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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A List... of things.... (UBBC #4)

Trying to organize my thoughts here today so bare with me...K? Thanks. 

I have been feverishly (yes feverishly) trying to learn all about the inner aspects and 
working of websites, blogs, twitter and all those technical things I have, until now, just 
dabbled in.!!!! Holy Moly!!!!! 
The first question I need answering is this; can you make a website on Wordpress and
not have the word "wordpress" in the URL? if so, how? Must I have my own domain?

OK, moving on. There are a couple, two or three possibilities of real employment on 
the horizon... hopefully... the agony of the "waiting" is killing me. I'm being patient
hence all the knowledge gathering to keep me busy. 

I have been dabbling in the stats thingy on this site and have learned some REALLY 
interesting things... like totally nerdy, interesting things. My #1 referral site is none other than
Chez Spud... and this makes me totally happy 'cos she's my BFF from across the pond in the
mother land. Thanks Spud.. a little something as a token of my appreciation will soon be winging
it's way to you my little bloggy mentor.
Another interesting Stat is one I can't mention on this blog but I can assure you
it has me nodding my head and saying... hmmm yup, yup, hmmmm.

Being a stay at home Mom has been a lot more fun this week now that the girls are
back in school. Sorry  kids, luv ya-n'all (that's true South GA speak) but it's been nice
to have the place to myself for a few hours a day. It's also very nice to be getting up early
with a purpose, and to be able to take them and pick them up in the afternoons. Routines
are my friend... I feel at home with a routine; structure and boundaries people!!!
I have even been happy to cook the evening meal at a decent hour and to be
finally up to date with the laundry... happy, happy, happy!!

Well, I could ramble on for hours about all this, however, have to get some more learning
done while my brain is alert and capable of taking it all in. I hope to share some of  the
masteries I'm attaining in a post coming to a blog near you soon!!!!
Much love my faithful followers... and don't forget to check out the other peeps in the
Ultimate Blog Boost Challenge, you won't be disappointed.

random pic... my happy feet at Lake Tahoe!


Brian Miller said...

nice pic...looks like a good place to be...

dont have experience with wordpress myself..i do own my domain though...

Anonymous said...

I need your mailing address so I can send you your package. Can you send that to me today? Thanks!

spudballoo said...

Ooooh good for you for trying to learn stuff. I keep intending too, I just don't understand it!! have to have to self-host to drop the 'wordpress' bit in the title of your blog. ie. you have to buy the URL and then pay an annual fee to someone to host it for you. It's not a huge amount. Perhaps treat yourself when you get a job! OOOOOH EXCITING!!

Really? I'm your no1 referrer, how nice!! I think flickr or twitter is my no1 referrer. It's the phrases people search on to get to my blog that crack me up so much, often to do with sex with pigs, iggle piggle, russion headdresses, baby on board signs etc.

I need to know what you can't mention. You MUST email me!! xx

Indiri Wood said...

Sounds like it's busy but quite a bit of fun!

Love that picture and I really think it's time for me to head up there again. Must drag the kids, willing or not. :)

Mama-Face said...

Ah. I have spent hours trying to learn and understand more than just the basics-and I'm still stuck in the stone ages of blogging.

I look forward to learning from you.

Those do look like happy feet.

Tina said...

"Routines are my friend." So true!

WordPress is great and easy to learn. Just started mine in late February with no prior blogging experience. Yes, you can pay someone to host your own domain annually and drop the word Wordpress in its title. For hosting, I use and have been very pleased.

For WordPress intro and/or step-by-step help, here's a link to the lady who taught me all I know about it:, Christine Gallagher - love that woman and love her teaching style. She's also a social media guru and has tips on reducing the overwhelm of it all.

Great post. Great pic. Good luck with your WordPress migration!

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