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Thursday, August 26, 2010

444th post... a bit like 666 but less.

Morning peeps.. this is a completely unprepared, off the cuff kinda post so I'll preface
with an apology if I'm all over the shop today. 

Passive Aggressiveness, wrote a post about, like to read it... here goes...

Recently I had the opportunity to research the meaning of the term and what is widely 
accepted as being passive aggressive behavior versus the clinical definition of the condition. 
And guess what I found... I think i'm a freakin' passive aggressive kind of person!!!! 
I am sure this doesn't come as a shock to some of you, after all it's the sting 
in my dry sense of humor that makes a lot of my regular readers wince (and like it).

Here are a couple of examples... the passive aggressive character will be chronically late 
and forget things... hmmm check. 
for time sake lets now call it the PA... will also show symptoms like Procrastination; check
Sulking; check  Obstructionism; check
and the piece de resistance is this one.... making chaotic situations!!!!! CHECK CHECK CHECK

 So there you have it ladies and gents.... i am now a self diagnosed PA and will seek 
treatment immediately. This does beg one question though.. aren't most Bloggers 
also PA's??? I see it all over the blogosphere plain as day. 
This one and that commenting on the procrastination of their day, the funny snarkyness
which is classic PA behavior..ambiguity or speaking cryptically; every day stuff for 
the bloggers, right? 

 After all, as Dr. Scott Wetzler, a clinical psychologist and author of Living with the Passive-Aggressive man, observed: “A joke can be the most skillful passive-aggressive act there is.”
this has been lifted from a new site I found whilst investigating my new 'trait'.

Go on, give it a look see, I think you'll love it !!!!!

and finally.... when you're not being all PA... just take time to stop and smell 
the gardenias... that'll put your smart ass self into perspective!!!! 
I took some pics this week and posted them on my flickr page and this has gotten the 
most views of any picture I have ever had, what conclusion can I draw from this?
it is no matter what I think is clever and makes a good picture, if the subject is as beautiful
as a gardenia, people will always want to stop and take a look. 
oooo errr i'm getting all profound. 
Have a lovely day y'all, come back and see me y'hear!!! 


Brian Miller said...

only a bit less...and i knowing you are PA...what are you going to do about it...smiles.

Liz Mays said...

I definitely don't want to try to analyze what I've got going on! I like your PA. It works!

spudballoo said...

You see, PA is one of those terms I hear all the time and every now and again I look it up. And then I immediately forget what it means.

I'm sure you're just fine <>>

mwah xx

McGillicutty said...

Brian.. not going to do a damn thing about it.
BV... i like it too.
Spud.. where's your avatar? don't you dare visit my blog in the buff!!!

Angie - The Work at Home Wife said...

Quietly raising my hand...

rxBambi said...

bahahaha! I didn't know you were a certified WebMd doc! That's awesome! You totally rock! I love your PAness. I think you have to be a little bit PA to be a brit, don't you?? Could be wrong, just thinking out loud...

Char said...

i never get the rhyme or reason of why certain shots get more than others. i have got to get back to active on flickr.

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