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Friday, October 30, 2009

A peek at what I was rambling about...

I thought seeing as I had rambled on and on about the dang ol' Cowboy Ball I had better do a post to let you have a peek at how it all turned out, you know, a little info about how we entertain ourselves here in the South while we're doing good for the children, the blessed little children.
The pumpkin was carved by Jill our fearless pumpkin carving President ~ cute!

When we do something big it usually means we need a lot of help, kids are the best helpers,
they actually think it's fun and don't whine about pay and conditions, most of the time!

Here's Jill the pumpkin queen showing my girls how to fill the buckets with
peanuts, very "cowboy" don't you think?

Now for one of the biggest things of the whole event, the auction and the decorations. We set up all these
tables on a kind of slant (my idea) (I know!!!) so that we could put out all the info and items for people to
bid on. Last year was a little dark so we did lanterns this time. I have to say I was
a tad bit afraid of lanterns, fire, flammables etc in the stables!!!! but it worked out well.
 On the tables where the guests would sit and eat we did little votive candles with the bucket of
peanuts and the horse shoes....all set on a runner of burlap, tres chic!!! in a country kinda way!
Again....tiny anxiety pangs at the whole fire and stables thing!

This lovely view below is what all the wonderful buckaroos and their gorgeous gals were
greeted with as they made their way into the Ball. Thanks to my good friend Becky who
was in charge of that kind of thing and has a great eye!!! People went over there
and used it as a back drop for pictures; it really set the tone and made them forget
that we were only after their "gold"!!!

Another important feature of the evening was the bar(s)... yes siree we had two well stocked
bars and the good times rolled!

Here's a picture of my lovely friend Jill (the Prez) and moi (the Chair)
why the heck do they call it the Chair... I'd rather be head dude, big cahuna, major cheese anything
but the Chair... it's such an inanimate object (unlike me!).
We look quite pleased with ourselves don't we? we were!

This is the raffle table, set up with the lovely prizes and the red balloons that the ladies selling
tickets would carry with them as they strolled around! Great idea! Note the
candy corn in the mason jars with the votive candles.... inspired!!!

And then there was the band.  How fantastic where they? OMG they did a
marvelous job of keeping everyone entertained, getting them up to dance, playing requests
and making the 2nd Annual Cowboy Ball the  fabulous success it was.
In case you're in the area and need a band, they are called Just Us and I can
hook you up with them if you contact me!

Note the large twinkling light ball, these are permanent fixtures dotted all
around the stables, simple but beautiful and create a certain j'nes se quio, n'est pas?
Not that the cowboys were looking for that, they were just there to have a great time, and that
my friend, is what they got.
Unfortunately, I took most of the pictures before the thing really started so I didn't get one
of the spread put on by our caterer. Sumptuous BBQ pork and chicken, sides of
potato salad, coleslaw and beans with bread rolls. Totally Delish!
I'll be using them again, without hesitation!!!
I like to think it went well, when all is said and done we raised a lot of
money for the kids in our community... now what's next?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something sparked my interest.....

OK there's not a great deal that dearest darling hubby watches on TV that I pay attention to. He's the typical male channel surfer, skipping from one thing to another never watching more than five seconds of any given program. The most time he spends on one thing will be something like Modern Marvels (yes, yes darling, very interesting) or he likes to watch the History Channel and is intrigued by stuff like the First World War, Hitler and blah blah I know I lost you for a minute there didn't I... don't deny it, I know you drifted off to sleep.

So when he started again the other night I picked up my net book and proceeded to check out some fabulous blogs, that's way more betterer than the crapola he's watching, right? Wrong!!!!  Mr Surfer Dude stumbled on the Red Bull Air Races, whoooaaa have you ever seen them??? You can go here and see a little of what it's all about. I love races, although its been a long time since I have been to any now I think about it. I used to live for the horse race season in the summer time back home in good old hometown in the UK.  Sundays were made for the Grand Prix of course, yet another thing I haven't kept up with over here. Anyway I digress...... Although I am such a fan of fast moving things I have never gotten into Nascar... nope just never really grabbed me. Other sports such as football and baseball have too many rules and a gazillion players so I don't care much for those. However, give me a race, a good old fashioned see who's the fastest, chance of a pile up, a handsome winner who makes the ladies weak at the knees... oh yes now that will grab my attention. Yes siree.

Red Bull Air Racing has all of the above, for a start they're racing airplanes... awesome... then there's lots of tall pilon things that they have to race through and it adds to the excitement when they demolish one or two or more.  These things are designed to be demolished and can be replaced in about 30 seconds. Add to that lots of exotic locations and you're onto a winner.  The planes fly out over a river or coastline and go at fantastic speeds... of course there's lots of champagne for the winners and big money prizes... this could well be my new favorite spectator sport. I have checked it out and already I'm signed up for a notification email of the dates and locations for the 2010 season! Look at me all geared up to head out there and cheer on the Red Baron or Paul Bonhomme (which in French means Good Man...yep I agree!!).

The best thing is that Paul Bonhomme is a  Brit (of course!) we love this kind of shit. I can't wait to investigate this further, I can't wait for air races to over take Blogging as my new hobby. Of course I can't fly but I can be in the crowd with the other hot old chicks cheering on the guys in the skies!!!!(must lose a couple hundred lbs and get some cool shades).  I've always had a thing for men in flying suits hence my attraction to hubby; those reading this who are RW friends know he sells paint and will laugh... however... he hasn't always done that now has he? It may surprise you to know he was the real Maverick (not really but he has been to Top Gun).

Go on over there and check out all the fun, lets do a blog camp at a race next year!!! Oooohh I'm all excited, better go and have a cold shower or something!!! Cheerio Chaps.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Corner View...Water!!!

Yay!!!! favorite thing... you see I'm an Aquarian!!!! We love water!!!!

If you let it flow it becomes alive, sparkling, refreshing...

and if you're really clever you can add a little something and turn it into wine!!!

Now go check out these other Corner Views... Happy Wednesday!!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I blog, you blog, we all blog...yippeeeee!!

Why do we blog?

Green Eyed Momster recently did a post the reasons for blogging and how come we “meet” the people we do online.

Well, I am copying taking this opportunity to  bore you to death with my own reasons for doing what I do. I loved Green Eyed’s post and thought I could do a little big one of my own.

I started my blog just after turning 40 when I thought there might be something I have to say, I thought there might just be someone out there willing to listen read and it would be fun. There was no real intention of finding friends and making connections. We all talk about it from time to time how we intertwine and feel good about checking in on our bloggy friends every day, but I have gotten so much MORE and not only for me, myself and I but also the kids in the town where I live.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about having a fund raiser coming up and how I was trying to get some auction items together in order to raise money, this is where Kim comes in. Kim lives pretty close to me and runs a couple of businesses as well as blogging (a terrific blog ) and raising teenagers. Now let me tell you, I was touched beyond belief at her kindness, Kim was Johnny on the spot and sent me a gift basket from her lovely website full of delish items that we love in the south.  Honey, grits, peanuts, cookbooks you name it!!! Then if that wasn’t enough she also offered up her fabulous condo on the beach at Tybee Island for a long weekend!!! I was beside myself… here’s someone I have never met in person but she’s so generous and kind and it’s all because of the blogging that we connected. All because one day she decided, and one day I decided, to write something online and take some pictures and share a little of our lives. I am so thankful for Kim, I hope you all head over there and tell her what a terrific person she is.

Then there’s Marinik and Spud… they are always there to encourage me when I pretend to go on a diet and lose weight. Even though they’ve been hearing the same old crap since July they are still my cheerleaders when I announced the start of yet another real diet!!! How many is that now? Anyway, this time I was again touched that they are encouraging me so I’m determined not to disappoint. Spud takes the best pictures and Marinik is the sweetest lady around with great recipes that I will not be trying for myself but may test on my family.

Who can do a post on blog friends without mentioning the Blog Campers… yay for the fearless females who travelled to Reno and enjoyed the marvelous hospitality of Sara. Great memories that will last a long, long time. That’s where I met the vivacious Bambi, it all started when she emailed me one day and begged me to go to Reno, even though it could well have gone pear shaped if I had boiled her Mama’s cat. But I didn’t. Her Mama is a doll too. Otin, although I have never met him I know he’s weird in a Jersey/SC kind of a way, and I enjoy his blog and his comments, he’s just one of the girls and we love him. There is Willow and Little Ms Blogger and Michel who’s a riot, or a mess or whatever she is, she’s hilarious.

I really don't give a crap about the reasoning behind it and I'm not into over analyzing everything, i really just want to make a statement that I love my new found hobby, pastime, recreational do-dad, whatever you want to call it.... it ROCKS!!! 

As well as the friendships and the fun and the banter I'm learning all kind of weird stuff, stuff about drugs, quilting, crocheting, photography and cooking...who'da thunk it. 

I've also started to do the Postcrossing thing with Syd and she's ecstatic about it every time a new post card drops in the mail box. She's learning about other places around the world, I know she'd love to blog, I tried to find a kid out there she can share a blog with, they will present themselves one of these days. For now she's content with the postcards. I don't let her read my blog of course there's way too much of me she doesn't need to know about right now, but it would be cool to help her with one of her own. 

Anyway, you little cyber peeps out there, let me know what you think? Have you met your online friends for real? where they what you thought they'd be? Who is game to host another Blog Camp? (there may already be one planned I haven't checked the original site in a long time!!). Talk to me, people, talk to me!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

OK I'm back.... lets have some Randomonium shall we?

Vodka and Cranberry is my new thing, yum!

It's hard to hug your finest friends when you're wearing a cowboy hat, weird how it falls of when you get close to someone!!

Daughter # 1 has weird tummy problems and I'm wondering if she's suffering from IBS, what should I do about that seeing as I don't trust Docs in general???

His Gorgeousness has earned extra, extra brownie points for getting a little man over here to look at the internet connection... truly wonderful job, it now works like a champ!!

Tickled to death with the pictures I took of my darling little girls at the cotton fields the other day, can't wait to do something with them now. Getting a little overwhelmed with all the choices, there are cards to be made, prints to be ordered, all kinds of stuff and I'm afraid of one session overload. You know what I mean, when you take a lot of pictures of them at one particular time and then use them everywhere and give them to everyone!!! Been there done that, thought I was over it but apparently not.

Now I am free of all things Cowboy Ball I can get back to checking out new blogs, I have made some wonderful new friends lately and don't want to let them down by being blogomus absentimus.

Halloween is coming... Sara has done fine things in her house, why oh why does she live on the other side of the freaking country (and this is a big ol' country). I need her here... now!!!!

I am missing Bambi!! I heart her!!

Today there has been no wind, not a whisper, not a breeze, it's totally still. Spooky.

For some reason I am totally paralyzed in the getting things done department, for the last two days I have kind  of wandered around thinking there's lots to do but can't actually move my arms and legs to do it. I have learned to accept this as a temporary state of being, I'm not going to analyze it, just hope that tomorrow will be a day when I can move my arms and legs and get these things done.

and finally in this merry list of random thoughts.... why is is that I can install five hooks for towels all within a respectable distance of the shower and hubby still leaves them in a stinky pile on the floor on his side of the bed? Are men just wired that way?

Now, what kind of random thoughts are you having????

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Hour Friday....

If you have stumbled across my blog for the first time, welcome, come on in, have a beer and lets BS a while. This is an almost regular feature inspired by my good friends Bambi and Otin... there are others who join in so please go check them out.

This weeks happiness is mostly to do with Fall.... I love fall.... it's a cornucopia of wonderful colors, smells, cooling temperatures and thankfulness!!!!

My girls are really making me happy this week too, we went on a little outing to a cotton field to take pictures and they were super!!!! Will share later.

Perfect report cards....they make me really happy!! The little darlings work very hard at school and it shows so Kudos to the Kiddos!!!!

Cowboy balls make me happy!!!!

Dexter makes me happy, we are still downloading and watching... it's like our guilty little secret and that's all I'm saying.

Wild Blue, blueberry lager, it's weird to begin with but I'm finding myself liking it and that makes me happy!!

Hope y'all have a great weekend and that you too are blissfully happy like me!!!!

Au Revoir mes amis....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Clown.....

Ash has been hogging the blogging lately... her sister's turn is coming.

I had to share this though.... too freakin' funny.

Just me, the Nikon and the Silly Kid is all it takes to make the blogoshere a happy place!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kids Korner....

Thinking this could be a regular feature
I'll be sharing the art work that lights up my life!!!

This contribution is from the lovely Peanut... such talent!!!

I'm impressed, aren't you????
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Blue... just a little blue...

Sometimes when everything is going really well and you're caught up in a lot of things at once and the world is moving very fast it's hard to imagine it's all going to stop. Then it does. And then what?

I hate it when this happens.   I have been so wrapped up in my to do lists that I have been busy, busy, busy and I realized I am very happy to be busy as a bee.  Then when the to do list turns into the done list, I am all of a sudden at a loss. I feel like something is missing, where are all the phone calls, the urgent emails, the fires to be  extinguished etc etc etc ....   not that it's truly over yet but it's coming I know it. I know that after the last bid is made, the last two step is danced and the mechanical bull is put out to pasture I will no longer be needed.

Oh I'll still be needed by the family and that always makes me happy, I love it when I can complain about having to check this folder and send that pumpkin to school or buy gummy worms for a project. There will still be laundry to do and furniture to polish and my God the floors never cease to need vacuuming. I know my domestic bliss will be gleefully calling me each and every day, but the "Ball" won't. I have truly enjoyed being able to work on something this big and give my time and efforts.  I have a sense of accomplishment when I know that a task is complete and I can see it all coming together. It's a thrill to know that on Saturday night there'll be a band playing, people will be socializing and having a great time, the beer will flow freely and all the time we'll be making money for a good cause.  I sincerely hope this is as successful as I am envisioning and that I don't have to come back on Sunday and blog about what a horse turd it turned out to be!!!!

It's like an addiction to know that I am constantly in communication with a gaggle of wonderful ladies, all of whom have given their utmost to make sure they're piece of the puzzle is in place. It's totally like something I have read about in those good Southern novels, no wonder Southern ladies make such good writers, there's a lot happens around here to write about. People are so funny and even in stressful situations we can pull together and make it work. When one of the generous people making a donation tries to get tickets in exchange, Southern gals can politely make it very plain to him that ITS A FREAKIN DONATION.. you buy your tickets and then someone bids on the DONATION.  You don't give us an item in exchange for tickets, that's not how it works and it ain't gonna happen baby, not in this lifetime.

Did anyone get the invitation to JT? now his donation is strictly personal and he does not have to buy a ticket, got it?

So just a few more days and then I will go back to blogging as usual... I just can't get all this out of my head right now so it's going in the blog. OK. Please don't disfollow me just 'cos I keep rambling about the same thing!!!!!! More rambles to come later I promise..... thanks for the support!!! Hugs.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh My, I think Fall has come to S. Ga....

Yesterday started wet, yet still warm, about 76 degrees. Uncomfortable. It got better, the skies cleared and the temperature dropped. By the afternoon when we arrived home we were able to open the windows and enjoy the cool fresh air. That doesn't happen too often here in the South so when the opportunity presents itself we open up the house and take it all in. Bliss.

This morning was fantastic, cold even, the girls were squealing at breakfast as the breeze came in the windows and whirled around their feet. We need socks! We need gloves they cried!

We headed out to a pumpkin patch and the girls listened to some Blue Grass with their friends. I love Blue Grass music, and it's so fitting for an autumn afternoon somehow.
I have to admit, when we got out there it was a lot colder than I had anticipated! downright chilly even.

There was face painting, and pumpkin decorating, and little crafts for the kids.

We had a nice time and it felt good! I guess fall is here but next week's forecast it back up to the 80's, we'll just have to enjoy this while it lasts. I love fall!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Hour Friday.....

Go visit Bambi and Otin and see what they're happy about today.

Here are my moments of happy this week....

Monday, so happy that my neighbor mowed my front lawn, now that's mighty neighborly of him!!

Tuesday, Happy that I had things under control, mostly, and I actually succeeded in finishing the tasks on my to do list. This is unusual for me because I'm such a procrastinator see, however, there are moments in my life when I surprise even myself.  Of course I had help, can't take all the glory here, without my wonderful personal ass assistant i would be nothing, Kudos to Courtney for being fabulous in every way!!! Sounds like it could be another blog title there doesn't it.

Wednesday, the most fantastic feeling in the world is when someone else believes in a cause just as much as you do. Having made lots of friends in the blogoshere I was particularly overwhelmed with gratitude when Kim over at Savannah Gourmet totally stepped up and donated a couple of immensely generous auction items for the Benefit Auction I am organizing.... Kim, thank you from the bottom of my heart... you ROCK woman!

Thursday, Happy to have enlisted the help of my mini me's in cleaning out the car. Having just paid someone to detail the thing but a couple of weeks ago it had degenerated back into the previous state of soon to be condemned health hazard. The girls and I along with good friend M. got it done. "Bling" said the car.

Friday, Happy to have made it through the week, happy that his gorgeousness will be home tonight! he's been on the road and I've been ridiculously busy so maybe we can spend some time together just him and me and Dexter!!!!

What's making you happy???? Do tell!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Late Night Tidbids.......

Not the late night tidbits you're thinking of, guufawww guufaawww!!!!!

Just a few little thoughts from today. Notes to be noted that kind of thing. I have had a busy, busy day, not the kind of ordinary day when you get up and know there's lots to do but instead the kind of day when you know everyone is depending on you and if you forget the teeniest detail it's gonna be a cluster!!!!!

So with hands and arms tingling from a weeny little panic attack I decide the only thing to do it make a to do list and stick the hell to it.  Tell myself consciously, focus on this and then get to the next thing, keep focusing, don't be distracted, complete this task, cross it off and move on.  My Oh My what a freaking stroke of genius, who in the heck invented the to do list and who said "stick to it, my dear, stick to it!".  For some reason all through my life I have never been a note taker, I always rely on my memory and until now it's been OK. There have been slip ups here and there, like forgetting to tell someone some life saving fact here or there, but hey, we all forget stuff sometimes right... no biggie. You apologize, move on, tomorrow is another day.

But this, this is different,  this is for the kids, this is for the kids who don't have anything, the kids who will smile the broadest smiles, get the most out of the things we do, be able to have a glimpse of "normal" or "joy" when we give them glasses, provide a clinic, let them play in a safe park with safe equipment.  This is for all those kids that someone else gave up on, so that they can read a book from a library we provided or watch an educational DVD that they're school didn't have before. Maybe there is a kid out there without a winter jacket or a pair of shoes suitable for school, if so then, by God, we will make a difference and see that they are provided with such basic things!

This is the kind of day when you make every effort to use the talents God gave you.  You step up to the plate and give it all you've got. Yes I had a sitter take care of my kids tonight, they had a ball, and no I don't feel guilty because they know what I am trying do for others, I teach them along the way hoping that one day they will  follow in my footsteps and join an organization (hopefully this one!) and do something to change the lives of others. Just ask them, they know all about Cowboy Ball and Bargain Bazaar and fund raisers and giving of time, Syd hugged me tonight telling me how she knows we have a lovely family and we're blessed. Bless HER heart for realizing that at eight years old.

So here I am , I've done all I can do today and will get up early (that's the worst part for me!) and carry on tomorrow, I'll do more, I will succeed in making this fundraiser the best it can possibly be in these times. If it's not the best we've ever had then it won't be from lack of effort.  I know I have posted about this a lot lately but it's kinda taking over my life, the deeper I get into it the more I feel for the kids we're trying to help.  I spent some time reading to the girls before bed tonight and we shared some Graham crackers and milk, the kids I'm helping don't have those luxuries. That's it. They just don't.....think about it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Apparently someone else thinks I'm Fabulous!!!!!

Thank you my fine friend!  Ms Barb over at Sassy and Ginger Chronicles has very generously bestowed upon me this lovely award. Please, after reading this post, go and check out her blog, she's a tremendously generous and giving person with a big heart and more guts than me!! She fosters stray dogs until a permanent home is found for them, this in itself deserves a Fabulous Award, however, she also manages to share pictures of said cute dogs and make me cry when she has to break the attachment and send them to a new home. I was really sad to see Happy Gilmore go...anyway I'm rambling!!!! Oh yeah, that's what I do!!!!

The rules of the award are to accept it gracefully, blog about five things your obsessed about lately and then pass it on to two worthy recipients so here goes.......

1. Cowboy Ball... this is an annual event and this year I get to chair it. yay me. note that this is not a good healthy obsession and that in a couple of weeks I may collapse in a heap and never be heard from again.
2. Blogging.... goes without saying, has been a obsession for some time now and after about eight months I may just be getting the hang of it.... although it's like getting babies into a routine, just when you're they're trained the routine changes and something else pops up.
3.Couponing. I'm not quite as obsessed as some of my friends and most of the female population of T-ville but it's a funny little thrill to be able to come out of Publix saving more than you spent. There's even a blog about it and so it becomes a double obsession!! Booyah!!!!!
4. My kids are an ongoing obsession and probably always will be. Lately there's been a lot more drama and some concerns, shall we just say parenting is a lot more complicated than the fifteen minutes they take to make if you know what I mean!! hee hee hee.
5. Ummm don't know about the fifth thing really? There's not a food or a drink I'm obsessing about at the moment which is weird for me, usually there's something i love that i totally eat the heck out of until I'm sick of it but can't think of anything right now! So now I'll probably just obsess about not having a digestible obsession!

So dearest OCD friends, lets see what these lovely bloggers have been obsessing about lately....
I'm nominating The Peach Tart...too funny and i'm thinking she might have more than 5!!!!
and, Kim over at Savannah Gourmet, I can guess two of her obsessions but I'll let her tell you!! Kim is a totally fabulous person who has completely restored my faith in the inherent goodness of (wo)man.
Please visit these ladies and enjoy some Southern Hospitality Y'all. We may just start our own Southern Splinter Group....wanna be a groupie??????

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Superior Scribbler Award...and Fabulous too!!!

Oh My!!!! look at this, an award!!! I am so humbled. 
I actually got this last week but have been so busy with real world stuff it's taken me this long to do it justice. 
Tori over at Not In Kalamazoo Anymore sent this to me and I have to say I am touched. Go and check her out immediately, she's so witty and down to earth and just tickles me! She also has a very cute puppy and apparently he can drive....he can....there's a picture to prove it (a coffee spitting moment!).

and the rules are..... always with the rules.... 

1) Post it on my blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link, as well as a link to This Post from the original Superior Scribbler!

2) Pass the award to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

3) Add your link to the list of Superior Scribbler Awardees. This will promote your blog AND officially add you as a luminous Superior Scribbler!

Choosing five bloggers to pass this award to is like choosing a favorite from your children, totally impossible,  i love you all but there are some who deserve extra acknowledgement just 'cos dems da rules!!! 

RxBambi, she gets a special mention but not the award... she already has it... and is getting a little too big for her britches.... she knows I love her and would give her this if she didn't already have it :0)

Beth of Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken, her blog is so graceful and peaceful. I love the way in which she writes like poetry and is so creative with words and pictures. 

Shannon at Recovery from a life not lived, Shannon has the biggest heart in the world even if she doesn't realize it! I love her posts and leave feeling.. wow!!! She's honest, gutsy and very funny.... and i got to meet her...neerreeererererreeeerrr (or however that goes).

Jane at Spain Daily, she's more of a Superior Jotter than a scribbler, she's a blogger of not so many words but gets you thinking. Her pictures are fabulous too and she's a catalyst for many  an online discussion. Just Superior all round. 

I am sure if you follow me or read my blog you'll know that I am also BFF with Spudballoo at Chez Spud . Now there's a gal... she will make you laugh, tug at your heart, enlighten you and fill you with joy or reduce you to tears. Her scribblings are amazing and so is her photography. I learn a lot from Spud, she's my homie, I consider her my link to reality. 

Last but absolutely not least is Michel of Facts Are Strickly Optional for some of the bestest, dry humor in the blogoshere you need to head on over and see what she has to say. Her writing it hilarious and there's almost always a wtf moment!!! She probably jumps out of bed in the morning and says wtf before anything else!!! 

So my dear friends... take the award... do what you will with it and just keep blogging, just keep blogging!!!!! 

p.s. i also received a fabulous award this week and will post on it later seeing as this is so long.