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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting back to the business of school.... ubbc#3

This is my third post in the Blog Boosting Challenge of 31 posts in 31 days... and I wanted to throw out a few ideas on the subject of the kids returning to school after the summer break, I checked back to see what I wrote this time last year and found the post hilarious! So my friends, I'm gonna repost and let the people who missed it the first time round enjoy it again! That would be most of the free world because I only had 20 followers back then, which leads me to thank all those who are following now and everyone who has been hanging in for the duration!!!! THANKS A MILLION!!!!!

LITTLE MISS FUNNY FANNY (the American meaning)

Fanny is a funny word it's has very different meanings on each side of the Atlantic... this time I'm using it in the American way, only cause I like the sound of Miss Funny Fanny and it fits the story! glad we got that outta the way and I have probably ruined the whole story with that preface!!!!!

Ashley the cute five year old is now officially Miss Funny Fanny..... she's been coming out with some really doozies over the past couple of days. She was planning her ensemble for the first day of school, she wanted the pink shorts outfit that has a little short sleeved jacket with a zipper in the front. She announced very loudly she was going to wear the "noodle" shirt under the jacket.... pause.... the noodle shirt??? she meant the sleeveless shirt, she's heard the term spaghetti straps banded about lately and it became the noodle shirt... and that's how it will stay!!!
I went to wake them up this morning and there she was already dressed, she had gotten up in the middle of the night and changed in order to save time in the morning! Daddy thanked her for laying on the wrinkle bomb and saving the rest of the family!!!!
And the piece de resistance has to be following her bath tonight, she told me how sometimes she gets afraid in bed, she was naked and hopped up to stand on the bed, she turned around and clenched her buttocks and told me that's what she does when she's scared of vampires and stuff at nighttime!!! Hilarious... I could not stop laughing at her... which makes her mad by the way!!!

I'm thinking of renting her out to the seriously depressed, she can bring a smile to the biggest misery boots and will always leave you thinking what the heck was that?????????????


Brian Miller said...

our youngest goes for the first time this year and he is so not looking forward to it..any advice...other than a drop and run on the first day?

Julia said...

She sounds adorable, she would fit right in with the kids at my house!

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