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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rambling of an Artsy Fartsy Mama....

I am sitting here absolutely laughing my mid life butt off.... 

I checked the stats tab today and found the searches at the bottom, apparently someone
found me by searching rambling of an artsy fartsy mama... how hilarious is that!! 
I don't know why that's made me laugh so much but it has.
Was it you, mother in law?????

Anydoodle.... what I wanted to blog about today is this? Should your marriage have
an annual review?? I mean, it is like running a partnership or business so shouldn't we
have checks and balances regularly to keep us on the right track and on the same page?
Make sure our goals are still the same and that we haven't deviated from the original plan? 
I mean, if you settle into a routine and stick with it for years and years doesn't there
come a point where you become ineffective??

The rating could be the usual... O for outstanding.. E for exceeds expectations..M for 
meets expectations and N for needs improvement and finally S for suck it. 

Each category of your overall performance should be addressed .... 

Quality of work, quantity of work, individual effectiveness, communication, judgement and
decision making, team building, initiative, ongoing skills improvement and dependability.

Of course the measurability of these categories in a marriage is completely left up to 
the discretion of the management and will depend greatly upon the deliverance of 
such things as flowers, candy and "other goodies" in the weeks prior to the review.
The outcome of this revolutionary new approach to a lifetime of harmonious cohabitation
is also dependent on some relevant outside factors.......
Acceptance of In Laws and friends... Annoying behavior in social settings.... 
or the refusal to even enter the social arena!!! 

So ladies (and gents) lets do this, lets take the reigns, lets evaluate the performance of the 
spouse, be honest, be ruthless and if it all ends in tears... don't blame me, y'all probably weren't
right for each other anyway just sayin'!!!! 
I believe I will be first to take the plunge and present his gorgeousness with his 
annual appraisal this weekend. I'll let you know how it all goes and whether I can 
still be referred to as Mrs. following this summit meeting. 

Now.... get out there and lets do it!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

i think a regular check up is a great thing for a sure keeps a car running and i think our marriages are even more important...

so laughing will take some of my butt off...hmm...smiles.

blueviolet said...

Good luck with your report card! You have to put time into marriages or they don't stay healthy. Good thinking!

Tracie said...

Hmmmm. I might review him but I don't care to hear his review of me. :)

rxBambi said...

I'm with tracie - I don't want to hear his thought on my needing to work more, cook more, do more laundry, etc...

Char said...

hahaha, good luck!

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