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Friday, August 13, 2010

How to confuse a cardinal... and other Friday Fun... ubbc#12

Regular readers of Inner Rambling will already know that I have taken up 
bird tormenting watching this summer. No I don't sit out there in a field somewhere 
with binoclears and a ham sandwich.... but I have taken an interest in the
birds that seem to dominate our little corner of the world. 

It started with the Cardinals.... absolutely gorgeous birds... I hung a feeder out
and waited for them to realize it was there.... after what seemed like a really
long time... ta da... I captured one on film memory stick. 
(capturing something on film seems so much more romantic, doesn't it?)

Anyway... once I was over the whole cardinal thing, I moved on to 
hummingbirds... and hung a hummingbird feeder out. 
Ooohhh pretty... 
although i do like this pic of the feeder i'd like to capture a 
hummingbird actually feeding from it!!! and by capture, I mean on film 
not actually capture it and ask it silly questions!!! 

Anyhoodles... the feeder rapidly emptied... very rapidly emptied... as in I'm 
sure my adorable spouse who's a little less inclined to study wildlife than I, may
have rapidly emptied it... for reasons unknown...even to himself. 
He does crap like that all the time, he'll even pull up plants and shrubs from the
ground just cos he thinks 'they look like crap'!!! No, no, no, nothing out there
in nature looks like crap, unless it's the dogs do do,  then of course that IS crap.
i digress... of course i digress... these are ramblings.

So, bird feeder now being empty and we're out of bird food, and I still need to 
capture a humming bird, I get the idea to fill the humming bird feeder and hang it where the 
cardinal feeder used to be. My reasoning being that it's a little more out of the 
way and I could probably sit unnoticed (yeah right!!) on the patio and snag me
that coveted picture. 

Great idea right, only thing is, apparently Cardinals are now used to getting their 
chow on in that particular spot and are not happy to get there to find a 
freakin' humming bird feeder. I'm getting hate mail from the cardinals....really!!! bad!!! 

Maybe I should just find me a field and take along a fishing stool and a ham 
sandwich and leave the poor birds in my yard alone. Don't worry though, should I 
ever get that coveted shot of a humming bird you'll be first to see it... I promise. 


Conny said...

Be patient, friend - the hummingbirds will come but don't sit too closely. We're working on the theory of "if you build it they will come." We have hummers in our yard all summer because of the flowers the previous owners planted. Good luck on the bird watching - a good ham sandwich wouldn't hurt either. :>)

Mrs. M said...

Oh I love to watch the birds too! Hummingbirds are the best - good luck getting the shot!!

Char said...

love that - hope you get the perfect shot.

they completely ignored my feeder this year.

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