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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hooray Hooray... I learned something new today!!! ubbc#14

So... whatchya think???

I have been messing with a lot of free software and trying to teach myself some
editing and enhancing, trying to make those beautiful pieces of art that 
a lot of my bloggy heroines are making... Char and Beth are two of the very best.
Now..I am nowhere near their level of brilliance but I'm so proud that I at
least managed to create just a little something. 
The sky is the limit... I can't wait to dabble some more and learn more about
filters and layers and all that good stuff. 
I love my straight out of camera stuff, but sometimes I just want my work to be 
a little more artsy fartsy and a little more of my personality in there. 

The software I am grappling with right now is Gimp 2.6, you can download 
it directly to your computer and there's a great deal of online help and 
tutorials out there. I'll be staying up late and getting up early until I have 
done one of two things, either absolutely mastered it... or give up and dissolve
into a pile of snot and tears. That's my personality I'm afraid.... I get so 
frustrated but won't quit til I'm excelling !!!! 

So, if you're using Gimp and have something to share ... please do!!! I'm busting at
the seems to get more knowledge on Gimp... don't let me down peeps!!!! 


Ashley Sisk said...

Editing/processing can be so much fun so enjoy the experience. There is a lot to learn but try to enjoy the process otherwise it can be frustrating. I don't use Gimp, but it's an excellent free tool that has so much functionality. I look forward to seeing what you can do!

Unknown said...

I have no artistic talent whatsoever....but this is gorgeous---keep up the good work!

Char said...

:) first. *blush* and thank you.

2nd - this is great! you are getting in there and really doing it. and yes, you can do anything you put your mind to doing! :)

yay for learning gimp

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