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Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa, We Love You!!!

Remembering with love the Grandpa who we all miss so much.
He doted on my mother for all the years they were married.
Not having children of his own he took on the role
of evil stepfather and Grandpa with gusto!!
He is pictured here at my house on his final Christmas, did
we know it was his last, actually yes, but we savored
every moment and he gladly opened
the Sparkling Wine for Mimosas!!!
We love you Graham, you're still very much alive in our hearts.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Recovery from a life not lived: One a Lover, the other, a Dear Friend

Recovery from a life not lived: One a Lover, the other, a Dear Friend

You have to read this... I met Shannon at Blog Camp and she's such a warm, friendly freakin' funny person... and obviously a literary genius to be putting out stuff like this!!!
Way to go girl, way to gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Ode to Spudballoo

If you come to my blog often you will know that I have a BFF in good old Blighty and she's
a little on the nutjob side. She first came to my attention when she did a project
called 30 Secrets In 30 Days.... I would tune in avidly and watch as she paraded
before us in any number of disguises and such like to tell us how she
was a secret grudge keeper, a would be nun, and would like to have
blonde swingy hair!!! The pictures of her in the blond wig reminded me
of something.... and it's been such a long time since then but today I found it!!!

Here is Daisy in a blond wig. I just knew that Spud had been hacking into
my computer for ideas.... she even tried to make her pig wear the wig 'cos
she doesn't have a cute little shih tzu to oblige!!!!

Well at least now I can rest at night having found it after months of
checking through my unorganized pics!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Culinary Delights....

OK I know I'm no where near Martha Stewart (for my american readers) or Nigella Lawson (European readers) (if you live anywhere else, insert name of famous entertaining guru)'s me getting all big headed like I have readers from all over the world!!!! I digress... as usual.

Anyway, I had fun making all the stuff for Thanksgiving the other day and for about the millionth time Syd asked me if I like cooking... and for the millionth time I answered... "sometimes" and then again for the millionth time she said " you always say that!".  I got to thinking about it and I love to get a new recipe, something delish for a special occasion perhaps, something that's not an everyday mundane boil in the bag type stuff. Here in the South there is good food to be found everywhere you look!! And the recipes are fairly easy but mindbogglingly tastey!

So why do I feel like I have no imagination in the kitchen and I hate to be the daily cook for the family. I wish someone would just give me a weekly menu, I have no creativity in the food department and therefore I don't think we're getting a balanced diet like we should.  My kids are extremely picky eaters which probably is a chicken and egg situation.....did I make them picky 'cos I didn't offer a huge variety or am I feeling stifled because they are so picky???? Either way, there's always a niggling little voice in my head, "what's for dinner, what the heck, can't think of anything different, no imagination, what is good, what's balanced, what will they eat today?????"  Agghhhhhh so maybe if it was Thanksgiving every day I could come up with some good eatin' and we'd all be happy.

I make the turkey in the crock pot, so easy and yet so delicious... I bought a ham and just warmed it in the oven for a couple of hours, mashed potatoes,veggies, cornbread, stuffing (Sydney loved it, btw!!!) and all topped off with Turkey gravy...   we had Apple and Cranberry Pie with Cool Whip for desert. If we'd have had company I would have made a green bean casserole, crunchy spinach casserole and some sweet potatoes but we didn't, so I didn't!!!!

As is the tradition in the blogosphere I took some pictures of my creations and of the girls having a little Thanksgiving toast to share with all my lovely friends out there.  Now it's all behind us and we're back to the hot dogs and mac 'n cheese we're used to!!!!! Bon Apetit Y'all!!!!!

Corn bread muffins..... don't get no easier than this!!!

Apple and Cranberry Pie... I know you're mouth is just a waterin' lookin' at this!!!

They like to have wine glasses when we have a formal dinner, and they always do a Cheers!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Very British Thanksgiving.....

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!! 
B at Cuttingsonablog asked me to describe Thanksgiving from
a British perspective.  Urgghhh what to say??

It all started a million years ago when the Pilgrims came to America
and they survived the first year with the help of the Indians... then 
at harvest time they all got together and had a yummy 
celebration dinner. 
The tradition continued and each year on a Thursday
in November (either the third or the last or something) we
all get together and give thanks for the superness of 
living this charming American Dream.

I find it hilarious that it was started by the pilgrims... when in the 
heck did the Brits ever give thanks for anything? We just
tend to take it all for granted and expect that we should
have a wonderful life, I mean, puleaseee... we deserve it
right??? We're part of the greatest Empire on Earth! 

These days it's all about the food, yes, delicious, fantastic, once (actually twice) 
a year goodies... turkey, sweet tators, pies beyond all pies and the best
veggies ever!!! Not to mention Grannies Banana Pudding!!! 

Then on the day after Thanksgiving the stores slash their prices and people
everywhere get up at the butt crack of the middle of the night and 
head out to the stores. 
Its HELL ON EARTH!!! they are out there throwing elbows and 
following intricate blue prints of the store to get to that coveted
item they have seen in the sale paper!!! 
I am a bargain hunter, don't get me wrong but I have never, never, 
done the Black Friday shopping thing in all the 12 years
I have been here. It's just not cricket!!!! 

This year we are staying at home, we're not headed to the "family 
shin dig" and they are not headed to us. It just worked out that
way.... so the McGillies are eating, playing Wii, watching movies 
and chillaxing.... that's how we do it!!! 

Here's a sample of the menu....

Turkey breast cooking in the crock pot with a secret marinade...

Sausage balls... a little too big but delish all the same....

Yummm mixture for the Pumpkin bread...

The pumpkin bread baking nicely in the oven..just for the record, it's now done and
actually rose quite nicely... can't be bothered to go and take another pic.

So that about wraps it up, one day a year set aside to
eat a big dinner, tell people what you're thankful for and
let the kids dress up as Indians or Pilgrims and make
little turkeys by drawing around their hands and coloring
the fingers...Marvelous!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Florida Caverns..... what a fantastic day out!!!!

The McGillies recently wandered off the beaten path and underground... we were real live spelunkers for the day. We took a trip to the Florida Caverns, near Marrietta, FL... somewhere in the panhandle for those of you not familiar.

This was a true test of my nerves of steel, not only are there some tiny little passages to squeeze through, it's dark and there are bats and moths!!!! We didn't see any, thankfully, but they were there.... the guide said so.
We were surrounded by magnificent colors and formations, there are a number of "rooms", each one having a different name depending on what the rocks look like.  There's the wedding cake room and the small room... you get the picture.  The guide kinda reminded me of that weird guy in the movie Office Space who keeps getting moved further and further away until he's in the basement. Just sayin'. Ash kinda ran rings around the guy, I am not sure if he's ever encountered such a precocious five year old.

I managed to get some shots down there but you'd have to be a bit of a pro to get something really good. It was so hard to do without the flash and it was a fast moving, no bullshit kind of a tour, I was the only one with a camera so it was a bit like they were all waiting on me.... which is fine in my book but you know... one must be reasonable... right?

It's like being in another world down there, just different, quiet, clean and beautiful.

This looks like a tooth, kinda sorta, and I had to take three hundred shots to get that one drip.

So after a fun packed tour of the caves we ran around the trails a little looking at trees, rocks and
all things nature. It was a perfect afternoon and the best thing of all was when Syd told me
how lucky we are!  She's so right!

Finally it was time to hop back into the truck and let the full moon guide us home safely to bed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Doctor Drama......

My youngest daughter has once again picked up whatever heinous bug it is that's terrorizing parents everywhere, if there's a nasty germ out there ready to pounce Ash will find it. This is much the same as she had earlier in the year, a high fever, vomiting, dehydration..... and she's lost six lbs already!!!!!!

Instead of waiting to see how it goes this time I called the docs office, followed their instructions on the clear liquids and the nausea suppository and still she seemed to go down hill. So late yesterday afternoon I bundled little Peanut into the truck and drove her to our local Urgent Care (figuring that due to the late hour the doctors office wouldn't start an IV). The PA took a look at her, we managed to get the tiniest of urine samples from her, then they called in a real doc and they talked about the level of dehydration and that she needed fluids. Apparently though, and this is verbatum, they don't like to do fluids by IV in that office, and the hospital won't waste a bed giving her fluids!!!!!!!!!!!!  So they went on to explain it was down to me to force her to take a teaspoon of Gatorade every five minutes and that she would continue to vomit and it would be really bad but I could just get on with it. So they left me in the room feeding her teaspoon by teaspoon of ice chips and Gatorade, until she puked. By this time I was pissed, I could be doing this at home and not have to worry about the extortionate bill they would land me with.  When she threw up all that I had given her I walked out into the hallway to let them know and the doc just looked at me like "so??".   A nurse came in and cleaned up and I was outta there..... I told her in no uncertain terms that I did not appreciate their manners and that I would take her to a real doctor in the morning. I love the town I live in but quite honestly I have never in my life seen such shitty medical care!!!!!!!!!!

So no sleep last night, Ash wanted me with her all night and we tossed and turned, she sipped on a little gatorade and some water and that was how it continued. I called my family doc and they told me to bring her in at 10:15, so hopefully they will do their magic with the IV and she'll be home resting this afternoon. She's a freakin' trooper that one!!!! She understands that she can only have a sip at a time every five minutes, she understands that she's  missing school and won't get  her perfect attendance for November, she understands that she's going to get a needle in her arm and most of all understands that I am here for her, caring for her the best I can.

It's so depressing to care for a loved one who is sick, it doesn't matter if it's a child, a parent or some other relative.... it's downright depressing!  Please take a moment in your day to find someone who's caring for a sick person and just hug them!!!! Show them some love and support they need it more than you can imagine!!

I'll post later and update on how my little trooper is holding up.

UPDATE!!!!  She's on the mend... she's drinking and keeping it down, and has even tried some eggs. She's such a strong girl... they decided that she probably didn't need the IV this morning because she had not thrown up since last night. Relief!!!!! I slept a little this afternoon but still feel like crap.... there is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Hour Friday.....

Hello.... it's Friday again all ready!!!!!
Time to join in with Otin and Bambi and declare what it is this week that's making us Happy!

It's Friday... nuff said.

It's almost Thanksgiving, next week I will only work a total of
2.5 days!!! I love my job but when I don't have to get up
in the morning that makes me happy.

My job makes me very happy, this week has been kinda weird, we've
all had things to share this week and it's total group therapy.
I trust and love the people I work with and when things are
not going right, I walk into to work and unload, and it's all
better again. It's like a security blanket!!!!!

Of course my hilarious little girls have made me very, very happy this
week.  Syd is in the Spelling Bee at school next week and is so happy.
Ash is excited because they both will be in the Christmas Parade
and have sparkley costumes, she's beside herself!!!  They tried
the costumes on last night; they posed and posed and posed
again. It makes me giggle to see them and remember what
it was like to be a little girl!!!!

We started painting the outside of the house three years ago... yes
you read that right... no misprint... three freakin' years ago.
Last weekend his gorgeousness got on the ladder and painted
a little more, it did make me happy, it's still not finished... like
I said he painted a "little" more... not a lot more... a little
more. But a little is better than none at all so it made
me a little bit happy. I'm gonna throw a freakin' party
when the thing is actually finished... but don't hold your breath.

OK that's it... oh one more teeny thing... the dishwasher was not full
this morning... Woo Hoo... I just put the dishes that were in the
sink in ... and turned it on!!! (now why couldn't you know who have done
that last night?)... not gonna even go there 'cos I'm happy!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmmmm

Look...look carefully...what do you see???
dirt?? yes dirt....but in what form??
in the form of freakin' paw prints that's freakin'
Who in the heck has dogs that trot all around
the coffee table??? me that's who!!!!!
suggestions on how to control this beast, please!!

This is a card that was given to me by my good friend K. She's a nut
and reads my blog, but hates it when I use the effin' eff word.
K. is hilarious, she should blog!!!!
Yesterday she was driving her big ole van which she cannot
drive, she's always dinging it... and she turned a hair pin
bend only to find that the van was filling with a strange white
smoke.. she's panicking thinking it's about to blow up when
she realized that the fire extinguisher had rolled under the front
seat and set off when she turned the bend!!!!
Yes my friends that's the kind of daily occurrence that keeps
Ms. K. on her toes!!!!

I may well turn the above into an award and call it the
K. award in her honor!!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My, aren't we a pair of fun guys.....

Really this episode of Inner Ramblings has nothing to do with fungi but I love these pics, don't you?

So, it seems that so many of us are blogging these days, all over the blogosphere are
talented ladies telling stories of their day, sharing pictures and  remarkable works
of creativity and genius. Talented guys too... Otin for example.. I read his stuff
but rarely comment because he's so "followed" I figure he stops reading after
the millionth comment and  have never gotten into to the top three.

Anyway, it occurred to me that somewhere circa 1996 or so, there probably
were no bloggers anywhere... i don't know exactly when it started or when it
got to be pretty much a household hobby for "normal" peeps at home. I think I read
somewhere that Blogger has been going for ten years (don't bother to correct me,
I'll only thumb my nose at you for being a know it all).  So what in the
world were we doing before this?  Can you remember not having a computer, an
iPhone, a Nikon, a blog????? URgghhh I know you're disgusted with
yourself for even daring to remember such a backward way of life.

I think I probably watched more tv before I got involved in the bloggies.... or
cleaned house!!! Imagine such a life!!!! I sure didn't take as much interest in my
pictures and wouldn't have dreamed of making my own posters to frame and
display in my living room.... yeah that's right people... I have my very
own work hanging there for all to see...some people even like it.

There's also the wonderful, wonderful blog camp to consider. How in the
world would I have come up with an notion to travel clear across the country and
meet complete strangers and have such a freakin' fantastic time had it not been
for bloggin'.  Wouldn't it be great if I could actually go to Denmark this coming
January and experience all that is the blue room!!! I really can't see me
wrangling that one.  Just a tad too out there for hubby to swallow.

And so my friends, I shall continue to blog, I get so much from it, even when I am
sad and weary I have online friends to offer cyber comfort and bloggy love!!!
Oh who am I kidding.. this is the only hobby I can comfortably do in
my ugly freakin' pj's with wine! Score!!!
How do you blog????

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for more Randomoniim in McGillyville....

OK, random item numero uno....when the heck did the time start
passing by so quickly and how did Thanksgiving sneak up like this? 

I don't feel very thankful right now, yeah I said it! it's out there 
I just don't. I've been working freakin' hard this year and I only 
want to thank myself!!! So sue me!!!!! 

Numero dos.....this is as far as it goes for me and the 
Spanish counting... 

three.... Hubby is into FB... wtf....he's always so 2000 and late!!!! 
still better late than never I guess, he's just such an amateur and 
keeps asking me for help. He'll be blogging next!!! 

four... with weather like we've been getting it's hard to 
concentrate on work, I keep thinking I could be out somewhere 
fabulous taking pictures, I miss RENO!!!!  

five....eldest child is a book-a-holic, we're going to have to make more
trips to the library, she bought a book a the weekend which cost
$16.99 and read it in a day!!! It kinda hit me that a habit this 
expensive needs to be fed by the library versus the book store. 

six...did I mention Thanksgiving...I'm cooking this year and haven't 
even started to think about a menu!!! Is it wrong to hire a caterer 
or even go out for dinner???

seven..... why do people who work for the utility company have 
to be do damn rude? Is it a prerequisite?  The application probably, age, address, are you a complete asshole to strangers
who pay your wages? 

Well that's it... can you tell I'm not in a very positive mood lately? Sorry about 
that I'll try harder to get back to the light and jaunty McGilly you all 
know and love!!!!! 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Got Wood????? Part Deux.

Regular Ramblers will know that I recently did a post HERE which included some pictures of wood that I had taken when I was at Blog Camp Reno.... well who knew... here we are again.... there's something about wood that speaks to me!!!

When I was a kid we lived in a pretty rural spot, there were "the woods" you could take a walk through or there was another place we called "the den" which really was another version of the woods??? I don't know what the difference is between the woods and a forest but I know I most probably love them both. I love the sounds, wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping happily, the little scurries that could be a fox or a monster.....and the peace and tranquility.

Now I'm all growed up and still have a love affair going on with the woods... the textures and the
light, the feeling you get when you take a fab picture of a felled tree or a log on the ground.

I take pictures of wood because it all seems so alive to me, even when the tree is gone and you're
left with a splintered stump, it's beauty you just can't comprehend, something created
by a much higher power, put here for us to behold!!!!

Then there are roots, a system of feelers sent out by the tree to find nourishment and stability. This particular
picture is of the roots of the tallest Elm in Florida, the thing is ginormous. Trees put us in
our place, they are tall, magnificent and elegant, they exist so that we might exist, they
are useful, beautiful and necessary.  I don't think I'm really a tree hugger... but maybe I could be!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Have you noticed???? This post stinks!!!!!!

I am becoming so lazy lately. I am not posting as much and for about only the third time ever I didn't even use one of my own pictures in my last post!!! I'm finding it hard to concentrate on my own posts because I have been out there reading such a lot of other bloggers stuff...... which I love.

Maybe I'll just give it all up (like some of my bloggy friends) and move to a remote part of the universe!! or maybe I'm enjoying real life a lot more lately that I don't feel the need to hide in my computer... although I really do love to write and this is the perfect outlet for me.

I have started to so more with my photography lately so that could be part of it. I am getting more and more involved with my flickr photostream although I'm still pretty picky about what I upload there. I love to use the picnic thing to edit them and create fun stuff. I'm working on Christmas cards right now... yes people CHRISTMAS cards.. not holiday cards, not season's greetings but Christmas cards. I'm also trying to make my free canvas from over there and check that out.

So that's it in a nutshell, all my online time is checking out other blogs and being a creative genius. So when I have something fantastic that I want to reveal you'll be the first to know!!!!! I am also ridiculously enthralled with Tweetdeck, something introduced to me by my bff Bambi. Have been tweeting away over there lately and hope to tire of that novelty pretty soon so I can get back to blogging.

OK so here's a random picture.. related to nothing previously said.... but at least it's mine!!! Bye for now dear hearts will be back with something more worth reading soon!!!! Hugs!!!!!

These are knees.... of Cypress the eyes they please..... and they taste like peas!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Such a lot to blog about today....

Usually in any given week I have a ton of
things to do and I never get to the end of it, I'm overwhelmed
tired and just plain bogged down!!!!

This week I have taken a different approach, the stop and think
approach where I will try and organize stuff in the moment
so that there's no need to revisit later. It's a case of if
you don't have time to do it right the first time then
you damn sure don't have time to come
back to do it again!

This philosophy is serving me well, it's early days
so don't get all excited thinking I've actually
grown up a little... I'm sure there'll be pitfalls
for me to blog about later, but for now, life is
settled and it's a good feeling.

So without further rambling let me tell you what
all this is leading up to....

Yesterday ... it was MY DAY... just for me...
no one else!!!! The laundry was done, the kids rooms
are semi-tidy, tidy enough that I don't feel sick to
look at them, the groceries are ok... for now.
So I blogged in the morning, then I started a pot of
chili for a chili cook off at church, I entered last
minute just 'cos I know I make damn good chili and
thought what the hey... enter!!!

At ten I had my first massage... MAN.... it was kinda
scary but pretty awesome. When I called to book they were
all, well the girl who does this is booked up but you can
have this kind of massage blah blah blah, we
settled on a type of massage and a time and all
that good stuff and just as I was hanging up she slipped
in.. bye now, see you at ten with Will.
WOT?? WILL?? do you mean Willamena??? Wylthia?? Willie Mae, even????

So not wanting to look like the big weird prude that I am I just said
yes, see you then... and hung up. Then started to poll my girlfriends to
ascertain just who had had a MALE do them, you know what I mean,
and did they keep their panties on? Would it be ok to wear some
of the old maternity panties that should be called chesties because
they come up to your neck, or should I wear grannies to
my armpits or should I just go with the thermals and be done with it???

It's a dilemma people, I mean you don't want to look like a
old woman in your grunged out Hanes and you don't want to
look like you're seducing him in your pink leopard lacies either...
I'll never tell what I went for but it worked out well.

Hair at noon, I love Brittany, she does a great job and doesn't
care about my nether garments. Phewwww.

So here I am all relaxed and cutie pie, I spent time with the
girls doing homework and getting their stuff ready for
school the next day (see what I mean about being
johnny on the spot!)

Then the almost best part of the day...I bundled the girls and the chili into
the car, headed for Church and allowed the judges to
thoroughly enjoy my creation, my culinary masterpiece,
my bowl of sheer joy.
And I took second place out of fifteen!!!
I can now invite people over for my award-winning
Chili. yes... that's right!!!!

and the piece de resistance... Hubster
has been out of town (yes again) and he came home
with a little black box full of diamonds!!!
There is nothing like getting diamonds on a Wednesday
night!!! Especially when you're relaxed, have
a new do and you're now an award winning
Chili Mama!!!

Yep, yesterday was a good day, a great day
a day to remember!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Corner View... Favorite Dish. (I'm cheating)

This weeks Corner View theme is favorite dish, you can post a pic of what you like to eat, or a dish you like to eat from or serve from, I guess a soap dish if you want to.

Well, in true McGilly style, I'm stretching this one to suit myself, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway.

Last Saturday I volunteered to go to Mule Day in Calvary GA to sell cookbook for the Junior Service League, that's where the link ends... dish... cookbooks... get it???? I had been told this was some kind of artsy crafty big kinda horse/mule show thingy and I'd be able to take the kids and make it a day out, and that they usually have about 60 thousand people there... ok... 60 thousand people are not flocking to South GA to look at mules... or are they????

We set out in what we thought was good time to make the trip, as we get closer to the Mule Grounds the traffic begins to slow down and then stop... people start walking past the truck in the direction of the "thing", we were still a good ways off. Surely to God we're not parking here and walking????? Hell no... hell yeah!!!

Then as we got closer to the "thing" it gradually opened out before my eyes and the only work to describe my feelings was GOBSMACKED!!!!! What in the wide wide world of Sports do we have here???? The annual coming out of every country boy and girl on the planet.... and we had to find our little booth, among ten thousand booths... of course we couldn't call the our girl because we were in the BOONIES and there's no cell phone reception!!!!!!!!!!

Lookie here, if you can make this out you'll see that the tents go on for miles way over the horizon... and after the tents are the mules (apparently) I certainly didn't make it that far.

OK here's the lady with the Shih Tzu in the stroller... nice.... there were lots of shih tzu's there... hmmm must rethink my love of shitties... they're apparently all too popular with people who turn out for Mule Day.

OK we found the booth and here we are, my good friends and I fearlessly rockin' the Mule Day and selling the crap out of some cook books... as you can see matching shirts and sunglasses were the disguise of the day, didn't want anyone to recognize us... my shirt was red but still has the JSL logo on it.. you just can't see it in this pic!!! not that that matters... just sayin'.. I wasn't being a total rebel.

So to sum up... we drove a long way, we walked a long way, and then the kids rode a short way in circles...

Ashley is always dressed and ready for any occasion, she's a true Southern Belle.

Then we all held hands and went home to some super chili waiting for us in the crock pot... which again links back to my favorite dish!!!!!

For some other wonderful corner views go check out Jane at Spain Daily.
and these other great CVers...

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Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Epitome of Redneck...

I took this  my good friend Cha took this yesterday at the biggest red neck gathering you could ever wish not to attend... she laughed her ASS off as she told me "well you have finally experienced SOUTH GA... true SOUTH GA!!!!"

There'a a whole nother post a-comin' describing this day of greased pigs, old mules and shih tzu's... yeah you heard me..shih tzu's in strollers. I'm booking Mac and Daisy in with my local plastic surgeon (I have connections) to see what he can do to disguise them seeing as their breed is now the most favored of the banjo playin' hill billies in the South. These dogs are Chinese Royalty!!! I'm disgusted.

For now be content to feast your eyes on this little beauty... if  you're wondering why Cha took it?? I was just to downright humiliated to be there and feared they would actually pose!!!!!

Click on it to see the full size.. I decided that linking it this way would be for the best increase traffic to my Twitpics page!! LOL!!!

The epitome of Red Neck!!  on Twitpic

Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I learned this week...

There are totally some freakin' awesome people out there.... in real life and in the blogland.

There are some big asses out there too.  Not as many asses as freakin' awesomes.That's good.

Leaves just don't quit. You can rake, suck, blow whatever it is you feel the need to do but they're still coming.

My five year old is very wise, she has the answers to Life the Universe and whatever else is included in that saying.... am I showing my age? I should listen to her more.

It's hard to stay focused once the giggles set in .... and that's pretty often when you happen to be me.

Hubby thinks it's hilarious to drop some of his Wasabi nuts into my Natural Almonds.... it's not. He has no idea who he's messing with.

Taking down Halloween decorations is a lot more satisfying than putting them up... just sayin'.

My mailman needs to rethink his career choice, he might want to check out a position more in line with his sense of urgency, like an oak tree.

Otin has the funniest way or saying.... wtf... go look at his post from Wednesday... it makes me laugh!

Uncle Larry has no clue about FB. He made a page and then wondered how the computer knew that he knew the people it was suggesting as friends.... he actually said "how does it know I know these people, I don't talk to them or nothing but I know them... how does the computer know that?" God bless the innocent.

And that's it for this week.... yep that's it... didn't learn one other single thing this week!! Hope you like this, now what the heck did YOU learn this week?????????

Fancy Dice... or Die

another pair o dice, originally uploaded by McGillicutty1.

I have had a lot of comments on the Halloween costume created by Syd the Kid for her and bff Madi.
Well....look at this... with a little fancy stuff from Flickr/Picnic I can make them even more amazing!!!
I love this kinda stuff, I can play all day!!!! Syd loves it too... she's on a sleepover with the Madster so I'll surprise her by putting this pic on her computer as a background... she'll freak... I know.. I'm the best Mid Life Mama she's ever had!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sugar Doll Awards.... cute!

If you don't already follow Little Ms Blogger then I insist, yes insist, that you go over there now and officially follow that woman... go on.. do it now, you can come back and read my post later.... we no... on second thoughts you may never come back to me so finish reading this first and then go see her.

LMS recently... ahem.. like a month ago... gosh time flies... presented me with this award, the rules of which are as follows... (beastly stings attached!!)... I have to tell you ten things about myself which you may not already know and then tag ten other bloggers to do the same.

Here goes........
1) After leaving school I worked for the Gov in England, I was a Civil Servant!
Do they still call them that? Or are they now just Gov contractors in India? I was
what you might call a Welfare Officer, I would interview and assess claimants who
needed benefits on top of Unemployment or Disability.. yes folks it was a charming
little starter job. Although I gotta tell you I was good at it!!!

2) I once sent an email to the wrong person inviting him to a Birthday Bash, it
blossomed into a little online friendship of sorts and we even met in a pub
in London for drinks. Which is when I discovered he was a red head.

3) I am addicted to HGTV's Househunters...I know... it's awesome!

4) I have this freakish germ phobia, not your average afraid to shake hands thing,
but a fear of airborne germs, like breath and farts in particular! When I eat
at my desk I cover my food with a napkin in case someone accidentally
spills their air on it!!!

5) OK those of you who know me or keep up with my blog may already
know that I will marry John Travolta one day....but what you don't
know is that I will also date Nick Cage and John Cuzack before
marrying John just to make sure.

6) Scratch the above, I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my
wonderful hubby who is also tall dark and handsome ..
.. who needs John, Nick or John??? not me.

7) I am a really good driver, yes I said it, I know it.
I rock the road people!!!!

8) Music has always been a big part of my life and when I
was in High School I played the oboe... funny now I think of it.
What the heck do you do with that later in life?

9) Before getting married I had a bunch of hen nights, English for
bachelorette parties. It was a constant celebration for months because
I was moving to the other side of the world and would miss my girlfriends.
What you might not guess is that I also had a Stag Party, yes a bachelor
party, myself and a bunch of my good male friends. We took a bus to the
Racetrack and bet on horses all afternoon, then went on a pub crawl in the
evening.... still a memorable day!!!

10) Travelling is my first love, there's nothing like the feeling of a journey
to the unknown, checking out historic sites, sampling local traditions
and cuisine. Meeting people of other cultures and lifestyles is a
huge rush for me. If I could just one day pack up a change of
clothes, some fab accessories and my camera and take hubby
around the world I think I would. He's a good traveler too.

Well that's it folks, hope you enjoyed my ten things you didn't know.... it's quite
therapeutic to dig up these hidden loves, hates and experiences.

Now to pass the baton.....