chase across three States and using a false name and a fake passport. My real identity would never be revealed unless they deposited $1 million in a Swedish Spa for my eternal pleasure…. And another million in a nightclub in Ibiza so I could party like I am 19, until I'm 99!!!!

And so pretty soon I'll be at it again. I'll be travelling with my little camera in tow, trying to get sneaky shots of things that I can later sell to NBC or CNN as proof of what's wrong with today's airports. You know, things like the coffee is YUK and the seats at the eatery are never wiped off and the stewardesses are just not as quaffed as they should be. Maybe I'll even secretly film one of the jerks who check you in and squeeze your toothpaste out of the tube because you have 2 ml's too much… its airport regulation madam. That's what I love about Gatwick; they call you Madam and not Ma'am. The stewardesses were a big shock to me the first time I flew on a US airline, just not as primped as the Euro gals. There were weight issues (that's ok look at me) makeup issues and hair issues not to mention the manners issues!!! I asked one for some napkins once and was handed a little tissue that I think she had already blown her freakin' nose on!!! Urrggghhhh that wasn't going to mop up the drink my three year old had just spilled everywhere!!! She didn't seem to care and just bumbled off down to aisle to insult another harassed, long distance traveler. And that, my friend, is why I try to fly BA or Virgin when crossing the Pond.

This time I'm crossing the country and at first didn't realize how terribly far I am going! Whoa it's way out there. I Google Mapped it….. from GA to NV is a very long way!!!! So plenty of time for me to power up the laptop and the iPod and just settle in for hours and hours of blogosphere! Bliss, at least that's what I'm telling myself…. Tune in to Blog Camp Reno and check it out at the weekend to see the reality of my trip! Bon Voyage tout les monds! See you on the other side!