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Thursday, May 14, 2009

When good parents go bad...

OK we're getting close to the end of the school year here in South GA and it's about time too. As I have mentioned before there are just too many things going on and too many places to be and why the hell are they still going to school when they're not really "working" still anyway??? They are partying, talent showing, water daying etc etc. All this leads to tired grumpy kids that whine all the time except while they are at school having all this fun I am sure.

This is where the bad parenting comes in... I am thinking to myself "well they can stay up a little later, it's still light, they don't have homework or exams, we have this thing or that thing to take them to." Then when they are exhausted and the sound of their little voices is like nails on a chalk board I hate myself for letting the schedule slide so much!!! I am desperate for an early night, some much needed sleep, a morning when I can wake without and alarm and gaze at the bluebirds on my shoulder like an Ambien commercial!!! All I can hear is "i don't wanna go to beeeeeedddddddd, go to sleeeeepppp, I need a ddrriiinnnnkkkk, I need my blllaaannnkkkyyyy"
Arrrgghhhhh. Can't they just climb into bed, close their eyes and drift off into la la land? I know I could given half the chance.... this is where Steve comes charging in on his white steed and gets the book out for a nite nite story, settles them down and lets me come in here to cool my heels in blog land.

And now lovely readers I am going to check out a couple of other blogs and check into Hotel Dreamland!!!! Excellent!!!!

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