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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three good reasons to recycle.... ubbc#30!!!

It's been a while since I talked about the Green efforts of the McGilli's.
Well that's cos I am more than embarrassed to say that our efforts have been less
than pathetic... a mere whimper in the roar to change the planet. 

The weather has sucked so the air drying of laundry hasn't gone so well but I'm looking 
forward to a usually fairly dry October for plenty of lovely smelling linens etc.
Still lacking the exact right vessel to hoard the plastic and glass before sending
them to be recycled... no I have no idea why i'm just not using a 
couple of cardboard boxes. It's my inner Martha... I think I need something 
cute to fit in with the rest of the kitchen... pathetic!!! 

But peeps...on the upside... I do still get the paper bags from the grocery store
when I forget to take my shoppers.... and here's how we recycled them tonight...

apologies for the quality of the 'snaps'.... i'm hurrying to get my final two
posts in... check back at midnight!!! 


Char said...

:) i remember doing these as a kid with my mom's grocery sacks.


Brian Miller said...

haha. that looks like a lot of fun!

Kimi said...

Now that I LOVE!

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