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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Southern Charm...

There is one thing I adore about living in South Georgia, the hospitality and the traditions are followed to the letter. A close friend of mine is soon to be married and so this past weekend saw the first of the whirlwind of showers, preparations and celebrations. I was in the US for about five years before I attended an American wedding and I have to say it's all very beautiful but SO different from how we do it back home. Anyway, Tracy and Don are a wonderful couple and I really wish them well. Tracy's best friend hosted a couples shower on Saturday night, only the weather didn't care. Oh no... we needed some rain and by golly we got it!!!! There we were all huddled into what can only be described as a "party barn/workshop/porch" thing in the back yard. The rain was torrential people and this building had a tin roof!!!! It was loud and I have to be honest a little scary, I have been really afraid of storms since our house in Tallahassee was hit by lighting just after Ashley was born. There I was nursing her and all of a sudden BOOM the house was hit, so that was obviously the best excuse ever to quit breast feeding, Kudos to those who can do it... not this mama.
Anyway back to the storm, the food was good, the company excellent and the wine flowed, but so did the rain. My do was done and my jeans stuck to my legs, Steve and I discovered we can't share an umbrella, we're just not that co-ordinated. It all ended when we were called home by the kids, not because they were afraid of the storm but because the older ones were afraid of the little tropical storm we call Ashley. So that was that.
Sunday rolled around and another shower, this time the weather was beautiful, the kind of day when you look at the sky and can't believe it's soooo clear and refreshing. A group of ladies gathered at Holli's house and had cup cakes and punch. There wasn't a raindrop in sight. Quiet pleasantries were exchanged and everyone complimented the hosts on the lovely table. It really looked great and made me think, wow this is really nice. This is the reason we have those little dishes and buy those pretty napkins, because sometimes it matters! Sometimes you have to pay attention to details and make someone feel special, once in a while do something "pretty" for someone. Throw away the practical household tips and just do something pretty!!! The pleasure in seeing Tracy being spoiled by good friends was a treat for me. I was jealous of course, I want to be showered with gifts, but to witness all the love shown to such a wonderful lady was my gift. So now all we have to do it sit back and enjoy the day, I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle while I sit there with a vice like grip on my kids. I am so excited and will be reporting on the wedding of the year for this space.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ashley has started a little thing where she talks in a funny voice a lot, each is a character that she makes up. The other night getting ready for bed she was Elvis (kind of) and boy she made me laugh. Of course I had to video her, she's a whole different ball game and still pictures just no longer cut the mustard with her!!!! So here she is, she did get a little silly as she tends to do on camera but you get the picture.

Back to my own room....

Did I ever mention that I have the most beautiful, bright funny kids on the planet? Well I do. Sorry to those of you who thought your kids were all of the above, but mine are the cream of the crop, top of the heap, A number one!!! (Frank Sinatra 1915-1998).
This is how I feel every day when I wake them up with the song of my choice and it continues until I put them to bed with a story and hug , there are moments in between when I could cheerfully strangle them but mostly it's a love fest. This week has been no exception, having finished (at least almost finished) Sydney's room she's settled back in is loving her own space again. She has it organized as she wants it and has the toys she treasures most within easy reach, her beds arranged as she likes them and her secret diaries tucked where she thinks no one can get to her innermost secrets... no I don't read them.. and if I did, well I'm her mother and I'd never admit to anyone that I may have had a sneaky peak now and again. So blissfully settled in and enjoying being out of Ashley's room, why oh why do they have to fuss about "sleepovers"....... she wants Ashley to come and sleep in her room now. Arrgghhh... Ash is happy to oblige, for a whole ten minutes. Just when you think they are so cute wanting to be together, and it lets me off the hook and bed time is going a lot quicker, little bit gets up and heads back to her own Purple Palace with pink blanky dragging behind her. This leads to an outburst from big sister!!! So now I have two girls crying and fussing about where they want to sleep!!! I can't be in two rooms at once settling them in. I did get a little frustrated and yell a tad about getting into bed and staying there and being a big girl... GO TO SLEEP!!!! Anyone who has ever been in this situation, and if you have kids you've been there, knows it's a thin line between keeping a calm bedtime routine and banging your head on the wall. You feel your entire inside about to erupt and spout forcefully out of the very top of your head. The answer, go to the bathroom. Tell everyone "wait a minute, Mommy has to pee pee I'll be right back." Lock the door, plug your iPod into your ears and stay there for about 15 minutes. That's how long it takes to do your bizz right. When you emerge all will be well, they will have screamed themselves into a coma and you won't hear another peep until morning. That is when you can look at their pretty, innocent, sleeping faces and thank the Lord for these precious little gifts. That is the moment you can say, yes I am super Mom, I did it; they are asleep and it's the end of the day and all is well in the world. Then you can go beat your head against the wall because you step back into a pile of dog puke. A mother's work is never done!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tornado warning....

Oh the weather outside it frightful, there are storms, high winds, heavy rain and a fashion dilema all going on at the same time. What the heck do you wear when it's 80 degrees but it's rainy and dark.
Here are the fashion rules we use in England, no worries about whether it's Easter, Memorial day or Labor day, if it's wet it's generally cold and you can wear jackets and wellie boots, even add a sou'wester (that's a yellow plastic hat) if you want to. If it's dry and hot it's time for fashion fatalities, shorts and sleeveless, tight fitting tops; soccer shirts and soccer shorts with undies that you can see through the shorts; lobster red cheeks and upper arms; caloused heels and strappy sandals. Oh we look so horrible, but thankfully it's only for a fortnight every July so we don't cause too many people to keel over and die. If you've ever been to Orlando in the height of summer (which every American avoids) you will have seen them in droves. Bright red Brits on their package holidays sporting Manchester United and Liverpool football (soccer) shirts. They are loud and travel in big groups because if we're travelling across the Pond for a holiday of a lifetime we're bloody well taking the whole family if we like them or not. That way we can boast to our friends and neighbors who had to stay home and enjoy the balmy wonderful summer in the south west of England, with beautiful beaches, clean air and excellent pub food.
It was a dream of mine as a child to go to Disney, I didn't know the difference between "World" and "Land" I just wanted to got to Disney. Nor did I care about Epcot, Kingdom or whatever, I didn't even know there was more than one park to choose from, it didn't matter to an eight year old British kid.
Now here I am all growed up and wondering when I can go home again to experience that relaxing, excellence called British Summer Time. It gets light at four thirty in the morning at which time the little Blue Tits and House Martins start their song. You can spend well over an hour or more at breakfast when it's still a little chilly, eating the best sausage, egg and beans you're ever likely to come across. Then you can walk on the hill tops or the beaches before soaking up the sun for the approximately four hours that it's warm enough to do so. Then you sip a Shandy in the pub and enjoy a "ploughman's", it's a delicious plate of salad, ham, chunk o' cheese, pickles and crusty bread. You talk a bunch o' nonsense with your best farmery friends and walk home dodging the moths and trying to identify all the beautiful wild flowers on the path home... ahhh bliss. This, my friends, is paradise... talk about so laid back you're horizontal!! One day when I am a famous whatever, I will have my own travel show where me and the three
people I love most in the universe will travel and have a camera man to capture our experiences and we'll be the Emmy Award winning McGillicutties.... the family you all want to be!!!! To get a hint of what I'm talking about Google "Salisbury, Wilts" and the South West of England, Cornwall and Dorset. Take a cyber-vacation people... 'tis something to savour!!!! Don't forget your factor 4. Now in order the get a little taste of what I'm talking about go and watch Four Weddings and a Funeral.... it's been a long time hasn't it? This is one of my all time FAVE movies and I even have a friend who is actually in the movie, ironically enough, he's the American who plays the love interest of Hugh's Grant's sister in the movie. He lived in Salisbury when I was there and he was a very tall, very handsome chappy!!!! Yum!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's with FB?

Hello again. It's late on Wed evening and I wanted to relax on facebook and catch up with some old friends....ahhh a great way to unwind. I did the sexy lady quiz and apparently I am Audrey Hepburn, oh Audrey, so elegant and sweet!!! I am sure there aren't many people who have had the inclination to mention my name and Audrey's in the same 5 million word epic, never mind the same sentence. Tomorrow I am wearing black with some simple pearl accessories just to see if anyone mentions how much I remind them of the great Ms. Hepburn, I think I'll hoist my voice up an octave too while I'm at it.
Anyway I digress, so I'm jumping here and there and the pc (unfortunately not a Mac) keeps making a weird noise and the page disappears! Get back on, dunk there it goes, get back on, dunk there it goes. OK this is getting to be tedious. Are there too many millions of us on there? Surely not, the twelve year old founder of fb was just chatting to Matt Lauer the other day telling him how it's growing by 250 gazzillion, druswillion every millisecond and yet they can handle it. Not a problem for the tennis shoe wearing geek. You're on TV with Matt Lauer for crying out loud, get some decent shoes!!!
So instead here I am with my reliable old blog, at least here I can ramble on about the other. If you have also been having problems with fb and you've managed to walk away, please tell me how to overcome the addiction. How do we ease back into the real world and actually connect again with friends; real face to real face. For a fb addict and germiphobe it's a scary thought. Maybe I am just not as equipped to deal with real flesh and blood friends instead of my little cyber-buddies. I"ll have to brush my teeth and hair and buy the real Gucci loafers, not just the ones I can get on the shopaholic site. Please oh please fb don't do that to the world, come back and let me sit here once again in pj's with messy hair and smudged mascara, connecting with the wonderful 45,789 "friends" on my page, all of whom know me intimately and have had lunch with me at least a thousand times.... online that is!!! OK can't stand it any more I'm headed back there for one more try and if it fails I'm going to have to try My Space. See ya.

Team Lean

OK good news on the TL front, I lost 4.5 lbs in this the final week! Go Me.

Woe is me....

I was born on a Wednesday and for some reason my Mum always would take delight in telling me that Wednesday's Child is full of woe! Thanks for the encouragement there mother!
Now most of you will probably think I am an upbeat kind of a chick, and mostly I am, but when I am feeling under the weather I revert back to being Wednesday's Child. This week has been one of those times, hence the lack of blogging. I am doing this one quickly so that my avid readers won't desert me thinking I have given up on my latest "thing".
I have been the victim of one of those mysterious viruses, back ache, head ache, sore throat, chills without a fever that kind of thing. I usually don't bother with docs (they're all quacks) but on this occasion I felt so shitty it was deemed necessary to drag my weary butt to the not so urgent care. Just like I thought, "it's a virus" said the quack, "antibiotics won't help but if you pay me $100 I'll give you a scrip for some Darvacet and you'll be on you're way". See! I could have done that if I had a degree in scribbling prescriptions. The pain killers really didn't help and I have been wallowing in self pity and bad temperedness for a couple of days now. This morning I have noticed an improvement and my sense of humor is gradually creeping back into my persona. That means if you visit me in the office today, yes, I will help you with the coffee machine and yes I will be nice to you. Apologies to those who may have crossed my path over the last couple of days, my woe has gone and the good Ali is alomst 55% back!!! Give me a day or two and I may even start being nice to Steve again who knows.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy busy busy.....

Yesterday was the Annual Heritage Walk and Fun Run, an event that draws a pretty good crowd and is put together by the local YMCA with other sponsors such as Commercial Bank. I was coerced into walking 5K with my adorable friends Becky and Jill. They are obviously a lot fitter than I am but I am proud to say I kept up and came in 161st, I don't really know how many walkers there were but it seemed like a lot. I guess we were middle of the pack? good job for so early on a beautiful Saturday morning in Downtown T-Ville. Our only instructions from Big Tom were to come in ahead of the 88 year old, and we complied. Everyone was there, young and old, to take part with their eye on the grand prize of $50 and a big 'ole trophy. I think I will probably do it again; Sydney took part in the fun run and I have to say did very well although she did tell me that her and her friend Mason ran a little, walked and talked a little, skipped a little you get the picture. Syd now wants to do the Rose City Run in April, mainly because everyone gets a medal in that one just for taking part. Good old Sydney, all she wants are the glorious medals whether she wins or not.
I have to mention Nicholas, he's a seven year old that Sydney secretly has her eye on
(don't tell her I put that in the blog). He did really well and won a medal in his division.. we're proud of you Nick!!!! And he's so sweet, he came to me after he finished and asked where Sydney was, I think he secretly likes her too. That's a relationship I would encourage because then we'd end up with awesome in-laws.
So, happy and a little achy I went home to prepare chili for the first of the Fictitious Supper Club evenings that we have been planning for about the last two or three years. We finally got it off the ground last night and had a blast!!!! Good food, Laura prepared the very best artichoke thingy I have ever tasted... yum....and Bethany's cornbread and salad definitely deserve a mention... she even made her own dressing!! What?? I had no idea you could even do that? It seems we have a very talented group of chef's in the hood so this could be extemely detrimental to all the calorie counting that's been going on lately. Although admittedly I don't think we had anything wayyyy tooo fattified last night other than the copious Margarita's. Again Yum Scrum. The company was excellent and we heard some interesting little anecdotes that had us screaming with laughter, I think someone even peed their pants but I will never say who!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!
Can't wait for the next one, can YOU??????
Today has been a day of organizing, I have rearranged the kitchen cabinets, the linen closet, Sydney's closet and the pantry. Wooaahhh what's gotten into me??? We also had a family effort at cleaning out the storage closet out back and Steve scrubbed down the water slide. A major indicator that summer is on the way and the yard is about to be full or soaking wet kids and the floors will need to be mopped every five minutes. Joy oh Joy. So there you have it in a nutshell, my amazing, fantastic weekend spent on projects and enjoying the company of great friends.... I love you all!!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Coupons....another addiction????

OK if you're in any way slightly connected to the CFO of the typical US household these days, you have probably heard them talking about deals, savings, coupons... yes coupons. I recently received an interesting email from a friend telling me about her savings with coupons and loyalty cards and all that good stuff. So being the competitive penny pincher that I am I grabbed the gauntlet and started to surf the web eagerly checking out the links on the Southern Saver web page. I am that person, if there's something going on I have to be in on it, especially something like this where it's like a strategic game; how much more can I save on that $3.00 item that I have never heard of? Do I use my loyalty card so that they give me bucks back which I immediately spend on another item I have never heard of and will probably never use; or should I double it with a printable coupon, add it to the loyalty card and do six jumping jacks at the checkout??? Then I can really save by burning 45 calories while I save some hard earned cash on that 80 lb bar of Fatties R Us Chocolate with extra goo and nuts. (it's also 25% bigger- ooh more savings).
So I get online, decide on the coupons I want, plan my attack on the evil empires of CVS, Publix and the like. I gleefully click (clip) the coupons that appeal to me most, $2300 off bigger boobs, $4500 off that chin lift, $0.35 off Pillsbury dough boys and my fave 25% off prescription drugs until 3/1/2010. This means I can get happy saving on my happy pills for the next year!! Woo Hoo Double Whammy. I am so excited by this time I am calculating the savings and opening another tab on my browser so I can spend said savings immediately.
And then it happens....... "there is a problem printing your coupons; go to advanced setting and uncheck this; check that; double click, return, enter, enter and kiss my ass" What in the world is all that about. My first reaction is to carefully follow the instructions, OK I know Vista sucks but this website must know that and they can walk me through it, right? Wrong. I then reach out to my fellow CFO's and ask for help. Nadda. I know they're not looking at their facebook right now it's Friday night and they all have lives. So I leave it for a while before I bust a blood vessel. Steve arrives home to me fuming about that stupid thing and I am so frustrated I can't get it all out. Good old Steve, he calmly eats the dinner that is now a gele (that's French for goo) mess I had prepared earlier and forgotten about. Then he disappears for a nano-second and comes back to tell me all is well.
Obviously I don't believe him it could not have been so quick a fix right? So we go about our business because I just can't go back to this nightmare of coupon clipping online or I will literally go insane. I settle for light relief in helping 7 yr old daughter arrange her newly decorated bedroom. There's a soothing distraction if ever there was one... not..... but that's a whole 'nother blog.
Kids in bed, Steve in front of the TV, I return to the computer to see if I can finally overcome this mess of savings just out of reach!!! I click on facebook first just for a quick peek and Natalie has answered my plea for help. I am returned to the original web site, I click on the link, think to myself I'll just print one and see what happens... it starts the whole aggravating cycle again. OK, I am going to beat this thing if it's the last act of a desperate woman wanting to get better savings than the Jones' so help me God I'm going to win!!!!!!!!!!
I stop, go the kitchen a pour a large adult beverage, I am not talking wine, I am talking the hard stuff baby. I go back with glass fully loaded and I start again, this time clicking on a different link and the first thing that catches my eye is that you have to have their coupon thingy installed. What??? Nooo, I am so paranoid about worms, spies, predators etc. So I think OK lets investigate... and lo and behold they speak my language. They don't like all of the above either, they must be good people. So I set about following the instructions etc. and no it still doesn't work. Then, I just don't know what happened, I tried it another time and TaaDAHHH the wonderful sound of my printer setting to work spitting out DOLLARS BABY... that's what they are, not coupons, but money in my pocket rather than in the pocket of "the man". There, I socked it to ya, you can't hold me back, I am woman hear me roar!!!!
Success! Yeah! Woo Hoo and ring a ding ding!! Just one thing, being the inquisitive person I am, I had to find out whhhyyyy it worked this time, what was different??? So I go back into Printers, Settings, Advanced Settings, click click click and there it is.... Steve had somehow managed to uncheck the box that says "Save Printed Copies" !!!!!! That pesky box which it didn't matter how many times I unchecked it and cursed it, it never would stay unchecked!!! So as much as I hate to give him all the glory, I am wife hear me purr!!!

Ali Blah Blah....

I decided to change the title of my blog, a little more fitting I thought and easier to remember. This is slowly becoming an addiction for me!!!!! At last a hobby that I can do all by myself, no dates to remember, no schedule, no "attire" (not that I would blog in the nude, ARGGHHH).
No expensive photo trimmers and borders, I gave up scrapbooking years ago. Just me, a keyboard and my blah blah.....heaven!!!!

Names will be named...

If you think you recognize someone in my blogs that's fine by me. I will never tell. Names will be changed to protect the guilty!!!!

Yesterday I got a Smart phone for dummies... it's a Verizon Blitz and I love it. I can't use a Blackberry and all that high tech stuff, don't have the time to work it all out, I am a highly devoted wife, mother and friend for crying out loud. So I got this and it's awesome, it's easy enough to pick up and text my little heart out right away. It has all the gadgets I need without all the headaches and costly monthly subscriptions. I don't need to be able to email from it, I'm not that important!!!!! The reviews (Steve is a review geek) said it was great for teenagers... well I am here to tell you it's great for oldies too. Mid life mama's on a budget with limited time; get out there and get the Verizon Blitz. Cool.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Meaning to Crack Head...

For any of you with a four year old I know your lives are so enriched by them. I always say that each stage of my daughters lives is my favorite, but four years old, has to be up there at the very top of the fave stage list (so far anyway). Ashley is an especially wonderful four year old and I think that her little wonderful self will always be "special" whatever age she is.

I asked her last night about her day at school and the Y, which she goes to for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Periodically I like to check on how the girls feel about their teachers, other kids in their class that type of thing. So last night it was about that time again and I asked her about her Y teachers, one of them was sick, Ashley wished her well. Then I asked about the other lady in the class and she told me that she does like her however "Miss Smith has cracks on herself". I laughed, "cracks on herself" I asked, "yes Mama, she's old and has cracks on herself". This was hilarious to Sydney and me so I dug a little deeper. "So, do you mean wrinkles? do I have cracks on myself?" "No" Ashley replied "You're not old".

Yeay me, I know I'm not old but I love to hear it from my kids, I may still be a crack head sometimes though!!!!! God Bless the Little Children!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luxuries are no longer luxuries....

What's up with all the AIG nonsense, I am just floored by it all. Don't these people have a grasp on reality or what? Anyway, everyone is blogging or twittering or whatever about all that and nothing I have to say will make any difference so I'm going to leave it well alone. I just wanted to mention it in order to demonstrate that I do keep up with what's going on outside my own four walls, unlike the AIG execs, obviously.

OK so this is the topic of the day, TEAM LEAN. It's an effort by the local YMCA here in Thomasville to skinnify some of us fatties that love food more than exercise. You can have a team of either four or five people and the goal is to lose the biggest percentage of weight over the contest which runs for ten excruciating weeks. Steve and I are on the same team with a couple of our neighbors; we suck!!! That is, Steve and I suck, our friends are actually doing so much better than we ever will. Particularly Jill who is little to start with, she's lost more than any of us. More than Steve and I put together!! How embarrassing. She has determination and will-power, two qualities severely lacking in our lazy ass household. I always talk a good game but actually skipping the breakfast burrito (410 cals) for the whole wheat bagel (120 cals), it's hard.

Steve doesn't even talk a good game, he hasn't been to the Y to work out but maybe once in the entire ten weeks, this is the last week. He doesn't research any of the food from the restaurants he visits on the daily basis for lunch. If it's a wrap he thinks it's healthy, not always the case young man!!!! So here we are in the home stretch with not a lot to show for our half hearted efforts although we are the very people who need to lose the lbs and get fit. I am forty for crying out loud!!!! He's not far behind either. So this week it's on baby, better late than never. No wine, no sweets, no mayo, no sausage and lots of good healthy exercise. I started this morning with a two mile trot on the treadmill.... unfortunately Mr. Healthy was in front of me and I had to watch his lean self running while the pounds were literally jumping off his body, I swear I could actually see them!!!!! They had little glib faces that were laughing at me, they were circling like wolves and two managed to hop on before I got to the weighing in room! Woe is me.
So watch this space for updates on my healthy lifestyle, I am making a promise to myself and if I cheat I will declare it publicly on this site. If I don't I will also publicly announce it to the world, well the little bit of the world who are watching this space. I went to the Chinese buffet at lunch and did a pretty good job of choosing healthy items such as vegetables, sea food and egg drop soup. I was also happy to see one of my team members also skulking there where she thought no one would see her!!! A ha... we're not all perfect after all. Food is a luxury people, be glad you can still choose what you eat!!!!!! If AIG has their way we'll all be eating rice and beans, not a bad thing, it's healthy and with the right beans it's pretty tasty. Bon Appetit.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quote of the day.....

"That's awful fancy."
SCW. You know who you are!!!!! Thanks for visiting the site.

Random Days..

This is hilarious to me... my wonderful Sydney, 2nd grader extrordinaire, came home the other day with a paper from her teacher telling us that they need to get online and practice their CRCT tests. The teacher will then, on random days, pick out a kid from the ones who've practiced and reward them with a prize.
I know we haven't been practicing as much as we should and so I talked to Sydney about it and said "you know you really need to get online and do some of the tests"..... "OH" was her excited comeback, "is today a random day???"
What can you say!!!!! Life is Grand!!!!! She's testing a lot more these days and did win a prize so it's definitely worth the effort and you never know she may even pass when the times comes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Local Attractions.

The Big Oak & Big Oak Cam
A massive Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana, c. 1680) with a limb span of 162 feet, the Big Oak is one of the National Live Oak Society’s original members, enrolled in 1936. President Eisenhower was so impressed with the Big Oak tree that he personally photographed it during one of his visits to Thomasville! This tree is truly a living treasure of our city’s heritage. The Big Oak is located at the Corner of Crawford and Monroe Streets.
BIG OAK CAMHave your picture taken beside the Big Oakthen visit the Big Oak Cam websiteand download, print or email your photo! A terrific Thomasville souvenir!
Directions:Step 1: Stand beside the Big Oak or the white sign in front of the tree and dial (229) 236-0053 on your cell phone. The best place to stand is under the large limb on the right side of the tree and behind the white sign. (Regular cell phone charges apply.)Step 2: Look at the camera on the telephone pole across the street and follow the instructions you hear on your cell phone. Smile big or strike a pose!Step 3: Find your picture online at! Click here to see some Big Oak Cam pictures!

Did y'all know you can do this???? One of the many ways to have Terrific Fun here in historic Thomasville!!!! I just went on the Thomasville website to see what interesting tid bits I could share about the town we call home and found this!!! It's pretty funny when you think about it. Sydney, my seven year old, loves the Big Oak for some reason, whenever she's eating broccoli and happens to find a good sized floret she says "Look I got the Big Oak". Ashley (4 years old) on the other hand is convinced that there are fairies living in the Big Oak. These will be cherished memories in years to come. Look out for our picture from the Big Oak Cam coming soon to a Blog near you!!! By the way if you check out the pictures there are always some nut jobs trying to do it in the dark!!!!

Comments Encouraged....

If you're reading my ramblings and have something to add you can always leave a comment at the end of the post. Just click on there and have your two pennies worth. Thanks.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have a follower!!!!

It has only been one day and I have tentatively discussed this new hobby of Blogging with a couple of close friends! Their reaction was positive but they both asked where I was going to find the time??????? That's a point but if it's something you like doing you always find the time right? If it's something you lose interest in then it's going to be done less and less until the only thing you have time for is thinking of excuses not to do what it is you don't want to do in the first place; get it? So here I am finding time to ramble on about this here new hobby.

Here's how I achieved this little window of me-time; Sydney is off with a friend swimming although it looks like it's going rain any second. I wish it would because I am freakin' out at the greenish yellow pollen everywhere. It calls for a lot of nasal breathing, a friend once told me she would only breathe through her nose because it has hairs that trap the bad stuff. However when it comes to pollen it makes you sneeze, catch 22. Back to the me-time, Ashley is playing with one of her friends so they entertain each other very well and I only have to listen, I can do that while sitting here at the computer, super! Steve is out there mowing the weeds and getting all greeny/yellow and disgusting. He will probably need one of those shots they give to people who have severe allergic reactions before he's finished. I know what it's called but I don't know how to spell it. So, here I sit executing my new found love of writing my thoughts down; maybe I should have done a diary or journal or something instead of exposing myself to the world. Well that would be too easy wouldn't it. I am just a little too extrovert to do that, although I am extremely introverted at the same time, complicated I know but aren't we all?

I realized something this morning while thinking about what to write today, I have long forgotten my grammar lessons from school and being English there's a lot that I may say or express that won't sound grammatically correct to you Americans. That's OK though, I don't mind if you don't mind and I won't apologise for any colloquialisms, they are my favorite things in the world and sometimes you need a few to brighten your conversational day.

OK the girls are quiet and the dryer buzzed so it's time for me to get back to Mrs. Mommy stuff and see if they need the Heimlich maneuver or are just busy with Littlest Pet Shop, hopefully the latter because obviously I am not rushing people!!! Stay Tuned!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is OK....

Now I have managed to find my way around a little, at the same time I have tidied Sydney's room a little, retrieved pink blanky from the drier for Ashley and set them up with a movie. I also waived goodbye to Mason and her Mom and chatted a little on the phone. All of this within what, about an hour or so.

Now it's getting late and although I could sit here, boring no one in particular with the details of my day, I will go and get ready for dinner with friends. I will ask them later if they mind their names being shared on the blog of the century!!! Who knows what's next once people start tuning in... Oprah, The Today Show, Late night with Jimmy Fallen!!!!!!!!!! Scratch Oprah I don't think I want to be on her show just because it's cool not to.

I will visit again later with an update on how my hubby takes the news of me setting up my own Pulitzer Prize winning Blog!!!! Maybe I'll introduce the family next time.

Yay Me!!!!!

OK I just set up my own blog!!!!

This will hopefully tame the inner writer that just has to get out sometimes; I am too lazy to actually figure out how to write a book. There's a novel in everyone, that's what I believe. Well, here's mine. It's not really a novel, there's no beginning, middle and no end; hell there isn't even a plot.

I am just going to ramble on like I do in my head the whole day long and hope that someone out there in cyberworld will a) read it, b) enjoy it c) criticize it and 4. laugh at it. I don't know how all this works so here I go exploring.

Yay Me!!!!