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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Guard Dog... ubbc#11

Just to clarify (cos I have new readers) (and I'm a clarifying kinda gal)... 
I love my shih tzu's. 
Sometimes when feeling blue they come to me like they know I'm in need
of some "shittie" love... they nestle and cuddle and they heal my inner hurts.
I like to tell loved ones that they are below the shitties in the pecking order of 
what's important in my life (just kiddin', but it's a useful reality check for certain
family members). If there was a fire... I'd grab my Nikon and my shitties.
Although if there was a fire, the dogs would alert me immediately, grab the fire
extinguishers and usher the kids out, dial 911 and give them the address.
Then and only then they'd stop, drop and roll... for a treat.

So while I haven't had a whole lot of inspiration lately for my pictures I have
been snapping away at my furry friends!!! 
I captured this today, Mr. Mac sitting with his chin on the window sill 
looking for big bad burglars to chew on. Don't even think about it you
horrible, no good, bad guy. He will eat you alive before he lets you 
bring harm to the family he protects so fiercely.  
People ask me if they are good with kids... oh yeah... they can 
probably eat a whole one over several sittings!!! 
Never underestimate the power of the Shih Tzu!!! 

p.s. we do keep them cropped short.. we live in the South people.. it's damn hot!!! 
and, ahem, I'm crap at brushing them!! 


Anonymous said...

What a cute guard dog you have there!

Brian Miller said...

hehe. eat a whole one ...cute dog...

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute! bring him to savannah!

Char said...

so cute

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