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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh the light at the end of the tunnel....

We're almost there folks.... two more days of this hell and we're done. Yesterday was like a roller coaster, I was everywhere and no where all at the same time. Syd had her "career" day... pictures will follow... Ash had her "talent" show... pictures too will follow. The kids did different things after school and we all met up later to watch Ashley's video of the talent show before bed.  Which may well be AFV worthy!!!

Sydney got mad because she has had a paper in her book bag for the last few days that I HAVE TO's a questionnaire from the school superintendent regarding race and ethnicity.  Yep, that is crucial to my child's education apparently and they are terrorizing her in order to get me to complete it.  They are holding her report card ransom for the completed questionnaire.... OK that's just childish, especially when I know she has a perfect report card so I don't care if I see it or not! What does it matter whether she's Hispanic or Hawaiian???? 

I am getting fatter by the minute and can't figure out if it's because of all the stress lately, the lack of exercise, the addiction to blogging or the donuts that were brought into the office yesterday?? I am about to embark on another make Ali skinny program.  Or at least make myself not the blogging blob I have become.  Maybe we should change it from blogging to blobbing... maybe I need an "app" where I can talk into it while I am walking or exercising, then plug it into my USB and, boom, it's up there beautifully laid out in the blogosphere for all to enjoy. Knowing my luck such a gadget would record all the heavy breathing and the stumbling and cussing while I am trying to "shed the pounds" like a dog shedding hair....could it be that easy????

Gotta go and get another day of bedlam under way, water day, ice cream day and mother's 19th nervous breakdown day!!!!!  Au Revoir.

p.s. about the spell check, one day I am going to use the suggestions because they are sometimes hilarious, so if you see random words that don't make sense that's what I have done. Keep up will ya. 


Mandy said...

Please just fill out the stupid form!!

Believe me we are tired of hearing about it too :)

McGillicutty said...

ok ok I did it already!!! thanks girlfriend.

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