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Monday, February 28, 2011

If only l could get my thoughts straight...

We headed to the big city... we drove what seemed like forever yet it didn't seem long at all.

We arrived late, went to bed and awoke early. 

Tired yet excited to see what the day would bring we ate a delicious breakfast and then 
headed out the the Aquarium. 

Beluga whales, sting rays and lion fish.... 
and much, much more. 

Then we headed back to the hotel for a well deserved nap.... just an hour! 

Before off to the Castle for some Medieval entertainment... the little 
Princesses loved every moment of this great feast and all the entertainment. 
After meeting their valiant Knight it was time to head back and call it a night!! (urgh)

Another wonderful breakfast in the morning and we were ready to leave and 
head South, one stop at Centennial Olympic Park on the way home. 
 And it was time to head home, tired, happy and full of stories to tell. 
Next time dear bloggers next time... the words are just stuck for now: I'm humbled by my
 wonderful family and just how happy they make me. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

and another new toy.....

Hello World.. I have discovered another new toy and it's pretty neat for someone like me who uses different computers all over the place and can't keep up. It's on the Bighugelabs site and it's called Writer. You can just start typing and there you go. Then you can send it, save it, print it, wordcount it, you name it you can do it! Awesome n'est pas?

So recap of the weekend... I know I'm losing it because I have been doing crazy things lately like forgetting to put a pizza in the over and then this weekend we were supposed to be going on a little trip but I forgot to book the dogs into the kennels!!! Urgh.. major fail. Syd cried and I felt awful. Our trip has been postponed and hopefully we will get away this coming weekend. We took the kids to the mall instead, very lame I know, but they needed some new shoes and clothes so the mall it was. O.M.G. I haven't been to an actual mall in some time, it was packed and claustrophobic. I did not like it one bit.. there see I am getting old.

Syd apparently has grown about three shoe sizes since the last pair of shoes I bought for her.. which incidentally was about five weeks ago!!! I'm alarmed at the rate she's growing and what's happening to her little self. She's almost a middle schooler and it's starting to show. It is one thing to be the mother of a little kid but to be the mother of a big kid is overwhelming me. I know that in a matter of probably just three years she will have outgrown me, then how do I discipline her when I have to look up to her? I didn't ever expect to feel this feel panic stricken at my daughter the amazon. Luckily Little Bit is still a wee slip of a thing but her feet are alarmingly long (and alarmingly narrow) she refuses to wear anything but Crocs or flip flops. Anything else just is not comfortable and she flops around like Dick Van Dyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when he's entertaining the King as a rag doll. It's just not worth the hassle to try and put her in proper shoes, luckily in the South we can get away with casual pretty much all the time!

So they both got some new shoes and a couple of outfits and we made it home pretty much unscathed. Ash then proceeded to do a little fashion show for us that she insisted on calling a fashion walk. Six year olds parading around in new clothes never fails to entertain! I will miss it when she's all cool and mysterious like her older sister... who by the way is now telling people she's ten because she's only a couple of months from her birthday.

We have had gorgeous weather these past few days, it's easy to imagine the grass turning green again and some of the flowers blooming. It's just plain weird for it to be so warm and yet so brown and ugly! His gorgeousness made a comment about my white legs... better keep them under wraps for a few more weeks and work on the tan in a can!! Wouldn't want to upset anyone now would we although he better take a look at his own chicken legs before talking about mine.

Anyhoodles that's it for this update. I'm done boring you and hope to come up with something better later in the week. Tomorrow is Corner View day and I hope to be able to make a decent contribution as I have been a major slacker on that particular project. Toodle Pip!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Mama loves travelling...

Yep I have a long way to go....
Make yours @
Make yours @

This weeks Corner View is Blue... and although I'm stretching the theme a little
I like this. It's another great toy from BIGHUGELABS.COM.
You can click on all the places you have traveled and make your own personal map of 
the world. Fill in the blanks. 
I still have a long way to go but I think it's pretty cool for a wee lass from a village 
in Scotland who never expected to travel as much as I have. 

My kids love to travel too, it's in their blood I guess. 

So hopefully if we carry on we can make it a lot further although it's getting rather
dangerous out there so we may wait a while. 

Where have you gone? and what's your Corner View Blue?? 
Click on the other participants on the sidebar and enjoy Corner Views from all 
over the world. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Forgive Me Elvis for I have sinned...

It has been seven days since my last POST!!!! 

Wow this week has flown by and I'm barely keeping my head above water. 
Today was President's Day, this is one 'holiday' that's either taken or not depending 
on who you work for and whether they respect the Office of the President of the 
United States or not.... well that's my take on it anyway. 
Fortunately I am employed but the respectful type of company and was bestowed
with a day of freedom to do that which pleased me. 

Then why did I choose to do something that didn't particularly please or displease me. 
I took five little girls to the movies and the fact that our local theater chose not 
to have any screenings until the evening hours chapped my ass. 
I had to drive an hour each way with five squealing, singing, aggravating little princesses.
I enjoyed the movie though... Gnomeo and Juliet... go see it, very funny. 
Then we drove home again and the first thing I did upon crossing the threshold
of my home sweet home was pour myself a massive glass of wine and send the 
girls outside to play in traffic. Urgghhh I feel bad but sometimes I just think I'm not
cut out for this mothering business!! 

I had a head full o' crap to blog about today and it all seems to have disappeared 
somewhere between the herding of girls to the bathrooms and the making sure
they all watched for traffic in the parking lot. I just can't think, I mean my mind has 
been turned to mush... thick blobby mush without any coherent thoughts whatsoever! 
Even now there's no peace, no escape and I think I'll just end with this. 
Now that's good stuff!!!! Please come back another day when I can function like
a blogger and not a blithering idiot... to some it's the same thing!! LOL. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts....

It's been a while since I did this... a long long long while... 
yay.. back in the mix with the Random Shit.

Lets see, The Un-Mom is demanding we draw cartoons of our pets.. 
well can't oblige with that one and there's really nothing super hero about a couple of
lazy ass shih tzu's who have taken over the smaller couch and behave like potatoes. 
Little warm, furry, cute and adorable potatoes.

What if I won the lottery today? 
Would I give it all away and then wait patiently for it all to come back to me ten fold?
Would I squander it on sparkly purses and stripper shoes? fake boobs and a tattooed on all over tan?
Or just hop a plane to Cairo and declare myself the new HMFIC.
The possibilities are endless. 

I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around... it's my main philosophy in life. 
Example # 1 (don't be expecting a 2 there isn't one)
I had to make a trip to Minneapolis once, and it happened to be in February. It was very cold.
Now, eight years later I'm making another trip, in February, this time to Stone Mountain. 
See the similarity there? I bet your scratching your head saying things like ummm Stone Mountain
is in Atlanta. You get a little cold there occasionally but it's no Minneapolis. 
You're right... however... Stone Mountain has a new attraction called Snow Mountain. 
See... we have come full circle and eight years after going to Minni I'm experiencing snow once 
again but this time in Snow Mountain. Tentative as it is there's a goes around comes around in there.

Kid numero uno came home disappointed and sad yesterday after an exercise in freaking kindness
at school. Don't want to go into details, suffice to say I'm gonna kick some 4th grade asses first
opportunity I get. Then we'll see what's going and coming around. 
I wrote a pissy email to the teacher and I'm kinda regretting it a little now but what the hey.
Sometimes the Tiger Mom has to get on her platform and show these peeps who they're dealing with.
Nobody puts my baby in the corner... well no one did but I think you get the picture.. I will 
protect my young at all costs even if it means embarrassing the heck outta all involved and 
eating someone alive who happens to threaten my man cub... or girl cub. 

As Sandra Bullock put it... 

And that my friends about concludes my Random Tuesday Thoughts... for more on the subject 
check out the UnMom!!! Toodles. 


Monday, February 14, 2011

What do you do on a day off????

This weekend was my birthday...yeah... oh thanks... it was good considering I'm gettin' 
so old I forgot to put the pizza in the oven and wondered what the heck was taking
it so long to cook!!! 

The dreaded stomach bug that's been going around (always seems to be going around!!)
hit our house and Syd had a very bad night throwing up every 1/2 hour in the 
wee small hours of Saturday morning... my birthday morning!!!! 

So, having had a pretty good day yesterday, she recovered as quickly as she became
sick and all was well, I seem to have fallen prey to said crapola bug and I'm home today.
I hate that I have to get sick to have a day off, and by day off I mean no one here
to bother me, a day by myself in my interruptions. 
It sucks that half the day is wasted in the bathroom and lying around in bed 
watching Ellen. She's pretty good tho'... I liked her show!!! 

Now I'm watching Mr & Mrs Smith... never seen it but always been intrigued as
it's the movie that created Brangelina... now there's a match made in hell as far
as I can see but what do I know???
So... looks like there's a lot of TV watching today, I did manage to take a shower
as my sick clothes smelled yukky!! and then there's blogging. Yep, just a little time
to myself to hop around, find some new blogs to follow, connect with some 
oldies and find some new inspiration.. Cool!!! 

Oh and then I almost forgot the best thing of all.... 
His Gorgeousness bought me a BAMBOO for my birthday! I have been 
wittering on about getting one forever. Now this is one of those things you can
just buy for yourself but this year we are on a strict budget and we're waiting
for special occasions to buy each other presents. It's bringing the special
back into gift giving!! Think about it... how many times have you heard 
people say "we don't exchange Christmas gifts because we just buy what
we want all year round". Where's the magic in that? Where's the anticipation, 
the fun the love and the happy feeling when the recipient has waited for that 
thing their heart desires????

So peeps... this is how I'm spending my day when I'm not looking down the loo.
Happy Valentines Day to you one and all... 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have you met my kids... Chalk and Cheese?

I am making some changes to my blog... I'm too lazy to start a new one and 
after making and deleting several others I decided to just stick with Inner Ramblings
and add a couple o' things. Hope it meets with your approval. 
And if not... oh well... sucks to be unappreciative you. 

Now then, raise your hand if you have kids... and raise the other hand if you have more
than one kid.  Raise your left foot if you have two of the same gender, and stick
your butt in the air if they are two or more girls!!!! 

I always thought mine would be similar, don't know why? Maybe because we made
them... you know... and they have the same genes etc. but oohhh no... my 
little ladies are different as night and day, black and white, chalk and cheese.

Here's the youngest.... full of fun and vigor, completely hilarious and off the 
wall. We don't know quite where this little live wire came from. 
Her likes are... being a goofball, barbies, webkinz and FB. 
She also has an eye for fashion and her shoes HAVE to match her outfit 
or we're in big trouble. 

and here is the oldest... more serious and deep than the younger sister
with a love of the Planet and all who naturally inhabit it. Just ask her about any 
insect, mammal or K9 and she'll baffle you with her knowledge and expertise. 
Don't be fooled though, this little lady also has a wicked sense 
of humor and inherited the ability to crack you up with one lifted eyebrow! 
I'm so proud.

These are the girls who inspired me originally to set out and start my own blog. I wanted 
to keep a record of the things they did and that made me laugh and share it with 
the world in turn making my readers smile. They never fail to deliver. 
This week they rented a game for the Wii, it's called Wii Party. 
There's a game on there where you test your likes and dislikes to see if you are
best friends or not... and guess what?? they cannot, no matter how hard they 
try or how much they cheat, win that game and make themselves be
compatible. It cracks me up because they just don't get it!!! 
Hey it keeps them amused though and gives me time to blog and take pictures! 
Whoop Whoop. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Baby!!!!

Facebook is weird but imagine if we didn’t have it…

Love it or hate it Facebook is here to stay, well in my humble opinion it is. I mean I can’t imagine my life without it. I have even allowed my kids to get pages with strict supervision of course. I recently tried to get hold of someone I was volunteering with and picked up my phone and her contact information was gone and I was lost. I had to resort to picking up the Junior League directory and finding her number on a page and dialing it and talking to her voicemail. What I had wanted to do was shoot a quick text to her telling her I was running late… duh.. The project had already been underway for an hour, I think she knew I was late!!!

My point is that I have synced my contacts from FB in my phone so I can just about get a hold of ANYONE I know without all the hoopla of looking up a number in a stupid directory!!!!!!!!  It’s easy, efficient and just one of the many perks of having your friends info at your fingertips.

When I finally arrived like two hours late, at the very end of the project, I suck, she told me she had deleted her FB page for fear of pedophiles. A just fear, but one that I have to put into the back of my mind and reassure myself that if it’s gonna happen it’s going to be a lot closer to home than someone on the internet. In my mind it’s all about what you put out there and who you allow to see it as to what’s going to happen. I mean I’m a social networking junky. I love it all, FB, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Blogger you name it. There are millions upon millions of Mama bloggers and now that FB has extended to more than just individual pages there are cheesillions of peeps out there all competing for followers and likers and what have you. It’s a jungle out there!! However, I still believe that the responsibility is mine as to what’s out there. I don’t have a phone number listed on my page, I don’t have my privacy settings to public and I don’t allow friends of friends to see my stuff. Strictly friends only. But hey, you have a blog, I hear you cry.. Yes I do and it’s out there for those unscrupulous folks to steal my shit, I know that. But it’s also only the shit that I allow to be stolen that’s out there. And as my blog is pretty uninteresting and just about a middle aged  Mom in South GA it’s not something I can see the next criminal genius being too bothered about hacking my pics of cows in fields!

Back to FB. I can’t live without it. I have moved around a lot and without “the fb” as George W Bush calls it, I would probably have lost touch with a lot of dear friends. My kids are using it as a tool to get to know their cousins in England, and it’s so awesome for that. I have friends from just about every continent, where else could I catch up with them and see their little daily goings on? I know there’s so much going on in the background and that they are targeting me for certain marketing but who cares… it‘s on the screen now instead of in my mail box which means less trees are being slaughtered in the name of marketing. It’s just a movement from one media to another that’s all. Remember when you used to get a ream of brochures in the mail and that was annoying, well it’s the same thing but you can ignore it more easily. Sounds good to me.

Just remember this… FB is no replacement for exercise… get a smart phone and FB while you walk. Just sayin’. hee heeee.  

Oh and if you like this... then follow me on ... yep.. FB!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometimes its the little things that break your heart....

We all know its the little things that count, a smile, a joke,a look or some small gesture of kindness. Our hearts are warmed and spirits are lifted reminding us of the joys of life.

But what about those tiny things that can break our hearts and crush our spirits in a nano second? This morning I had one of those moments. After struggling with six and a half year old Ash to get herself ready for school we finally bundled into the car and drove in silence to school. It was freezing out and the fields were covered in frost. When we pulled up at the drop off we looked at each other, both of us sorry for a fussy morning. She hopped out and gave me a tiny half smile and a wave and walked off. Her hair kinda messy, wearing a sweater but no jacket and one shoe untied. I felt the tears pricking my eyes, burning as I faught them back, I wanted to park the truck and go fetch her up and hide us both at home, snuggle with her and tell her I love her so much. I wanted to make her look presentable and tie her shoe, I wanted to go back in time thirty minutes and insist on the jacket on this cold morning.
This lesson in consequences will hopefully not have to be repeated because I can't stand to teach it again, it breaks my heart.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five things I've learned this week!!!!!

I could easily become a picker... like the guys on the History Channel. 
I think with my hot glue gun and a can of spray paint I can change the world.
There's so many old things out there just waiting to be loved again, 
just a little attention and imagination you can revive just about anything.

Hard work never hurt anyone, of course this isn't something that I only 
just learned this week. I did, however, learn that the older you are and the 
more out of shape you are the harder it is to work harder and it may 
indeed...actually hurt you. 
It makes sense, read it again. 

Sometimes things can happen when you open your mind and heart and
just trust that things will turn out, you don't have to be in control the 
whole time it's good to just let fate take it's course. 
I have always led a pretty impetuous life and it's been difficult to slow
down and contemplate things before diving off the deep end. 
I'm actually practicing patience and planning, putting off making certain 
moves until I see what hand fate is going to deal... it's very enlightening.

When you spend a week on a project that takes you out of the house
and keeps you busy your six year old will talk your HEAD off when
you finally sit down with her at the kitchen table. 
She will also get three straight faces in a row on her weekly
planner from school. Let's hope there's a return to the steady stream
of smiley faces next week, as well as a return to the lively conversation and 
fun I enjoy on a daily basis from this little spark plug. 

Remember this little beauty I was so proud of ... 
well I guess the hot glue failed me because it now looks like this! 

Normally that would piss me off but what the heck.. who cares. 
I'll just have to research better glue sticks or find something else
to adorn my mega wine glasses from the dollar store!! 

And that my friend concluded this week's lessons.. or at least some of them.
The rest are for my personal reflection only! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simple things are sometimes the most ingenious....

If you've been following me for any length of time.. thanks..then you 
probably know by now I"m getting to be quite a fan of CSN online shopping.
I have bought a good few things from there and have been completely and
utterly blown away by their customer service, the quality of the items I've
purchased and the speed in which they get them to me.
I think they know me personally and know that I can't wait another minute
for that fabulous bargain to get here! 

This time I'm on the hunt again for household items and whilst surfing, well 
lounging on a lounger at the beach browsing would more describe 
the activity I found these adjustable bar stools.
That's right.. they are adjustable! and if you're like me with a little
more around the thigh than I really need to be holding on to these would be 
perfect!! I love the modern lines too!! 
This is my favorite....
yes... you know why? Because it reminds me of a Margarita that's why!!!! 
So much fun!!!! 

now, hop on over there and check them out, tell them I sent you!