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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Do you remember about six months ago I flew all the way across the country 
and joined in the fun with Blog Camp Reno? The cool kids remember, right?

We ate fantastic BBQ, we rocked the Blog Camp jewelry, we took pictures on 
a nature walk, we walked on a picture taking trail... we hiked a mountain...not really! 
We oooohhed and aaahhed at Lake Tahoe!!! and we had a freakin' good time. 

So let's do it again shall we? Why don't some of us hang out for a weekend in 
South West Georgia???? We have good BBQ and we have Plantations, Antebellum Houses and a local purveyor of fine wines and cheese... goat cheese..
made right here in Thomasville. 
We can even go and check the goats out if you are so inclined. 

So how about a weekend in April, we have the Thomasville Rose Show going
on from the 22nd to the 24th, it's always worth a look. 
I have room for three or four..... so ... talk it over with your real life people... 
book you a ticket and come have fun at Blogapalooza!!

There will be lots of hugs, laughter and wine.. oh and pictures!!! and blogging!!! and
outdoors type things... you may need rubber boots????
Just email me if you're interested, hurry spots are filling as I type...
Right??? Bambi?? Barb???
 (oh your name doesn't have to start with B!!! hahaha).

Disclaimer... this get together is all about fun... and in no way is associated or affiliated
with any other Blogging "camps" or "groups" being held elsewhere in the world.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Hour Friday....


Yes folks a little fun for your Friday viewing brought to you by my 
BFF (bloggy friend forever) none other than RxBambi!!!!! 
Go check her's out... very nice!!!! 

So... this week there are several things to be happy about... 
The little girls in my life have commenced Spring Soccer Season
at the YMCA... nothing Spring about it my friends.. it's freakin' winter out 
there without a doubt.. however, Syd the 8 yr old who insists she's 9 is 
doing a fantastic job!!! I was all taken aback because they have 11 on the
team and they have a goaly and play on a big field... GASP!!!! she's not 
a little short thing just running around holding hands with her friends and 
getting a kick at an open goal now and again... no sir .... she's in the big leagues. 
I haven't even taken pictures yet but I was extremely happy to see those 
rosey cheeks glowing and the big smile on her face last night after an 
hour and change out there running around in the cold!!!! GO SYD!!! 
Ash... not so much, she's the little short thing (I say that but she's taller than most
of her team even thought they moved her up to play with the next age group) she's 
still messing around on the field, running in slow mo to make her friends laugh 
and stopping to look at the sky and the trees and daydream a little. Good for 
her... she's in no hurry to grow up and that makes me happy. 

Payday... always makes me happy! 

I'm happy that his Gorgeousness took the girls to school this morning so that 
I can take a mo to tell y'all how happy I am . 

I'm happy that my friend Bambi wants to come and drink wine and dance on 
my shiny dining room table... of course she can't dance on the table but it makes
me happy she wants to. 

I'm happy that I have 99 followers..... look to the right... there they all are.. together
like 99 bottles of beer on the wall!!! Love you dahlings... mwwwuuhaaa.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Why do kids think its ok to leave their crap  everywhere?
Why do men take three hours to iron one shirt? But two minutes to rub your back?
Why am I such an "all or nothing" kinda person? Cant I get some consistency in my life?
Why did I lose 5lbs this week, when its been so hard to lose one ounce before now?
Why is my hair thin but my head fat?
Why does a ringtone immediately make you judge that person?
Why do store loss prevention people zoom in on your boobs and butt? 
Why is it that you can feel frustrated at a child one minute and then they melt your heart the next?
Why have I burned dinner the past two evenings? Im usually a pretty good cook.
Why do miracles only seem to happen to other people?
Why am I procrastinating about getting my US Citizenship? 
Why do dogs sniff for just the right place to poo when you can clearly see it's coming, like now!!! 
Why, as I look out the window, is my dog pooing on the hose that's been left out..ewwww! 

You may leave answers to these and any other unanswered questions in the comments, please I beg of you .... come up with some reasons, explanations, wild guesses... anything!!! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Corner View...Favorite Hangout...

This weeks CV theme is "favorite hangouts"...

I have to say that my fav hangout isn't so much of a where but a who....

 As long as these three clowns are tagging along it makes it a fav in my book...

 Our kitchen is the best place in the house, especially when someone other than me is cooking..

 And anywhere there's a trail, or water, or mosquitoes and gnats!!!!!

So yep, my favorite hangouts are all over the world as long as we're hanging out together!!

check out other Corner Views here... go on... they're really awesome!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on 2010 projects...

OK, so, as some of the more avid followers and readers may
know, I decided upon some projects to complete in 2010!
I am tired of being a loser and want to focus on a couple of things and
at the end of the year be able to look back and say
"wtf, I accomplished something!!!".

One of them is the Photo A Day project on flickr, going great so
far but it's getting hard to think of different things to post every day.
I have AT LAST begun the task of reading the manual for
my beloved Nikon. I have rekindled the love affair with my
tiny little Olympus and although I don't have the manual
for that, I can take what I've learned in general and use it
on my lickle 'ympus. It's fun....I"m really enjoying it!!!
here are some of my entries...

love the motion going on here!!!

Personal salt n peppa pots from the Concorde... yes really!!!

My very own beautiful feet resting upon my lovely Marge Carson coffee table, ahem.

and a little healthy snack.... yes a picture of a bag of freakin' carrots.

So.. my other project this year is to write a novel and have it appear on the
Bestsellers list.. not so much!!! I have written 600 jumbly words on an initial theme
that I really don't think I want to pursue.... so that one needs some TLC!! I
think seeing as we're headed into the last week, of the first month, of only
twelve, meaning, there's only 11 months left and if this one went by so
quick, surely the others will too!!! GASP!!!! I really need to get my
shit together and start writing..something... anything... I have read some
crappy books in my time so mine doesn't exactly have to be great, just

So my darlings, it's 8.34am, I have a five minute commute to work so
I better haul ass, I'll be back to check on you all later and I expect
some really nice encouraging comments to come back to!!!!!
Cheerio chaps, at ease!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

WTF is up with FB??????

Arrgghhhh its aggrivating that I can't get on there and surprise humiliate some of my
old friends!!!! I know a lot of you out there poo poo FB and say it's a
load of old crap.. but when you have family and friends spread worldwide it's
kinda freakin' handy!!!! you know!!!!

I have been going through my rather large box of old pictures and
memories... all alone in the moonlight... and I just can't believe the stuff I have..
I want to get it out there and rekindle some of the fun of my youth!!!

So bliggidy bloggers here I go... I'm gonna freakin' bore you with this shit instead...

This is my sister and I think she's sporting a bra that my best friend and I made for her
so that she'd have big boobs on her wedding day!!! hee hee.

This is me and my boys.... nuff said!!!

My friends and I enjoying a picnic in the New Forest... I'm pretty
sure that cullots were IN!!!!!

And..... w.t.f. is this????? some kind of skit at the Christmas Talent Show
of a large and once reputible Insurance Company I worked for!!!

Oh it's so much fun to go through all this... I love it.. and now I know why I keep
that big box of hidden treasures in the first place!!! There will be more soon
I'm sure!! Stay tuned.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Miss High Cotton USA!!!!!!

Morning Bloggers (and readers who don't blog)!!!!

I am rallying the troops for a friend and I need your help,
there's a game originated here in GA that's called High Cotton, never played it
myself but I'm gonna.... I hear it's a lot of fun.

I have a good friend who's mother plays and she's entered into the
Miss High Cotton USA contest.
So please check out the site... HERE... and vote for #9, she's the one
rockin' the fur!!!!!
She's from right here in Thomas County and is the mother of my
good friend Ashley (love the name!!).

Thanks and Happy Friday to y'all, come back and see us ya hear!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jenny Matlock: I wish I was a master of photoshop... (PKW)

Jenny Matlock: I wish I was a master of photoshop... (PKW)

Please go check this out.. something we all, at some point, need to think about. We see good people get hit by hard times more and more lately!!!!
I do, however, want to point out that there are a lot of people in this country willing to help but it seems like we're the silent minority. I'd like to give a shout out to the ladies of the Junior Service League/Clubs all over the country. They get a bad rap as being snooty party girls but every year make thousands upon thousands of dollars to help out good causes in their local areas.... hoorah!!!
Then there's Habitat for Humanity, something my hubby has given time and effort to. Local Food Banks, they run on donated food and clothing, people willing to volunteer their time. Then there's the Salvation Army, where would they be without the thousands of volunteers standing in the cold ringing the bell to raise money over the Christmas period.
So yes, there are people out there who need our help, here at home, in our own back yards... they need our help, our strength and our prayers. Most of all we need to look at our kids and help them not to become another statistic under another bridge, not just as parents but as mentors and examples.
Thanks Jenny for your very moving post... please click the link, read it and make your next move!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the love of Kimi.....

So Many Kids, So Little Time

When I started blogging I only had one aim in mind.. and that 
was to write down all the crap that bounced around my head on a 
daily basis and hope that someone might read it. 
I never in my wildest thought it would lead to friendships, both
in real world and online, and people supporting one another and 
all that squishy stuff we write about now and again. 

Some weeks ago, many weeks ago now, I came across a blog which 
was very fun and cute and welcoming... i was thinking about 
a new look for my site and had toyed with a few ideas, mostly 
mixing up stuff I'd seen others do with a few boring old granny
ideas of my own. I emailed Kimi and asked her for some pointers 
on creating a button for my blog, seemed like others were all about 
their buttons and I should jump on the buttonwaggon. 

She was AWESOME!!! not only did she explain stuff, she patiently 
designed my button a million times while we went back and forth until
we came up with this... look to the right =>=>=>=>

Then, if that wasn't enough, she then made it bigger for a
project I have in mind (still procrastinating over that one!!)

Fast forward to last week, McGilly here was hosing her first
review/giveaway.....and I needed some help... serious help.
So once again I call on my trusty new friend Kimi for a
shout out... "sure" she says.. "just let me finish
laundry, kids stuff, reviewing things, writing my blog,
creating and juggling etc etc etc and I'll be right on it".
Wowzer!!! in all that she had to do in a day Kimi
took some time out to give me a hand with my
first review/giveaway!!!!

In short, this is the kind of blogger that I love to call
a friend!!!! I hope that if someone calls upon me for help I'll
jump right on it as Kimi does and give a sistah a hand...

Now, quit lollygaggin' around and push her button, get
over there, tell her I sent ya, follow her and spread the
love people spread the lurve!!!!

So Many Kids, So Little Time

Corner View... Personal Style.

Corner View is back after a short hiatus (some Jane's and some mine)
I am so glad because this has to be my favorite "groupie" thing
that I do.
Go here and check out Jane's site, Spain Daily, she's so sophisticated!!!

This weeks theme is personal style, hmmm, that's always tricky to define...
I love it when I get something and a friends says oh that's so you!!
What in the world does that really mean? But I guess it's a compliment and
means it's something that says who I am.
I have gone through many phases of fashion that's for sure, and I
still find it hard to adjust to the American way of dressing, even after
twelve and a half years... I never wear sneakers with jeans... Oh NO!!!!
I like a mish mash of stuff, sometimes I'm big bold print and
other's I'm all about the black and white.

Lately I love jeans and plain black shirts with big jewelry!!

Here's a snippet of my wild and disastrously unorganized closet...

yes it would be fab if everything were hanging on wooden hangers and
organized by color!!! but it's not!!!!

These, my little beauties, are my latest love!!!
I think these are about the best example of my personal style ever.
I love them more than blogging!!!!
Now quit dribbling over my shoes and go check out the other wonderful
Corner Views..... really, you'll love them!!!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday!!!!

OK so last week I didn't play nice... I posted one sticky to promote the one and only review/giveaway I'll probably ever do... so sorry Supahmommy... I really  like your blog and I'm groveling this morning so that you'll forgive and forget and won't sell my email address!! Friends??? good... now let's get on with it shall we?

Monday, January 18, 2010

More Mindless Rambling: I Belong To a Group... or Two... or Ten

More Mindless Rambling: I Belong To a Group... or Two... or Ten

You have to check out Blognut and her latest post!!! it's hilarious!! and very true. I love facebook and have been fb'ing for quite a while now but honestly I don't do groups. I had no idea there were such diverse groups... I always get invitations to real life boring stuff like Be a Repubilcan or whatever.

Maybe I should start one of my own.. like the wtf was I thinking when I joined the photo a day project... and who do I think I am, blogging when I should be doing laundry group... or even the I'm to lazy to do my toenails, who looks at my feet anyway group. Then there are all kinds of anonymous self help groups such as Wino Mama's in Wigs... or Shit Friends who Don't pick up the neighbors kids from school despite promising five hundred times you'd be there!!!!!

Yes the possibilities are endless. I'm off to check out more groups... research of course!!!!

While I'm gone I'll leave you this little gem.... not being one to ever over do it I decided to call in the S.W.A.T team yesterday to help Syd with learning the basics of weaponry...
firing a bb gun... you can't be too careful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How's your weekend????

Look at us... not going to Church this morning even though a very good
friend of mine is having her little girl Baptized!!! I feel guilty!!!

Family time for the modern family has changed so much, this morning I am
on my laptop at the kitchen table, Syd is on Dad's laptop beside me, Ash is on the
home computer in the bedroom and His Gorgeousness is on the phone
pacing around talking with his folks!!!
We're together but separate and all perfectly happy.

I have been taking part in a Photo A Day project called the Blog Camp
365 in 2010 project and have been checking out all the beautiful
pictures posted thus far. It's incredible the amount of talent out there.
This morning I watched a slideshow of the complete project and thoroughly
enjoyed the whole thing. I think I need to step up my game, I'm not as
consistent as I'd like to be but it's mainly due to time constraints and
this crappy weather we've been having. Something about dreary skies
and rain saps the inspiration from me!!!

I will endeavor to continue because somewhere in my future are bright
skies, summer vacays and of course all the wonderful festivals and
get together's that are South GA.

Today we're off to Tallahassee to find cleats for the girls upcoming soccer
season (not a pair in Syd's size to be found in T-ville) so I am hoping
family won't groan too much when I plead that we go downtown so I can
take some pictures... wish me luck!!!

How's your Sunday?????

Saturday, January 16, 2010


As much as I wanted my giveaway to go to someone I already
know.... it didn't....

The Winner is Lori at Peterson St Louis..
I hope you enjoy it Lori, it will be with you before the snow melts!!!!

I am now following Lori and hope that you get on over there and
check out her blog too... it's very cool.

So that's it for now.. hopefully my next review and giveaway
will be something from Gucci.
Just sayin'!!!!

Happy Sat Night Y'all!!!!

Six Word Saturday...

10/356 Icicles , originally uploaded by McGillicutty1.

I will love this picture forever!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Hour Friday....

Otin and Bambi are the originators of Happy Hour Friday... 'cos they're cool
like that, go visit their sites and you won't regret it!!!!

Now... I woke up at four this morning and thought about all the things I could add to
Happy Hour Friday, and now I can't remember them, but I'm happy that I can
wake up and think happy thoughts!!! some people wake up and worry.

Bambi asked the question once, "what's a good camera bag I can buy for my new camera?"
the answers came back that Crumpler does a good bag... well guess what? I
investigated and yes they are very cool... so I requested one for my upcoming
birthday and it arrived yesterday!!! I love it!! It has made me the happiest
woman alive.. that's kinda exaggerating but you get the picture!!

My sorta New Years not quite resolution was to be optimistic.. and it's working
like a champ. I have so far been very pleased with my attitude. Let's
hope it continues for the remaining eleven and a half months!

It's Friday and that makes me very happy, I get to wear jeans to work, new
jeans that I only paid $15.99 for. I once overheard a girl tell another girl that
"it's hard enough to find a good pair of jeans for $200 these days".... well my
dear, take it from someone older and wiser, jeans are jeans are jeans. I would
rather pay $15.99 and then use the other $186.01 to send both kids to
soccer, one of them to baton lessons and me to a photography class. The jeans
will fade and be tossed but the experience and life lessons will live forever!

And that's about it from me... not happy that I have lollygagged around here too
long and need to get to work. Love y'all... have a great weekend and don't
forget to stop by tomorrow and see who won the Green Givaway!!!!

me in cheap jeans taking pictures at Tahoe... yeah... now that's what I'm talking about!!!