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Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 Things That Nurture Me....

Check out this beautiful post and blog for the origins of this Nurturing post... 

Water... i love water, drinking it, showering, swimming, I love to hear it crashing on the beach, 
i love to hear it trickling in fountains, i love reflections in water, rain drops and yes I'm 

My Family... coming from a totally dysfunctional group of related people, I am strongly 
aware that my actions have consequences that affect my immediate family and vice versa.
The girls and his gorgeousness nurture me every day, I love being a close family and 
playing, working and growing together. It's something that I don't take lightly.

Sunshine.. I'm a sunahollic, yes i know it's dangerous to be out there too long, I 
do use sunscreen (glob it all over the place) but I love the joy and exhilaration 
one gets from sunlight. I love sunny rooms, sunny decks, sunny beaches! 

Music, if music be the food of love play on.... 
I listen to it all the time, in the house, in the car...wherever I can. I am so in 
awe of song writers and composers... how in the heck do they make you
laugh, cry and feel just by writing a song? It's mindbogglingly wonderful!!! 

Laughter, i love to be with friends and just talk smack, it's the dry sense of 
British humor in me. I'm flippant and not very serious, take some time out
and laugh every day, you'll feel nurtured to the brim.

Travelling, I'm the kind o' person who'll pack a bag and go. I do 
prefer travelling alone just cos it's easier but road trips and 
vacays with the family are good too. I'm working on a list of places 
I need to see so that one day I can claim I'm "well traveled".

Photography, yes you knew it would be in there. Although I really don't think
i'm really that good I love to play with angles, light, reflections. I have always
loved taking pictures and when I was young I wanted to be a photojournalist
or something of that ilk.  When given the opportunity to go off and 
just click away I am happier than a happy person on a happy day.
Then seeing the results gives me an immense sense of accomplishment.

Organizing stuff... this is not an everyday thing... but believe me I love 
to have a place for everything and everything in it's war cry at
home is... well if you put it where it belongs you'd know where to find it! 

Clean sheets and shaved legs... ooohh so good... try it! 

Haircuts, pedicures, manicures, massages... anything that will make me 
feel renewed and beautiful. Don't you love it when your hair is soft
and swingy and you catch yourself in a mirror or shop window.
Or if someone else does your make up and you feel fabulous.. it's a real
spirit lifter... yep.. I need this!!!!! 

What's your list? Do you have ten things that nurture you? 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Hour Friday.....

If it's Friday at six twenty seven pm and I have a glass of red wine in one hand 
and my net book in the other with some peanuts in the other then it has to be... 
the three handed Happy Hour Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least I'm not totally late this week... that's something to be happy about! 

This has been the weirdest week for me... things have not really gone as planned in 
some areas every freakin' part or my life this week. There have been things said and done 
that left me thinking "really? wtf?" and stuff like that. However, I am very happy to
announce that I have conquered the crap and made it through and here I am 
 on Friday night without much consequence to all the jackassery.
I give Michel at Facts are Strictly Optional the credit for Jackassery... I heard 
it there and told her I was going to use it. I love it. 

I am happy that the three pounds I piled on in the week prior to this one have
miraculously removed themselves from my booty. Now they're hanging from my 
chins but I can comfortably wear my jeans... the good thing about multiple chins is that 
they never effect the way clothes look on you unless you're wearing a choker. I don't 
do chokers.
I'm not really happy about about my chins.

I am really happy that it's the weekend and since I cleaned house this morning, I was
able to come home to some assemblence of order and could sit down and 
relax in peace... that is until He came home and blasted the peace with 
Wheel of Fortune! grrr.. 

OK that's it, nothing else to report, you already know the rest and if you 
don't then just read some of my previous posts this week.
Now.. off you go to check out RxBambi and see what's tickling her
Hhf. Hee Hee. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm a bad Corner Viewer!!!! forgive me..

Let me just get that out of the way, the past two weeks I have failed in 
posting a CV post, and this is the most favorite of my projects! boo hoo! 
Yesterday, yes, yesterday the theme was Street Photography.... so I'm a little late and I 
didn't take these recently but these are what I picked out to share!! Hope you likey!!

 The first is a shot of one of the beautiful streets in St Augustine, Fl. One of my most
favorite places to go.. you can tell this wasn't taken recently cos there are no parkas 
and woolly hats in sight!!! 

This is the post office in a tiny little South GA town... and that about makes up one
quarter of the downtown area 'scuse the mirror in the shot, I snapped, I downloaded,
I shared... very raw and real!! hahaha

Another tiny street in St Augustine but being a true touristy geek I snapped this
one because obviously I felt an immense sense of National Pride!!! 

And finally, another one I think I have shared before but never ceases to tickle me, 
only in St Augie can you see a pirate just casually strutting down the street!!! 

So these are my streets, i will stretch this out a little and take some of downtown
T-ville cos it's such a beautiful town, I'll post them sometime soon. 

Besos y'all... don't forget to check out the lovely Jane at Spain Daily and 
all the other very talented Corner Viewers!!! 
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Birthday that just keeps giving....

Y'all are probably totally freakin' sick and effin' tired of hearing about my BIRTHDAY!!!! You know that one that was ELEVEN days ago now.... well sorry peeps there's more!!! I know... how long can I stretch this puppy out??? a lifetime, you have no idea how I can milk a special day... I'm the expert!!

Today in the mail box there was a cute little package, with PAST DUE stamped all over it, Syd brought it to me with an accusing look, she pointed out the past due. wtf? she'd be a good debt collector, she actually made me feel guilty and I quickly explained it was obviously something marvelous and it was stamped PAST DUE cos my lazy ass bff Bambi has never been on time for anything in her life. I was right... yay, woop woop, yippykayay, another fantastic gift for moi!!!! I love it!!!!

Let me tell you there is something fantastic about getting real stuff in the real mail. It made my freakin' day. I was having such a shitty day before this arrived (and for a short time after to be honest) but now I'm just tickled to death and reeling in the bloggy love!!!!! I use a lot of exclamation marks don't I? Kinda animated like that.

OK, so I have made a resolution to myself and those all around me that I will really try and be better about sending things... my sissy in England is still waiting for her birthday pressie... well girl... wait no more I"m mailing it ... yes I am.. tomorrowwww just wait and see. I have to send some pictures out to Grandma, so tomorrow I will start to get them printed and packaged and mailed. There are generous friends all over the place waiting for Thank You cards... y'all can wait... not really just kiddin'. I'll be working on those too!!!!!

Believe me people, I am about to single handedly save the future of the poor unloved mail (wo) be checking your mailboxes you never know when I may be sending you something crazy.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh for Goodness Sake...

There are not enough hours in the day ... just not enough freakin' hours in the damn day!!!  I haven't blogged since Saturday morning and it's Monday evening already... where does the time go? Oh yeah.. it's sucked into that black hole we call the laundry room.

I have, however, had time to actually read and comment on a few other blogs which is really good, I love to read what everyone else is talking about. I received an award from Green Eyed Momster a million years ago, where I am supposed to tell you ten things about myself... that's a tricky one.. I don't know if there are ten things I haven't already divulged... I'm gonna work on it and make it worthy of Ms. GEM for passing it to me.

There are lots of things I am working on at the moment. Still planning Blogapalooza, Char is coming, check out her blog, it's really great! and she takes phenomenal pictures... and she's just a  kinda short long drive away. RxBambi is still working on it although there's the little thing of hubby's approval, he's a pushover!!!! There are a couple more who have mentioned their interest that I am still to confirm with so I"ll let you know soon enough. If you're interested let me know, if there's no room here there are plenty of lovely hotels close by, there's nothing more than a five min drive from here in T-ville.

Then there's the matter of Syd's Relay for Life Pageant. This has now been pushed back until June! Phew now I have a little more time to find her the perfect outfit..... we're in the South and these things have to be just so!!! apparently!!!!  She has already received some donations from some of my lovely, lovely fellow bloggers!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! You have no idea how that warms my heart.  There is plenty of time for any others of you to wish to support Syd in this fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. I have set up a link to PayPal at the top of my blog.. just click and donate.. easy as that.. then i will transfer the funds directly to the American Cancer Society. Come on... you can do it... if every one does a small thing, then together we can do something big!!!!

And finally, more lenses to play with... Hubs and the girls bought me a zoomy lens... another birthday present... this birthday has been about the bestest ever!!!! He laughs at me and says I stretch my birthday out for a month... and why not??? the older you get the longer you should celebrate right???

Here are some right outta the box shots I took tonight before dinner... actually while dinner was cooking!!!

Just look at the moon!!! I am so excited about this picture!!!! I have never in my life managed to take something so beautiful... and simple.. yet beautiful... sigh!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Hour Friday... on Saturday!

Thanks to my good friend RxBambi I am able to play along and do a Happy Hour post... I know it's late.. that's because I had a fabby post already planned for Friday and totally got distracted and forgot.. I know... about Happy Hour!!! For those of you reading who actually know me in real life will be astounded that I forgot a Happy Hour... never fear though... as I type I have a glass of red in hand and it's Friday afternoon, I'm just scheduling this for Saturday. Complicated isn't it!!!!!

So what made me happy this week???? Monday was great, we closed the office and all went home early.. yay! That's always good even though I do truly love my job and the people I work with, however, there's nothing like being able to go home and watch the Real Housewives of New York on Bravo. Hilarious, out of touch shit that makes you glad to be a "normal" person.

Then there was the Soccer Pictures on Tuesday.. what a freakin' debacle that is... I could just take them myself but I don't have the cheeseball backdrop of the rest of the team in front of the cheeseball backdrop!!!! I'm happy we did it 'cos it's something to bring out at the girls weddings or graduation or whatever public event we can!!!

I am happy that his gorgeousness went out of town one night this week... but why would that make me happy I hear you all cry in unison.... why, I reply... yes, McGilly, why??? you all cry again...because dear readers that was the night we had breakfast for dinner.. hee hee... and then I spent some time chatting online with a good friend and she was making me laugh so much I almost woke the girls!!!! good times!!!! I am happy he's home though and only stayed out one night... he's so good to have around.. I really like him!!!

I'm just happy in general, have done some serious soul searching today after a short period of unhappiness, then after the counseling of a very close and wonderful friend I am on the road to happiness again, I can't let it all get me down.  So here I am happy with my red wine and olives... yay!!!!!!!!

Now go check out the Bambs and other Happy Hour Lushes at the end of the bar... toodles!!!!

oops almost forgot one major factor in my happiness this week..... my new fisheye lens... way too much fun!!!!!! Thanks Syd for being such a sport... we laughed and laughed... go get you one!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lassie was a Shih Tzu... really!!!!

I shihtzu you not... this kid is Lassie in real life... I first noticed it when she would come up to me and kinda whine like a talky kinda whine and then run to the back door... "OK girl, what is it? you wanna go pee?" and off she'd go.. do her business and come back in like a good little girl.

Then things got a little more complicated... she'd come and jump up at my knees with the whiney thing going on but instead of running to the back door she'd head for the girls rooms...OK girl what is it now? have the girls fallen down a well? are they in trouble? oh nooo... you just want to lick them cos it's time to get up and ready for school... thanks girl if it wasn't for you they'd be late every day!!!".

Then there's the mystery of the missing collar, we get home one evening and start petting the dogs as soon as we get in the door... uh oh... where is little Lassie's collar??? man it must have come off somewhere??? but where... we hunt high and low glance around the room and don't see it.  Three days later... I'm sitting at my computer spewing literary delights when here she comes.. she's so excited.. she's whinnying and whining and just cock-a-hoot with excitement.. I say.. "OK girl, do you need to crap outside? have the girls fallen off a cliff in the bathroom? is Mac on his way to Mars having been abducted by aliens???" She's jumping up to my newly shaved calf muscles flab... and she's just squealing with delight... I follow her in anticipation of something fantastic... and I see it.. there in the middle of the floor... a floor I just crossed but a minute ago without encountering any obstacles... her collar.. or should I say.  GASP!!!! half a collar!!!!!!!!!!! WTF happened here Lassie... who the hell chewed on your freakin' Gucci collar and ruined the damn thing forevah?

Well, never mind, thanks for grassing on your brother... I'll get right on Ebay and blow our tax refund on a new glitzy collar for you.. cos I know one day you'll save the lives of me, the girls and his gorgeousness cos you're one smart little shih tzu!!!! (even if Daddy does think you're a dumb shit zoo).

I love you Lassie Daisy, I'm calling Ari Gold right now to see if there are any parts in Hollywood for you. Just remember who's your mama!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Secret... but you can tell me!!!!!

Seems like all the blogs I follow religiously seem to resonate similar themes, either it's because I pick blogs that I can relate to and therefore are naturally similar; or it's because the universe tricks us into feeling the same way at the same time in order that we all get along....kind of.

There have been a couple of recurring themes of note lately, firstly the theme of friends..... girl friends in particular... not boyfriend and girlfriend but "girlfriends" "confidantes" "bff;s" and "biotches". Of course it makes one reflect on ones own personal relationships and the highs and lows we all experience when involved with people we like to call friends... how do we make friends? How do we keep lifelong friendships interesting and meaningful? How do we end those friendships that become toxic or even just bland and uninspiring?

There's so much ground to cover here and y'all would be sleeping on your keyboards if I went into every detail that pops up in my vast array of thoughts on the subject. Suffice to say it's complicated, I'm pretty much an instant judge of character which can sometimes lead to tricky situations.  I'm an open minded person and will give anyone a chance, sometimes I decide too soon that a person will be my BFF and therefore end up with the tricky breakup when I discover they are really shallow and crazy... or sometimes the opposite occurs and it takes a while but that person I was a little leery of becomes a BFF!!!! totally!!!!! I have a lot of friends that I still keep in touch with, if only via the internet and FB... I love that though.. we can still say Hi.. and I can let them know when I'll be in the area so we can get together for a knees up!!! That's what leads me to this post (as well as reading other meaningful posts on friends)... I am going home to England soon and have alerted the authorities dropped a note to some friends. It's AWESOME... they are ready and willing to have a couple o' lemonades and a little get together with me... yes... after all these years.. we just hop right back on the carousel as if no time at all had passed.

OK then, the second trend I am seeing over the blogosphere is secrets... yes dirty little secrets, hidden away in the depths of the minds of the writer.. this only brings me to one conclusion.. that I am one nosey freakin' biotch... I can't stand it!!!!  We all have secrets I am sure of that... but what is it that makes something a secret? Is it a fact that you may know which cannot be disclosed to anyone because of the ramifications... like someone may get fired or arrested or something... or is it just a little snippet of gossip that may cause a little embarrassment for a short while and therefore you don't want it getting out and tarnishing your reputation? Just spill already... I can honestly say there isn't one secret that I have learned that would actually ruin a person.. well almost... but it's not like I can do anything with the secrets I've learned???? I'm not a mastermind of blackmail or skulduggery!!! So I guess my point is... just tell me what the hell your secret is and I'll offer my advice... like dear Abby.... only it's Dear McGilly. I'll keep it to myself... not really.. but I will change names and circumstances so as not to cause red faces and ridiculous excuses.

If you have a problem with a friend or you have an embarrassing secret please feel free to email me or comment and i will most certainly offer a guaranteed answer to the problem... I'm old and wise... you will not be disappointed and if you are ... well who gives a shit, you didn't pay for my services. Come on... spill the beans.. you know you want to!!!!!!!!!
Stop Press... I have just been reminded that today is JT's Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday John Travolta... I love you!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Blogapalooza Fun....

If you are interested in attending the little get together I have planned in South GA this spring... April 23rd to be exact... then here's a handy little way to let me know...
I love gadgets!!!
Click on the Event link over there to the right, sign in as if you are going to follow my site, then it will give you the buttons to rsvp, attend or not!!! hahahahaaa cool!!!!

Spaces are limited, I have already had some great interest.. you know who you are. I'll be contacting you soon with more details. Don't you love it, we all meet and fall in blog love online then we meet in person and have the "BESTEST TIME"!!!!!!! 

Best of all is that I have gotten some new lenses for my lovely camera and will be in full swing with them by the time 'palooza comes around. Yay. So come on.. what'ya waitin' for? jump in and feel the love!!!!

Speakin' of love.... how about Kimi steppin' up again and making me the rockin' button... she's awesome y'all, if you're not already following her I damand you do so now... and sign up for her weekly comment. I love you Kimi! really I do!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Five Minute Fumble....

Oh for God's sake people, get your minds outta the gutter, this is not a post about me and Gorgeousness' Valentine Activities!!!!!!

I am short on time and long on bull crap to share so instead of doing my Randomonium post (which is actually well thought out and planned and not random at all) I am jotting down some thoughts in that need to be out there.  The reason they need to be out there is 'cos they're driving me crazy.

First... OK I know we don't have weather nearly as shitty as the rest of the country (nay World) but it's shitty none the less and we (we being me) are officially sick and damn tired of it.  Let's just get this winter behind us already, show me the sunshine, show me the light evenings, show me the freakin' TOES!!!!!!!!!!
Although snow really does make for some uber cute pictures of the kids!!!!! (thanks to my good friend K)

Next.. at last we're seeing some good stuff on TV.... The Amazing Race is back and there's a team called Steve and Allie.. although she spells it totally wrong I'm rootin' for them.... oh yeah!!!!!!  Also on Sunday nights on CBS there's a show about how CEO's go undercover... love it... love it... love it. I hope that every CEO in the country is watching this show. Especially mine.

I'm excited about a photography class I'm starting tomorrow night.. oh yeah... I'm gonna be paying close attention and learning a lot. At least I hope so... I'm so easily distracted.... like I'll be looking at the teacher wondering what he had for dinner.... or what his house looks like... stuff like that. I'm also excited because my loved ones have purchased some new lenses and stuff for my camera.... WHAT... yeah, that's right!!

The bestest, bestest, ever gift is a trip home to visit my peeps across the Pond!!!! Yeah... you heard me.. my in-laws are sending me home... now this can be interpreted a number of ways. It could be that they feel sorry for me being married to their son for so long and they feel I deserve a break for a few days. On the other hand maybe they think he is tired of my English ass and that HE needs a break from me for a few days. There is one school of thought that they're sending me home and secretly hoping that I'll be involved in a blogging for tickets scam and not be allowed back into the country. I do, however, in my heart of hearts, feel that they love me enough to know that I need a visit home and they know they have the means to help me out, for that I love them too.  Ahhhhh bless.
Did I mention I love travelling and especially love to snap pictures from the plane window... people think I'm weird.... and I don't give a crap...... 'cos I get some pretty neat pics... like this one.

What else... oh yeah... there's a blog out there that I came across today and want you to go and look at...  I always like people who have rambling in their name. She has a list of 45 things to do at 45... it's an awesome list.  I am too lazy to make a list of 41 things to do at 41 so I think people who do this are fantastic, motivated, incredible peeps and should be hailed by all!!!!

OK ... gotta go watch rednex on Cops... talk at y'all later.... c'mon back now ya hear!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a fantastic weekend....

So, Valentine's weekend, my birthday weekend, snow in SW Georgia weekend, nice day on Sunday weekend.

Yep, in case you're wandering, I had a really freakin' good weekend. It all started on Friday when my kids were packed off to spend the night with good friends... their kids are the same age and all four girls get along so so well.  They went north an hour and spent the evening playing in this is the first real snow my kids have ever seen!!! Booo for me.. I wanted so badly to take them to the snowy mountains this winter and as it turns out, it didn't turn out. My friend K took pictures and no offense K (she reads my blog) unless they are absolutely freakin' perfect I'm gonna be pissed!!! (just kidding... i'm eternally grateful that you give a shit enough to drive all that way!!) (with five little girls) (in the freezin' cold).

Ash told me later that she'd played a Princess game with the girls, naturally Ash was the Princess and she asked her lady in waiting to "fetch me a latte".... wtf  I had no clue what a latte was when I was five!!!!

So, whilst they were experiencing their first snow, his gorgoeousness and I were having a romantic dinner at Ted's Montana Grill... YUM!!!! it was such a great night, I love that place and having dinner with the love of my life on my birthday was awesome!!! For those of you with young kids, fear not, there will come a day when you can leave them with a responsible adult and become a couple again.. without worry... just you and him...fine food, fun and lemon drops. YaY!!!

Saturday was a lazy day, just mundane stuff like cleaning, bloggin', watchin' tv... you know. Then in the evening we returned the favor and had the girls come over to our house while K and her hubby had a Valentine's night out. They had won a night out at the Y for attending a gazzillion work out classes together.. now that, my friends, is romance!!!!!

The kids had a ball decorating a birthday cake for me... delicious!!!!!!!!!

Much discussion about the number of candles and my age.... it just doesn't matter after you have more candles than fruit loops does it???  This was probably the best cake I ever had, other than the rude for my 21st... I'll post that another day!! hee hee.

Today was a mellow day, Ash finally discarded her training wheels on her bike! cool. His gorgeousness fixed the big computer in Syd's room, we relaxed; finally I found the key to Sunday perfection.... sandwiches for dinner!!!! easy, hardly any clean up, no anxious feelings about getting everything cleaned up before Monday!!! oh yeah... that's the way to go!!!!

How was your weekend... happy like mine I hope!!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Shhhh don't tell anyone...

I don't want a fuss now, so please keep your seats, no need to send presents, just cash!!! No, no, really, thank you but no, you really don't have to buy me lunch or send me flowers.... ok.... only if you insist! Oh Chocolates? for me? how kind... I love truffles you know... especially the ones my Mum would always buy me from that lovely chocolate shop chain all over England.... the name escapes me... uuhhhh the name escapes me... wtf was the name of that damn shop???? the choccies were the best freakin' ever and I would not accept chocs unless they were from that damn store that I cannot for the effin' life of me remember the dag gum NAAAMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's alzheimers.... is senility..... it's brain damage.... no... what's that you say???? Arrggghhh it's OLD AGE!!!
I'm off to visit my friend the plastic surgeon and the witchdoctor with the "time stands still" potion... see you old farts later!!!!!! mwuuaahhh!!!!

p.s. Ash tells me I'm not 41 until I blow out the cake for me!!!!! ")

pps. Bambi is happy over on go check out what's making her and everyone else in the universe happy this lovely cold and wet Friday!!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's not easy being fabulous....

OK... like the new colors??? is this easier on the eyes??? hope so.

Now then down to business... how freakin' hard is it to be beautiful in this day and age? There are so many unbelievable things we females, and actually males, have to do to be presentable... even in the areas we never present.
Take the toes for example.. they're locked away in socks, shoes and boots all winter, however, if you happen to be single and have a "sleep over" with a new bloke, or even an old bloke, you want your tootsies to look their alluring best.  If you happen to live in an unpredictable climate like I do there may be the odd occasion mid winter when you are forced to wear flip flops and the whole county will see your toe nails.
Hair... I mean c'mon people.. wtf.. we have to pay a million bucks a cut and color and then it grows out!! then just before the next appointment... lo and behold it's lookin' great again... then you go get it cut anyway 'cos it's time... and it stinks for three weeks 'til it gets all happy with itself again.
Then there's make up... my God almighty... I will not be seen outside of my own four walls without makeup.. no it's just not happening... I hate myself without a slathering of at least two inches of makeup. But once again there's a problem... we have lived in this neighborhood for five years.. yes five glorious years... we love the people around us and they love us (I assume/hope) but after five years of the same neighbors there comes a time when they will just knock on your door and ask a random question. So this leads to the morning ritual of getting up an hour earlier to make sure you're showered and dressed before anyone in their right mind would even think of popping over to borrow a bowl of sugar.
I'd love to cover the intracases (i think thats a word) of hair removal.... but I just don't have time and honestly I'm not the best one to comment..... I'm actually very fair haired and this means I can get away with not shaving for a long. long, long ass time. I'm experimenting at the moment with my legs. I last  shaved on Christmas Eve, I know this because the in laws were on their way and I managed to hack off most of the lower part of my left calf with the razor.... yep... scene from Dexter is all I could think of. So I applied and reapplied band aids....again and again until the blood spatter analyst gave the all clear for me to face company.  So I haven't shaved since, and with the cold weather we've been experiencing my woollie legs have been under cover and so no one gives a shit... now my woollie legs are not like your woollie legs.. they are a lot less hairier than the average five year old.  I'll let you know when I do actually decide to shave again, it's like going for some kind of world record.
So my dears, my conclusion is this... if we were meant to look as fabby as we think we're supposed to look we'd have one of two things... a shorter work week... so we can take care of business or more hours in the freakin' day so we can still work, take care of our families and look like a mill bucks while we're doing it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Corner View.. Repurposed items in your house.. or something like that...

OK today's Corner View is something about repurposed items.... this seems to be a buzz word on HGTV and home improvement shows in general.  I don't know  about you but it seems like everything has a million and one uses and if I was the genius who came up with the whole "repurposed" thingy I'd be kicking myself in the ass for not patenting that word.... if you can patent a word that is... maybe make it a trademark? I don't know.... but you get my drift right...and I am drifting... I know... it's 5.27am and I am trying so hard to get this out there on the right day so cut me some slack!!! not a morning person people... you should know that by now.

OK so my first repurposed item is this..................
We took a hot young sailor and a vivacious cutie full of life...and made them into a couple who would conquer the world.... they traveled together and experienced the thrill of young love... hot to globe trot you might say!
and we turned them into this....
A luke warm couple of old farts.... only trotting in the months that have an R in them... wait a minute.. this is February.. there may well be 2 trots this month... of course.. my birthday and Valentines day!!! Looks like this couple have had some good times and been rode hard and hung up wet a time or two!!!!

My second repurposed item is this little beauty.............
yes once again I started out with hot young sailor... very good looking and athletic... and turned him into none other than Laundry Man!!!!!  Yes ladies you too can make yourself a laundry man... all it takes is a few weeks of constant nagging and withholding of essentials... you know what I mean, don't act shy!!! Conveniently "forget" to wash HIS pile of stinky clothes in the corner, after a couple of days going commando due to a lack of clean undies.... your loving man will pick up some clothes and take them to the laundry room, place them in the washer and if you're a real talented nagger like me... he may even be coaxed into getting them into the dryer.  Now don't go too far with this... he's not going to be able to take them out and fold them in the first couple of months... and it's going to be a very long time before he'll actually get the clothes from the laundry room to the bedroom and we're still working on the hanging in the closet thingy... but folks after twelve years of nagging I'm just happy to report we're making progress!!!!!!!!!!

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