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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Take a look over your shoulder... ubbc#16

This is where I wax lyrical about the past and all the wonderful memories
one should treasure and revere. 

Not really... it's me we're talking about, not a lot of fancy prose goes on 
here at the home of Inner Rambling. 

What I have been thinking lately, is that, there is so much importance in reflection, I 
first dragged the concept into the forefront of my mind when I read the book 
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson PhD. I say I read it, well I didn't so 
much sit down and read it as refer to it, often, that's what makes this book so awesome.
Another one I like is Don't Worry, Make Money.... however, there's a lot of advice in there
that I haven't fully utilized otherwise I would have made tons of moolar by now. 

So, is reflection a habit that you've picked up? and if so when exactly do you practice this 
quietening of the mind and delving into your deeper intelligence?  I tend to do it
 whenever there's a quiet moment without interruption, when I'm driving or if I get some
quiet time outside in the evening without the distraction of TV or kids. 
I find it helps with stress levels, I take myself out of a particular situation and ponder
the impact my involvement is having, are my actions truly as I see them? Am I 
really, in the grand scheme of things, going to be affected long term by any particular
course of action. It's truly a wonderful feeling when you can suddenly be at 
peace with something or someone following a period of reflection. 
Remove outside influences and did deep into yourself for answers, it's the only 
way to be true to yourself and fair to those around you. 

Please, if you have already read his book and would like a refresher on reflection
go here... and if you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you do. It's life altering. 

I have experienced a huge amount of change in the past couple of months, all 
aspects of my life have been in some way affected in one way or another. I have
had to pull strength from places I never thought existed and I realized today 
that a lot of that inner strength is coming from the power of 
reflection. My heart is healing, I have a lot of good things to look forward to 
but the only way to ensure they stay good is to look back, and learn, resolve to 
see the bigger picture with an open and fair mind.  Remind myself every day 
that I can do better and deserve to be better; there are a lot of opportunities every 
day to impact the lives of those around you. Does one just get up and go 
through the motions without thought for the consequences or should we indeed look 
at ourselves in the mirror each morning and know that today could be the
day that we impact the life of another human being in a way that they will 
never forget, and it has to be in a positive way. 

So, if you're going to be successful, and success is measured in so many different 
ways, then now is the time to practice some reflection, use your quiet wisdom, 
and then shout about the results. 


Brian Miller said...

smiles. a wonderful post...i practice times of solitude...usually for me walking in the woods...reflecting...

Char said...

it's funny what a think tank my car can be. it's a good place for me to be alone with my thoughts.

Mike said...

I hope that things are okay? I hate to hear it when someone says that their heart is healing because it means that there was a reason that their heart was broken.

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