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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I don't even know where to begin today's blog???? Last night was Sydney's slumber party and we had six little girls and one littler girl all running, screaming, laughing all over the place. We decided it would be a good idea to take them to the Relay for Life event at the local school track. That was in fact a genius idea because there's lots of them to do and a free band playing, only thing was it was hard to keep up with them and a little nerve racking to think you are responsible for so many other peoples kids!!!! We were only there five minutes before Syd lost us and found one of our friends and had them call my cell phone!!!! Still it all worked out and they had a blast. They all had their faces painted and got tattoos, they had Icie's and they danced like whirling dervishes. All the greats, the Electric slide, YMCA and the hokey pokey... which we Brits call the hokey cokey.

The band played Happy Birthday for Sydney which tickled her to death. Then when they lit the luminaries and had the little moment of silence they asked if any one wanted to come up on stage and say something about their personal experience with cancer. Sydney thought about it for a minute and then asked me if she could go up and say something. Of course!!! So she got up there and told the crowd that she was there to honor the memory of her Grandpa. I was so touched and I know that he's watching over her and is about the proudest guy in heaven right now. I just hugged her until she told me I was squeezing too tight!!!!

We then gathered up the Chiclets and took them home (thanks for the van, Holli) where we had cake and opened the gifts... or was it the other way round. Yeah, good idea Ali, get them all hopped up on sugar at ten o'clock at night. Smooth move!!!! So they jumped around her bedroom for an hour or so before I decided to call it a day myself. I left them to it after and very long discussion about who was sleeping where. OK all is well... good night.... uh what time is it??? Five am. and I think Hannah Montana is giving her own very personal performance right in my house??? Could it be true???? Nope, just Katie entertaining the girls!!!! So they were politely asked to be quiet for a little longer and let us get some rest. Not happening. I eventually gave in around seven and made them some monkey bread, cereal and bananas for breakfast. The monkey bread didn't turn out, mostly because I didn't follow the directions and all I got was some soggy brown sugary dough.

The girls had all finally left around ten am. Sydney went with a couple of the girls and Steve and I breathed a sigh of relief. Peace at last. I'm exhausted but happy it went smoothly and absolutely elated that they all got along so well. No squabbling or tattle tailing!!! They're all good kids though and I think Sydney loved every minute of it, she's snoring on my bed right now as I type this. I wish I was although I have managed a little cat nap here and there!!!
Glad we did it, glad it's over for another year!!! Ashley's birthday is in a month and no there will be no slumber party for her, at least not just yet.


Rebecca said...

Sorry Hannah Montana kept you up! She told us later that she had gotten scared & couldn't go to sleep...little noodle! Glad you survived it.

McGillicutty said...

I guessed you must be Sally, that's my Mum's name so I was a little confused at first and asked her if she's been blogging!!!

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