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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Corner View...Staple Foods.... Thomasville, GA from Thomasville GA, the first thing I present in today's CV is Branston, if you're a regular you know I love it... it's shown here with a Ritz cracker, a little cheddar cheese and the Branston tops it off!! yum... yes it's a staple for me!!!

Next up... the delicious tomato... another staple in most diets, even people who hate them will eat them in spaghetti sauce, chili, pizza blah blah blah... in T-ville you can get them at the Farmer's Market....

Mmmm Branston and Tomatoes......

In GA there is nothing like fresh fruit, watermelon, cantaloupes, grapes, pineapple... well the pineapple isn't native but it's totally fantastic with the others... yum!!!!!

And yes they all go well with Branston.....

Here's a lovely selection of GA goodness right from the Farmers Market again... all good stuff and all goes well with yes...... somehow you can pair everything with Branston... as you can red wine.

A small selection of British staples I found in my pantry......... can you guess which of these may be more of a fave of mine than the rest??????????? now check out some other Corner View staples from the other Corner Viewers........ thanks for visiting!!!!

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Bloggidy Blog…

Blah Blah maybe I was wrong about Microsoft??

OK I have constantly been dissing Microsoft and Vista and coveting the Mac (which I know to work infinitely better than anything in this lifetime). However, today I discovered this… yes this… you obviously can't see what I can see. However, if you're a user of Window's 2007, you may not know about THIS……

You can go to Word and in the top left is the little icony thing to click to open a new document, it gives you a choice of what you want and one of the choices is a BLOG people a BLOG… now I am probably the only one out here in bloggysphere that didn't know this and you're all tuning out because of my lack of tech savvyness…. Sorry but I love learning new things… and love it even more when I discover it by MYSELF and no one tells me!!!!!

Now I can do clever things like this….. and this…. I feel like I have opened up a whole new creative oasis.

No more stuck in the tiny confines of "Blogger New Post" said in whiney high pitched sarcastic voice with a shake of the hips and waving of the fingers, you get the pic????

This is the reason I will always be a fattie....

So, I open the freezer at work and here's what awaits me!!!!

Delicious, tempting, yummy and calorific!!!

What struck me was the little, lonesome Lean Cuisine in the corner, it's not exuding as much charisma as the Klondike Bars now is it? It hardly makes me want to push the melt in your mouth chocolate and ice cream aside and scream with delight. So what does a sweet toothed fattie like me do????

Of course the LC is still there!!! Did you think this chubber could change her spots?? No, people, horizontal stripes are still definitely a no no!!!

There is still a tiny girl struggling to get out but she's also enjoying a Klondike Bar. There's a plan on the horizon for some serious dieting and exercise but for now.... mmmm.... let's just say ..what would You do for a K.B.???

p.s. Just did Spellcheck and the only words highlighted are fattie and's like a big old beacon shining at me telling me... lose weight, little piggy!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Queen of Awww summmmmmmmmmm.... really??

RxBambi is a rockin' chick who has a gazillion daughters and is a busy professional and still had time to tag me in a seven things that make me awsome deal..... read on... read on.....

OK, this is not easy....

#1.....I try to make sure and cook dinner for people I know may need it, new babies, deaths, illness, moving, new to the hood..... you name it I'll provide a meal for it. My cooking sucks so they probably throw it away but the good intention is there!!!!

#2.... I always hold the doors for people and will go out of my way if to do the little stuff, like picking up something a mother has dropped when she has her hands full of seventy three kids. That kind of thing.

#3......I once went to a customer's house when I worked at the bank in order to notarize something, they were old and had some health issues so I went there in order to stop them from having to get out of the house.... and I even visited a customer in hospital to get their signature on something!!!!

#4......I carry jumper cables in my car so that I can help anyone with a jump off when they're having car trouble....and I have done it a few times!!!!

#5.....Syd is in a majorettes group and we had MAJOR issues with the costumes for a parade and I managed to get shirts for everyone in the nick of time.....I am talking last last last minute, they changed in the truck before the parade started!!!!

#6.....For some reason I can pull off a couple two or three events in one day, like Ashley's birthday party in the morning, followed by a big gathering of friends in the afternoon at my house. I know there are other times when I have scheduled two or three big things in one day just can't think of them right now... people always tell me I'm nuts when I do this!!

#7...... I can occasionally sit back and give myself a pat on the back, like right now, looking at this list makes me pretty dogone proud of myself. Women don't tend to give themselves the credit they deserve for all the stuff they do, so a tag like this makes us think... hey I am pretty awe.summmm!!! yay me!!!!

Thanks RxBambi... you do ROCK!!!!... I have tagged a lot of people lately so here's the deal... if you're reading this and think you're awesome consider yourself tagged and go ahead and let the world know what makes you worthy of the tiara!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seven Random Things about me and a picture...

The lovely Jules over at Just Jules was kind enough to pass this award along and ask us to present seven random facts about ourselves... we then have to pass it on to some other worthy bloggers... so here we go.... are you sitting comfortably? then I'll begin..........

Random 1..... I am very afraid of moths... it doesn't matter the size or the shape, don't like any of them this has, over the years, manifested into not liking anything that flutters, butterflies, birds, those horrible beetles that open their crustacean little bodies and fly.. all of the above.

Random 2.... I met his Gorgeousness in Spain and had the absolute best first date of my life, had to marry him, knew on the first night I met him I would marry him. I slipped a note into his pocket telling him that it was the very best first date I had ever had.

Random 3......I cannot live without Branston Pickle... wherever in the world I go I am going to have to get hold of some Branston... it's been harder over the last few years due to restrictions on what you can bring into the country but I recently bought some online so that will be it from now on.

Random 4.....I still have a prayer book given to me at my Christening when I was two months old. It always amazes me when I look at it because through all the moves I've made in my life and all the different things that have gotten lost this little white prayer book is still with me.

Random 5.....I played the oboe in high school and was a member of the school band as well as the county orchestra. I secretly still wish I was in a band or a choir it's just so awesome to hear a group of people come together and make wonderful music. The oboe on it's own however sounds like a duck call!!!

Random 6.....I was a bridesmaid for my eldest sister a million years ago and the best man was none other than famous Brit crime writer Ian Rankin. He went to school with my sister and was her husbands best friend. Check out his website.

Random 7.....I have a thing about spotting famous people... when I'm at the airport I am always on the look out, but they're obviously not languishing in coach like me so I'm yet to see anyone. There was a time we spotted a Canadian rock band, can't remember what they were called!! Once on a shopping trip to Edinburgh, we saw the Queen and Prince Philip, Kirk Douglas and Linda Evans all in one day!!! My friend totally cracked me up by shouting out to Kirk D. She was calling out, Kirky Baby, take me home!!! it a very broad Scottish accent. I am seriously plotting a weekend in Tybee Island to see if I can get a look at Miley, Greg and Kelly... really I'm hoping that JT will be with Kelly and when he see's me it's all over...sorry Mr McG.

Hope you liked my seven pieces of randomness, the picture is us on our first date, the note is in my hand!!! ahhh.
I have to tag some others now, Marinik has already tagged me before I got this finished so visit her and see her randoms.... now then.... Jules has done it.... so that leaves these lovely ladies....
State of Bliss

Spud, I am not forgetting you but Jules has already tagged you and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!! xx.

The Good the Bad and the Just as Bad....

Spud did a delightful post and shared the inner sanctum of her kitchen cabinets... well Spud, got you beat me thinks... the first is delightful, this is the only cupboard I'll open when receiving guests in my kitchen and pretending to be totally organized and at the top of my game.....

Then there's this... a little place I like to call the neighborhood no one wants to live in. It's on the end of the row, it catches all the little thingys that otherwise don't have a home, it used to be a beautiful little place with nothing but wine glasses... alas its gone downhill... just a shame. I think I even see a little pink razor in there.....hmmm.

And as for this little number, what can I say. Note the big Pimm's Jug in the bottom left, about time I got that out and filled it me thinks!!! The black and white bag is my M-I-L's birthday present, her birthday was April 3rd.

And finally, the shit hole beyond all shit holes.... this one was supposed to an organized little place next to the kitchen table for the girls to store craft stuff and coloring books, crayons etc. They do this activity at the table so it made sense to have a cupboard to store their stuff close by!!! Well the idea was great... the execution.. not so much. Note the bottles of beer lurking at the back, these are four bottles of celebratory beer issued in honor of the Wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales!!!! (I know!!).

C'mon now the challenge is out there... lets see your dirty little secrets!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kinda weird day don't ya think......

What a weird day, wake up to the news that Farrah Fawcett finally lost her battle with cancer, well that felt weird, she's always been around somewhere for as long as I can remember. Totally feel sorry for her family etc.

Then I get home and a friend of mine who I talk to semi-regularly you know, we exchange little snippets of gossip from time to time and text occasionally, she texts me these three words "Michael Jackson died".... What???? We talk so rarely that I had to text her back to ask who she was, she's in my contacts but for some reason her name didn't appear. She told me that he was 50 years old and died from a cardiac arrest. Weird huh????

I don't know what it is we feel when someone famous or even infamous dies like that? Do we feel maybe there's a connection like we've lost someone we know? Do we look back and think my God he was an excellent performer way back when he still had a button nose, who's gonna take that spot? Some people don't think anything of it at all. Then there are those who start to question their own mortality, it tends to give us a little time line by which to check ourselves. I remember when the Thriller album (and it was an Album) came out. The video was first shown on MTV at 1am in the morning (in the UK). We set the Bettamax to record it and then watched it 'til the tape went wonky. Everyone had a damn GLOVE!!! until OJ made that a no no. (hee hee).

So my dears... what do you think? How do you react when an Icon passes? I know when Elvis died I was eight and remember my friend's Mum crying all day, when Freddie Mercury went to the blue yonder I was very sad and stayed in bed all day listening to the radio... they played all his records continuously... Awesome!! That's when I felt no remorse at calling in sick, those were the days!! When Johnny Cash shuffled off to Buffalo I thought there goes a great man and by the way I love the movie Walk the Line... classic!! Who will be next I wonder? And do the stars of today have the talent to replace what we've lost, I believe some do. It's not until they're old and wrinkly that we'll start to appreciate it. So for now I'm all about JT, Justin Timberlake that is, I have for a long time thought he's the new/white/young Jacko without the Wacko, watch this space, mark my words and all the other little cliches you can think of!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interview with a would be Photojournalist......

RxBambi... What's the most outrageous thing you've ever done?

McGillicutty...I discussed this with hubby before answering and there are one or two things to choose from.... other than releasing this pic on my Blog... that's pretty outrageous in itself!!!
Anyhooo.... there was that time I vandalized a traffic sign in my home town in England to read "Texas 3000 miles" just before I left for my new life. Not entirely a waste of a good Estee Lauder lipstick because it lasted a number of years!!! hee hee.... or there's the time I posed as a crew member to get into a BBC set when they were filming some drama or other in the Cathedral grounds in Salisbury, always wanted a connection to the glamorous world of the British Broadcasting Corp!!!!

RxBambi What is your oldest memory?

McGillicutty ... I have already answered this one here, another one though from about the same time (at least in the same house) was getting in trouble for drawing stick people on the leaded light windows in the front room with nail polish. Rather creative I thought.... I can see a theme arising with me and using make up to deface things....

RXBambi If you could have a superpower what would it be, only 1?

McGillicutty... Definitely to be able to read the minds of others... all others... not just men, or cats or something but everyone within close proximity to me. I am (like a lot of other women) very paranoid about what people think of me, I don't know why because I'd love to say who cares and when I stop to think about it... I don't care. But now and again it creeps back, that little nagging voice in my head that says what the hell are they thinking right now. Would be funny to be able to hear what Peanut is thinking... her head has to be crazy in there!!!!!!!!!

RxBambi....When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Why didn't you? Or did you?

McGillicutty, I always had a desire to be a journalist, you know run around checking things out and writing about them. I loved to do book reports and write stories when I was in school, English and History were subjects that I pretty much excelled at without much effort.... that's me it's all about the lack of effort. Then at 14 I desperately wanted to fly Harrier Jump Jets in the Navy so I looked into it and at that time way back in the dark ages the Royal Navy would not put women into a war situation so I received a lovely letter from the Ministry of Defense telling me that they were putting the kibosh's on my dreams. So I became a boring old Civil Servant for a few years and then fell into Insurance and Banking where I have remained. The blog is my return to the writing/photography dream of my youth.. now if only I would get paid for this.
One attempt at Photojournalism failed dismally when I took the Jeep out in a hurricane to get pictures...... here's one of them...... shortly after taking this I was trying to get back to the house when a pine tree fell on the car.... very scary, very stupid to be out there, very expensive. No more Weather Channel like excursions for me. Friends don't let friends drive in hurricanes. Pine trees are VERY heavy.

RxBambi What is one accomplishment that you are most proud of?

McGillicutty... The biggest has to be the girls pictured above, although they're more a work in progress than an accomplishment. I love the fact that they can talk to me about anything, they're always proud to see me and let me meet their friends at school and are glad to say "this is my Mom!!!". I'm sure that will end soon though just 'cos it does!!!! I think that moving to a new country and learning a whole new way of life and managing to stay married for as long as we have is an accomplishment these days... we've had our moments.... but we're committed to each other and the girls and that's what's important. Ask again in another ten years and I hope to be able to give you the same answer. Cheese ball i know but I'm quite a cheeser at heart!!!!

Thanks for letting me answer your questions Mrs. RxBambi...... y'all have a good day now y'hear and stay away from them there hurricanes!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Corner View...Music... Thomasville, GA

Here in the South United States there's a lot of good music to be found, a lot of variety. There's classic country, New Country, Southern Rock and Country Country with a touch of Blue Grass.

These are some pictures of bands playing at a local nightspot... em.. the only local nightspot in town!!!

It's a lot of fun to hang out listen to the catchy tunes and drink a cold brew or two. Even better if you know how to two step or dosey doe your partner.... that still baffles me!!!

If you like this post and would like to visit other music locations in the world then jump aboard..... ya hawww!!!

Visit Spain Daily where Jane will take you on her journey... and link to others. Bon Voyage!!!

And how in the world do you actually TWITTER???

A ha .... yes I am feeling a little crabby at the moment. I am pretty satisfied with the whole blog thing but would like to take it a little further, be a tad more creative and a tad more involved shall we say.

This lead me to thinking OK I can twitter right.... little funny/sarcastic/quirky/bull crap comments out there in twits ville.... nothing to it...or maybe there is. I attempted my effort at Twitter while I was in Julochka's blog and she instantly became my friend or follower or whatever it is they have on twitter... then it was easy to find a couple of others that I regularly converse with in blogoshere.
Not so bad I thought... I can do this... although it was hard for me to squeeze all the spouting to just 120 characters or less. I didn't compose a thing before I had more followers just randomly popping up all over the place. This made me afraid.. very afraid; that just doesn't happen on the blog, you gradually build up followers and they are very nice, respectable people also sharing their lives in a nice respectable way. Not on the Twits..... they were arrghhh... wtf.... followers promising all kind of erotic and weird stuff... stuff I don't want to be partaking in on the net thank you very much. I was a Young Conservative for God's sake!!!!
So I immediately deleted my account and probably offended everyone that I had intended to add to my list of followers... no offence intended...I was just such a frightened little chicky in a big new world I know nothing about. I was out of my safety zone... out of my mind!!! It was a scary, scary episode that I don't want to repeat..... Surely it can't be so hard to do, I mean there has to be someway to make it private right?? or does that defeat the purpose???
Now onto something completely different.... I want to add some things to my blog... I figured out the little crabby thing at the top so I am sure there will be no stopping me from now on. Now if only I could figure out the whole Strike out thing I would be OK!!! OMG for a minute there I couldn't get the damn thing to stop and my whole blog was laying on the cutting room floor.
And finally... I think I love my pictures so much I am going to have to get them on Flickr... I can't really figure out Picasa... it seems I have the same pics on there a thousand times!! And blogger is great for one or two or five but what about the three hundred I lovingly edited after the little trip to the beach???? who's gonna see them???? The only alternative is to print each one and plaster them all over the house and invite everyone of you to come over and see them and drink wine. That's not a bad idea!!!! I'll get back to you on that one.
So my dearest bloggies out there.... please bear with me whilst (Brit word) I experiment and learn and see what I can do with all this. Any helpful hints and inspirations are always welcome believe me.... more than welcome. Adiós!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Down on the Gulf Coast where Alabama and Florida meet there's a place called Perdido Key, this is where you can swim, fish, parasail whatever takes your fancy. What a great place to relax.

The girls made new friends and they searched for hermit crabs in the sand and weeds.... and they found lots of them.
There's a pretty little place where you can shop small boutiques and bars with a marina.....
After a few false starts we soon got into the swing of things and before long they were reelin' them in left and right. Nothing like it!!!!!

look closely.... Aunt Donna is dangling a little fish right in front of the Peanut.... LOL.....

Happy Happy times.... can't wait for our next adventure!!!!

To catch a mockingbird.... not really!!!

Here's a little birdy going in for the kill and his lunch is gone in one swallow..... pretty neat. I am particularly fond of the dribbles from the fish in the third picture... just awesome in a carnivorous kind of way. (is it still carnivorous if it's a fish??)

I'm baaaaccckkkkk!!! missed me?????

Hello, it's me and I'm back from what I am now referring to as the fabulous five.... five whole days of relaxing, swimming, fishing, tubing and sweating...yes folks it was constantly hovering around 100 degrees!!!! Whew!!! You'd think I would have lost some weight.... urgghh no!!!
We went there expecting to have a good time and we did, the girls had a great time in the pool and fished a lot... caught some little ones, then we went out after dark one night and managed to hook us some decent sized trout. Didn't keep them though, catch and release is our policy.
There's a little zoo there in Gulf Shores that we visited and we watched a tiger show.... pictures to follow... we also fed the animals.... pictures to follow.
His gorgeousness had a fantastic time at the Steely Dan concert while us girls stayed home and fished some more.... we really have this fishing thing down!! the kids are now quite accomplished at baiting and unhookin'.
There was one little unnerving moment when Mr Wonderful.... aka... Daddy... left his phone and wallet on the top of the car and then pulled out into a major highway, four lanes of traffic, and there it flying all over the place!!!!! An Emergency Management Guy stopped with us and helped retrieve the wallet from the road and chase some of the bills being blown around. Where was the phone???? still on top of the car!!!
All in all a good time was had by everyone and over three hundred pictures were taken, just waiting to be shared.... when I get a moment. I always feel like there's more to do at home after you get back from a break... right now I am still on a vacation high so I'll try and get to the pictures tonight.
Hope everyone else had a good weekend!!! and Happy Fathers day for yesterday!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty smart for an old chick

ok lets see if I am as smart as this phone....his gorgeousness mr McG is letting me use his phone to blog while we're driving to the beach for a cute little family vacay. I like it...I may be over the mound (not quite the hill) but I can figure this out right? if there are some freaky spelling mistakes that is my excuse....ohand if there are any would be robbers (hee hee) out there don't even think fo going to my house cos its protected by all our law enforcement friends with big guns....i'll check back later mes amis....xoxoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five questions from Miss cuttings on a blog...

My five questions from the lovely B are as follows.... some scenes may be disturbing and viewer discretion is advised....

B... What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Ali... well I am not known to be a morning person so this one is easy... i repeat my mantra... curses it's morning... that means getting up... curses it's morning...that means getting up! Then I do a quick reccy to see where everyone is, you see the McGillicutty's are terrible musical bedders in the night. Sometimes I wake up next to the handsome Mr McG... sometimes next to a fluffy headed daughter (sometimes two of them)... .sometimes there's a kid and a dog, sometimes two dogs....sometimes, two kids, a handsome hubby, two dogs and various blankies, toys and goldfish!!!!

B...What's your favourite place in the world?

Ali.... this is a really tricky one because wherever I am at that time usually is my fave place in the world unless it's Atlanta... no offense but I can't stand the place.. never have!!! So here are a couple of places I have really enjoyed... Spain... always had a blast in the Balearic's but who wouldn't??? Paris was awesome and I'd go back again and again and again. Adored New York city and would love to have spent more time there, it's on our to do list as Mr McG has never been (that's unbelievable considering what a world traveller he is). I think I am a city girl at heart but I do adore South GA.. it's just so hilarious.. there's always something weird going on that you just don't see anywhere else!!!

B....what's your first memory?

Ali... Why I am so glad you asked that see I have a very long memory and it goes back right to the time of when I was approaching two years old. We lived in a house that I can see in my minds eye like I just was there yesterday. I woke one night I guess after having a bad dream and couldn't seem to find my parents or three siblings in the night. I wandered around the house crying and then made it out to the back yard where I sat at the end of the garden crying until my mother came and got me. She talked to me about it the next day and told me how she'd heard my cries and could not believe anyone would have a baby outside at that time of the night.

B.....Why did you start writing your blog?

Ali.... for me it was a way of getting something about my life down in "writing", I always fantasize about writing a book about my life and this is like an easy way of doing it without critics in the Sunday papers. I had heard of blogging but hadn't really investigated it, I wanted to keep a journal but I'm too lazy for longhand. I just couldn't see having a word doc on the desktop... not creative enough. So I decided that the blog was the way to go, and so far I am loving it... it's like an addiction!!!! I hope I'm accomplishing my original goal and making people laugh, I love humor and I see something funny in just about every situation. My mother and I even managed a giggle at the elaborate caskets in the funeral home after my step father passed away!!!

B... What's your favourite season of the year and why?

Ali....I don't really know if I have a fave, probably Spring in this part of the world. In Spring we start to warm up a little and it's not too humid. The flowers begin to bloom and the whole city is beautiful with vibrant colors in the azaleas and the roses. There's a million things going on in S. GA at this time and it's almost like we're awakening after a hibernation. The mornings are still crisp and then it warms to beautiful sunny afternoons followed by fragrant evenings.
Lately though I have had a hankering for snow... this winter I ached to head north and see some snow and let the kids play in it. We didn't get away but hopefully next year we will. I grew up in Scotland where we had snow almost every winter and I remember the complete quiet it brings and how it sparkles under the street lights. My girls have never seen snow and I sooo want to show it to them.

Well that's it for my five questions.... hope you enjoyed this "meme"... .if you want to join in just let me know and I'll send you five more questions to answer on your own blog... come on now don't be shy.

Thanks B for the questions... I so admire your blog and loved answering these questions. Muchos Gracias my

Am I getting old or what?????

Here are some difinite indications that I am getting old.... it's sad but it's true.....

  • it took me longer to fiddle with ear buds and figure out the iPod than it did for me to actually exercise the other day

  • I actually told the girls that Mitchell Musso needs a haircut
  • I actually use the word actually way too much

  • I have a bathing suit with a skirt, LOL!!! (it does come off)

  • I need way more support on certain body parts than is socially acceptable

  • I am starting to hold things away from me in order to be able to read it

  • I looked around me in the department store where I was shopping the other day and I was the only one under 80....surely THEY were in the wrong department???

  • I'm often told how cute my grandchild is.... when I'm out with hubby!

  • I'm contemplating some Depends underwear for the boat rides when we're on vacation! it just makes sense to me now.

and finally....

Rod Steward in a banana hammock still does it for me!!! com'on i know he does it for you too!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

No which the family spends time together...

Look Dad there's an alligator....look Syd there's one over there...

Here they are together.... mmm... the water looks fine doesn't it???

The girls love to check out the gators where ever we happen to be and they are pretty plentiful in this part of the world... fortunately not able to get at us!!!

And the Rhino... awesome... not that they are native to GA or anything...

Give me a smile... please...please...please...

I've taken many pictures of these two over the years like this.. .. I wish they were all on this computer to put together... the first was when Syd was just 18 months old.

yeah yeah yeah .. we all know you're cute.....

In which the family spends time together.....

What in the world are these doing here?????

OK this is not the post I had planned... these pictures snuck in somehow....

OK Becca time to get yourself home and be a good little wifey and stop with the partying!!!!!

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