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Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You Alaska Hunting Dogs....

Oh Spammers what the hell is the point? I don't get it, can someone
explain to me why would you make ridiculous comments that make no sense?
What's it all about? 
What do they get out of it? Is there a whole nother universe I know nothing of?

This last one came from Alaska Hunting Dogs and said they liked my
"blogs" which are interesting and terrible. 
I guess they did make me laugh... out ... loud. 
is that the point? they are out to make the world a funnier place?

Moving on... I'm a busy, busy, busy lady this week and will be absent 
from blogging the rest of the week...'cept for a wee review I'm planning.
I'm working a huge fund raiser for the JSL that we do once a year
and the proceeds make up the bulk of what we can donate to 
the local children's charities. So it's all hands on deck and I like to call 
it Hell Week... however... at the end when we see what we have
come together and accomplished it's kinda like a big high!!! 
Almost like adrenalin junkies we are community service, do gooder, 
make the world a better place junkies. 

Trying to commit to a week of working on this project and keep the house 
running is not something for the fainthearted. Mens are stepping up to 
the plate to support us womens... and kids are waving goodbye to Mom at 
dinner time and staying awake for a goodnight kiss right before sleep.
It's a picture of suburban life all over America! 
A sisterhood of cackling hens getting out there and getting it done! 
Love it!!! 

There will be plenty to blog about later in the week, I'll share all the 
tittle tattle with you then I promise!! 
Big Hugs and wish me luck, I'm already exhausted and it's only been two days! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Throw yourself to the Wolves….

This morning was hard for me, hard to get out of bed, hard to get myself and the girls ready for our commute (five mins is a commute right?) and it was hard to think positively about the day ahead. There was not reason except for the fact it’s still January, it’s still cold and I’m STILL allowing negative thoughts to sit there in my head, growing uncontrollably until I’m paralyzed by my own inner critic.

I have been following Cherry Woodburn and decided to sign up for her five week course on how to banish the negativity, stop aspiring to perfection and be the best me I can possibly be. So when Ash presented a cup half empty attitude this morning I had to step back and wonder if I had been her shining example of negative thinking!! Urgh!!! That’s when  I remembered Cherry’s teachings and turned my morning around. I chose not to lecture Ash about the positive, that will have to come later when we talk about how her day went and don’t worry I won’t really lecture.. we’ll just have some positive reassurance going on. I chose to be the example… to get ready happily and move forward with the morning, and by God it worked… choosing to release those heavy effin’ doubts is like a little hit of happiness and having an invisible harness hoisting you up in the air to meet the sky, to swing in the sunshine.

Is this getting too shiny happy for ya? Well it should. I then decided I would purposely stop on the way to work and get some pictures of the countryside. This morning was a glorious day to do it, it was seriously cold last night and all along the road were pretty fields covered in white, sparkly frost just like a Christmas card, remember, the ones you used to just buy in a pack and send out before we became obsessed with family portraits and goofy kids?  Anyhoodles, here was my thought pattern, I will drive to the cow field and get out and take some pictures. I will do this, I won’t care if there are other cars on the road and they think I’m a freak, this is my first objective of the day, to get a picture, second objective, to move on and get to work. And I did it. And then the farmer lady caught me. And then I felt silly, but she was really nice and we had a little interaction and she didn’t have a shotgun!!!!!  I couldn’t help wondering what the heck she thought I was gonna do there in a cow field with a camera and my mock croc loafers obviously not dressed for mid-week cattle rustling. Giggles.

So I bid her good morning and got in the Jeep kinda happy with myself for doing what I have wanted to do for a long time. Then it got the better of me, I had to stop again and grab another snap of this beautiful morning, this time I went off the beaten path a little. I got out and started snapping away at a random fence and frost covered weeds and suddenly the silence was broken… by howling coyotes!!!! What the Eff… they sound pissed, hungry and close!!!! Just one more snap before me and the Nikon hop back in the safe enclosure of my rugged Commander and finally head in the direction of the office.
I could just imagine it, it would be weeks before anyone found me out there in the wilderness, frozen to death with Nikon in hand after being half eaten by a pack of hungry wolves… what would the neighbors say!!!!

So, upon reflection maybe I should throw myself to the wolves more often, it was a lot more fun than just getting in the car, dropping the kids off and getting to work on time, uneventful and boring. All that wonderful country side I want to share just passed by each morning because I’m too chicken to stop and take pictures. That my friends is getting out of my comfort zone… which by the way it soo over talked about these days… but I feel great, invigorated, empowered. It’s taken me a while to admit that wandering around with a camera at my face is actually what I’m most afraid of but it’s the one thing I really want to do; share my surroundings, my visions, my perspective.

Here’s an adaptation of Marianne Williamson’s quote which Cherry shared this morning on her site.

“My deepest fear is not that I’m inadequate. My deepest fear is that I am powerful beyond measure. It is my light, not my darkness that most frightens me. Who am I to be brilliant, successful, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who am I not to be? I am a child of God/Universe.  My playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around me. As I let my own light shine, I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As I’m liberated from my own fear, my presence automatically liberates others.”

How will you liberate yourself today?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Randomonium Tuesday Fun.....

I broke out the hot glue gun... I love it when I do that. I like to think 
I'm crafty but I kinda lack imagination and I'm a little on the ADD side so it's
hard to see something thru' from start to finish. 
It's more then evident in my photo a day projects.. so slap dash it's alarming.

See... digression is my tick.... anyway back to the hot glue gun.
Crazy Aunt Donna has some wine glasses that I admired last time I was over 
there and she told me her friend made them with some glass gems and 
a hot glue gun.... easy and cool and it involves wine glasses... I'm in!!!

Et Voila.... c'est très joli n'est pas???

Ash has been counting money at school and therefore we're counting money
at home. The McGilli sisters are both saving their pocket money each
week and big sissy has been helping little sissy tally her nest egg.
I'm impressed with Ash's system, she sorts the bills and the coins first and
then sorts the coins into piles and proceeds to count. Here's what I overheard.. 
Ash "OK...what's four dollars ... and four cents?"
Syd "erm..four dollars and four cents!!!" 
you probably had to be there but it was funny at the time.

OK, ready for some better weather here folks. This is not new is it?
Everyone has suffered this winter, cold temps, snow, ice... well 
I'm here to tell you Mother Nature... I'm over it already!
I can't stand it any more... really... today I have been forced to stay home
because I'm a little under the weather and I just can't get warm. 
It SUCKS. The heat is on and everyone else is comfortable but I'm out of
this world cold... I even dreamed the other night that I was in England and it
was warmer than it is here in South GA!!!!! It's been miserable rainy too
which just adds to the miserablility of the mid life mama. I want Spring.. I want Spring.

Speaking of Spring... for some crazy reason we mentioned to our dearest, darling kids
that we might just take them to Busch Gardens when they're out of school for
spring break. It's always been one of our fav theme parks, Syd was two 
the last time we went and Ash has never been. Well, Syd is obsessing about this
trip.... she's saving for a video camera because she wants to record the day!! 
She's even trying to talk me into giving her the Kodak...nice try kid.. it looks good on you
but I'm not quite convinced......we'll see.

And finally in this randomonium post...I have Animal Planet on in the
background... a show about the deadliest Guinness World Records... 
freaks sitting in bathtubs with a geezillion spiders on them, cockroaches in their
mouths, a kid living in a room with a crazillion scorpions... four inch Asian scorpions! 
WTF is wrong with these people?????
Ahem, I once helped with a Guinness World Record, she coyly mentions under
her breath, and we made it into the book.
Something far less dangerous and far more ... well Me!! It was the largest
chocolate truffle in the world... over three hundred pounds of decadence!! 
Now that's what I'm talking about. I wonder if there's a record for drinking the 
largest glass of red wine... I'm sure I could win that one!!! 

Toodles peeps... tune in tomorrow for more crapolicious drivel!!! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Date Night...

The beloved and I had a little date night on Friday thanks to some wonderful kind generous peeps who graciously hosted our kids for the night! Score! It rarely happens that they both have sleep overs on the same night so when it does we don't waste it people... get your minds out of the gutter. I mean we do something that we both like to do.... eat!!! This time though I had the idea of doing it a little differently, instead of going out to eat I found a new recipe online and we cooked together while enjoying a bottle of wine.

There's something so wonderful about cooking a meal, sharing a culinary experience over a glass or two of wine and then relaxing without interruption.  His Gorgeousness and I have completely different ideas and approaches to cooking so it's usually an interesting hour or so when we decide to tackle something new together in the kitchen. He's more of a follow the instructions kinda guy and me... well not so much. We drive each other nuts with the banter and playful arguments as to how we should get to the glorious end result, he doesn't understand the bit of this and bit of that approach and I don't understand why he has to be so stubborn about preheating the oven!!!!!!! I guess you can tell a lot about a person if you get the opportunity to cook with them before you go any further into the relationship. Everyone should do it before they commit; I mean what if you were to marry a guy you'd never cooked with, and then after the nuptials you get to that moment when the inevitable happens and someone whispers those three little words "what's for dinner?"... and you each discover that the other is a ..... culinary virgin!!! Never has cooked a proper nutritious meal for another human being and heating a Chinese take away the next morning in the microwave does not count!!!!

Does a man look for that Iron Chef quality in a woman and does he do it consciously? Does he tell himself when he sees that hottie across the room "man she looks fierce and I bet she cooks a mean Chicken n Dumplins". Or would it go something like this, he meets a girl, gets to know her and really likes the way things are going then discovers she can't cook... would he dump her or overlook that particular shortcoming and go for it anyway. Best scenario would be that at least one of the two would be a fantastic cook and agree to be the major chef in the union, leaving the other free to use a different skill set in another area of the domestic playing field such as laundry or gardening. And lets reverse the situation, is it always the girl who should be the  cook? I know plenty of lucky ladies who have their significant others rattling pots and pans on a regular basis because he's the stronger of the two in that department. These days it's so hard to provide a decent meal and it's becoming more of an effort to find fresh, un-monkeyed with food that appeals to all the family. If you happen to have a talent in that area you are blessed my friend... blessed.

Anyway... getting back to the Big Man and myself in the kitchen, I happen to think we approach cooking as we do the rest of our lives together. We blend our skills, we share our ideas and we work as a team. It's irritating at time to see him carefully measure out a teaspoon when I would just eyeball it and I'm sure it drives him crazy when I take a short cut but as long as we reach the desired end result we're both happy and we can  relax and enjoy the process. I'm working on my marriage, I'm consciously committing to being a better partner to my husband. It's taken me a long time to get to this point, it really has, we have never had a time where either of us wanted to totally throw in the towel but there are definitely highs and lows. Recently I came to the realization that only by spending intentional time together will be regain the excitement of the pre-kid years. Going to a restaurant and sitting opposite each other isn't the answer for us... there's nothing there to stimulate conversation and we're probably not going to engage in animated story telling because we're surrounded by others so we, my friends, are opting for the more hands on approach to dates. Like cooking in the kitchen for a start. We  work well as a team and bonding over a little project is our little personal recipe for success, I truly enjoyed our stay-date on Friday and I'm looking forward to a few more. Who knows maybe we'll go all "Ghost" on you and get Sydney's potters wheel out one night!!! or maybe not.

And in other news... my camera is still injured and I haven't yet found a Nikon Hospital close to home, however, I could not pass up the opportunity to snap these little fella's the other day. Cute huh???? I used my little Kodak and although it felt kinda weird I like the result. Yay.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

someone help me... i'm really going to hurl!!!!!!!!!!

I had a post planned but every intelligent thought I ever had has just left town... 
for some inexplicable reason the family have tuned into American 
Idol while I'm trying to put something down!!!! 


It just can't be true... season ten?????
I'd rather stick hot skewers in my ears whilst simultaneously 
having my toe nails ripped off by a troll with bad breath.
As much as I kinda like one or two Aerosmith songs now and again
the last thing we should  be forced to witness is Steven Father Time Tyler
letching over twenty something wannabes... Grodie to the max. 

Let's hope this guitar helps Syd on the road to greatness and she will 
be discovered legitimately and never have to go on American Idol
season seventy three!!!!
I'm off to scratch my ear drums and eyeballs out. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Apparently today I am Oscar....

Have you seen that ridiculous show on Disney.... Fishhooks??? Well apparently there's a character named Oscar and his thing is that he blogs when he's miserable!!! and today I'm miserable.... so I'm blogging... and then I'll spread the misery and feel better about myself, and you will all feel miserable for me and instead of making this they year of shiny positivity it will be the year of lackluster misery.... because it's just easier, isn't it.

It's five 'til twelve am. What's happened so far? I woke up to the sound of rain outside, that's not so bad but today is a holiday and I thought it may be a good time to go off wandering around South GA taking pictures with the girls in tow. Nix that idea, camera is broken anyway. Then I remembered my appointment to have my teeth cleaned at the dentist. Well it's not my favorite pastime but what the heck, let's go get it over with. Heavens to Betsy what in the name of all that is Good could this woman find rewarding about scraping my effin' skull and attacking me with ice picks until the room is covered in blood and guts??? She's supposed to be cleaning my teeth and giving me a winning smile, not performing an autopsy on my brain from the gum line up. She even made the comment "this is torture right?"  yeah it is and when we're done here I'm gonna slap you with a restraining order the size of Texas!!!!  The physical torture complete they move me out to the reception for more monkeying, this time in the form of mental aggravation over the filing of insurance and the fact that I need to get a root canal done before my next appointment. I just can't believe my luck on this shitty Monday morning in what was supposed to be a shiny, happy New Year! It's the seventeenth day, there are three hundred and forty eight to go... they better shape up into something better or this miserable bitch is gonna blow!!!

Moving on.... yesterday I managed to drop my camera, could this be the fundamental source of my doom and gloom today?  It was my fault completely although Syd was the one who actually did the dropping. I left it on the counter top and she opened the dishwasher and caught the strap thus hurling it onto the tile floor with some force, bouncing against the dishwasher on the way down. Fuck. I picked it up and checked it out, it seemed to be OK until a little later when we went out to try and do what was supposed to be a really cool picture, the auto-focus is SHOT!!! SHOT ya hear me!!! I have tried it with two lenses and it's not playing ball. I don't know enough to understand the technicalities of all this, the lens has the auto focus switch on it but it appears it must be the camera that's not working because it won't auto focus with the lens that was not dropped either. It will work on manual focus but who the hell wants to manually focus every time??? not me. I can't express how I feel right now, totally defeated and frustrated, that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm the kind of person who has to know how things work, I need to be in charge of the damn camera and be able to find the fix. I know I can't, but the control freak in me wants to, I want to discover that I've flipped a switch somewhere that's causing the problem and that if I can only find it I will have my precious Nikon back in working order and all will be well again. But will it? I'm in a funk about everything really. I'm just in a really horrible miserable place and can't seem to get off my ass and make it better. How does one do that?

Why does everything have to boil down to a choice? Impossible choices, the answers are obvious and yet the inner child wants to kick and scream and throw a tantrum. I don't want to use hard earned cash on dentistry I want to use it on a camera. I want to be in the position to pay for both. I can't stand that every time I feel like I may be ahead I go to the damn doc or the dentist and they suck me dry!!!! Stop it already!!!!!

And finally... as if all that's not enough, I came home ready to flop in the couch and feel completely sorry for myself; of the effin' dogs decided that throwing up on the cushion might be a good idea. Thanks for that man's best friend!!!!!!!

Post over. You'll find me in the fetus position on my bed, hopefully there's a marathon of Intervention or something cheery like that to keep my spirits up.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Randomonium Thursday....

I know... I have too much time on my hands!!!!! 
But seriously I don't.. I just do different things with my time than you.... I 
don't watch much TV, I shower in less than 5 mins and I hardly ever, 
really very seldom talk on the phone. 

I got Spongebob sleep pants for Christmas... yeah.. I know. 
I asked the family "hmmm, so you look at me and see Spongebob???"
Right... I look at me and see at least Liz or Lauren or something? No???

Have you heard Pink's latest release, now I'm not Johnny on the spot
with this 'cos it's been out for sometime but I keep forgetting to 
mention it.... there's really a line that goes..
"what's the dealio"
Really???? where's that edgy rockin' chick we used to know and love?

Now, as a Brit (well, am I an ex-Brit now?) (nah) ... OK as a Brit
I love to sit and watch Top Gear with the good old boys from 
Blighty. Even though I'm not a real car enthusiast it does make for 
some great TV now and again and it's shown here in the US.
Well of course, they had to come out with an American 
version which my darling betrothed insists on watching non stop.
Sorry fellow Americans... it's just not the same!!!! 
Sad sad sad....there is no translation for Top Gear. 

I will be 42 shortly, in less than a month. It's such a weird feeling.
Weirder than turning 40! 
I'm no longer where I can easily be mistaken for being in my 
thirties and my kids are really no longer babies. 
I find myself coddling my shih tzu's more. I think it's because
I feel in a weird place. I'm turning into a crazy lap dog lady....
a crazy lap dog lady in spongebob sleep pants.. and there is no 
top that compliments the spongebob pants!!!! 
In short... tis a mid life crisis. One that requires some help.... would 
one of you son's o' bitches please send me to What Not to Wear 
and get it over with ... PLEASE!!!!!!!
and I want to go to New York, not London, I couldn't stand to be near 
Trinny and Tranny or whatever their names are. 

OK I think I'm outta random for today... no wait... here's some of the  
music I'm diggin' lately; Nelly - Dream; Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me and then 
Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over and finally
Taylor Swift - Speak Now. 
Yep it's definitely a mid life crisis. 
Peace out... til next time! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Corner View.....Winter

So, this week's theme for corner view is winter....I am stepping away from the norm and decided to share this video. Winter always brings dry air and static.....grrrr.... but it can be fun! Enjoy, and don't forget to check out more CVers from my sidebar!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Touch-Up Tuesday....

Been having a little fun today checking out some of the pictures
I have taken in the past couple of years. While playing in the 
old stuff I came across this one.... 

and using just the tuning levels in Picasa I turned it into this.... 
et voila....

Increased the shadows, a tiny little lift of the highlights and add some fill light. 
The point of this is that I want to show how you can make a difference without
all the expensive software and bells n whistles. 
Anyone with a good eye for the tricks of the light can create beautiful family 
shots right from the corner chair whilst watching TV!!!! 

Thanks to PaperHeart Camera for hosting Touch-Up Tuesday. 
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Thursday, January 6, 2011

According to Ashley...

This may become a regular snippet... 

Ashley learned a new song this week at school, it's called
Old Man Tucker. 

This is how she sings it... 
"get out the way, Old Damn Tucker, get out the way, Old Damn Tucker!!"

all the while dancing an elbowy and kneesy kinda square dance....
His Gorgeousness pointed out it could have been a lot worse!

You gotta love that Ash.

now... on a photographic note... could be a neat pic... great light...
could easily enhance with PS and add a little glint in the eye.. but there
ain't no movin' that trash can unless you go for a close crop and chop the
elbows off... urggghhhhhhhhh!!!
Always check your background... always check your background

and by the power of Picnik.......(just did a quickie enhance)
not a bad save, n'est pas????

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do You Love Anyone Enough to Give Them Your Last Rolo?

No....which is why I eat them in secret and keep an everlasting supply on hand so the situation never arises! Classic avoidance; I mean I don't wish to offend anyone, Rolos are so freakin' delish, I would die and go to heaven if they came in dark chocolate! Whoa!
Absolute treatyness. Hersheys makes them here in the States under licence from Nestlé in Switzerland....OK that's why they are so good,right up there with Toblerone....which is now made by Kraft Foods...not as exotic as being made by Suchard as it was previously. I wonder if it's as crazy fantastic as I remember?

These chocolate greats hold some warm fuzzy memories for me, visions of the playground and the school tuckshop in the seventies and later the ulitmate score whilst on the cross Channel ferry to France and Belgium. It just wasn't a ferry ride without scoring the biggest Toblerones you can imagine....bigger than a tonker toy! My eldest sister could hoard a Toblerone for ions, taking just a piece at a time and carefully rewrapping the bar until she felt the need for the honey almond goodness again. Super effin' annoying to a choccy guzzler like moi.....however....I have since learned the art of savouring the chocmoments and now I too frustrate the hell out of family members who lack the choc patience. All very amusing!

That particular sister also made cheesecakes occasionally..random memory from about thirty or so years ago! And as I check out the interweb I find that there is infact a number of recipes for Toblerone Cheesecake.....imagine....the scrumptiousness of the base and the sweet filling all mixed with a white chocolate Toblerone! How has it taken me forty plus years to discover this? I wonder if there' such a thing as a Rolo Cheesecake......please God let it be so!

Kindly stop drooling on my is my promise to myself, I'm going to try the toblerone cheesecake and seek out a rolo recipe then keep them under lock and key in the fridge tormenting everyone with my will power of steel...bbwwwaaaahahahahaha this just in.... check out!! and she takes pictures....and likes Lady short...she rocks!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back in the driving seat...

So... I have been playing with a new idea/venture/scheme and in doing so I 
was working on another website which I revealed to one or two fellow photog's.
Well... I deleted it. 

Dang it I just can't get the freakin' hang of Wordpress... that is one avenue I can't
be bothered to keep exploring. I couldn't get the banner right, or the "feel" or
even the content, it was forced! Urghhh 
The new me is not going to continue with the fretting and the fussing, if it don't 
work first time I ain't messin' with it!!!! (you like my Southern drawl?)

So it's back to the drawing board and I'll probably just hang with Blogspot.
Good old Blogger, it's been good to me for the past two years so why 
fix it if it's not broke, right? 
I mean, I can place big shiny pictures where I want them, add widgets and 
gadgets and all kinds of goodies to the sidebar and it's all right where I put it the first time.
I know Blogger... it's like a little puppy just waiting 'til I'm ready to play and it's
eager to jump in the air and please me!!! 

I have been totally re-inspired (if that's a word) and I'm eager to get back in the 
saddle and stare afresh. So when I finally get something together that I'm ready to show
to the world I'll let you know... K.  In the meantime I wanted to share this... 

We took the dogs to the park yesterday and I snapped a few candid shots 
of the kids and the shitties.... this really is beyond cute (yes I am saying so myself).
Syd is so easy to photograph, Mac not so much.
He makes me giggle tho' because for a dog he's so downright bored looking!!!! 

Happy Tuesday folks and don't forget to click on my FB page and like me... it's all about the likers.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Macro Monday

Spanish moss.... I love it! I always think I'll get some to take home and put around my plant pots... even though I only have a couple of indoor plants. Guess what? I can't do it because I'm afraid it holds some teeny tiny bugs that you can't see and they will be all over my house in miliseconds like little
unseen ants or something. Weird I know.
Spanish moss is native to South Georgia and Florida (as far as I'm aware, oh and the bayou).
It hangs off the trees like funky lookin' beards and tells my kids that we're home!!!!!
Go check out the other Macros for Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos. Happy Monday peeps!!!
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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Nuts! 1/52 2011, originally uploaded by McGillicutty1.

How's your New Year treating you so far? broken your resolutions yet? nope me neither. I have set myself a couple of goals and my first is to work on the white balance of my pictures. Each month I'll pick a new technique or trick that I can learn from fellow photogs and run with it. I am still involved with the Blog Camp group on flickr and will be posting a picture weekly to their group. Not as exhausting as my picture a day project and, if approached in an organised manner, I'm sure I can complete the challenge.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to complete either of my big challenges last year... I wanted to take a picture a day and write a novel. Well I may have one chapter done of the novel but that's it. I just don't have it in me. I like the comfort of the mish mash of a blog really, no forward thinking and planning involved. Just put down my thoughts for the day, show off my pics and I'm done. As for the picture a day challenge, well I don't know where I went wrong with that one... not so much that I didn't take a pic every day but I was rubbish at organizing and cataloging them which irritated me greatly!!!

In other news.... I have started a new project and have a new website... not ready to totally reveal it yet. Still a little shy and have some more tweaks and preparations to take care of before i let you in on it. I'm going to be really busy this year, however, if I can carry on as started it'll be a breeze. As long as my support group (his gorgeouness) manages to keep up with the chores I sneakily make him do it will leave me time for bloggin' and photography and all the yummy fun stuff I like to do. Don't tell him but I managed to get some hidden camera footage of him vacuuming the floor the other day and I sent it to my closest friends with a message that read... "Happy New Year to Me!!". Hoorah!!!!

And finally.... I had the best time on New Years Eve with two of my closest online friends, one whom I have never even met in the flesh. Through the marvels of technology I chatted with Bambi and wished her a Happy Birthday. Then later that evening I wished Spudbaloo a Happy New Year and felt all warm and fuzzy as our exchange continued into 2011. I love my virtual BFF's!!!!!!

Au revior mes ami's ...... talk atchya later.