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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blah ,,,,, again....

Reasons to feel blah this morning........

  • It's cloudy and kind of gray outside.

  • My sinuses are attacking my very being!

  • I have to organize a dinner for about 60 women tonight and I can't find my smile.

  • Steve is out of town.

  • Sydney has some type of mysterious tummy thing going on.

Reasons not to feel blah this morning......

  • My Shih Tzu's love me and I love them.

  • Ashley talks to her pink blanky.

  • I love my job and know when I get there all will be well.

  • Steve will be home tonight.

  • The dinner will go swell and everyone will congratulate me when I didn't really do anything.

  • I know the sky will clear up and it will be 90 degrees by lunchtime, this is GA.

  • Someone will come into the office and make me laugh.

  • Someone will come into the office and I will make them laugh.

  • I will eat something sinful for breakfast like a chicken burrito!!!!!

OK the good outweighs the bad I feel better already and can move on to be Super Ali. :o)

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