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Friday, May 22, 2009

Does your car have a name???

When we got rid of my '98 Plymouth Voyager.... yep..ugly blue thing, we bought a brand spankin' new Jeep and I love it.  The girls and I named her Flower, husband kept out of that whole naming the car thing.  Ashley likes to talk to Flower now and again but that's just an Ashley thing. 

It occurred to me this morning how kind of attached you can get to your vehicles and how they become a little of who you are.  There are lots of random (over used word but appropriate in this instance) things in my vehicle.  Examples..... a large green pepper shaped tray, various toys, an assortment of shoes, table runners (must get them to Mandy), floaties (the armbands the kids wear to swim in), bird seed(who am I, Mary Poppins?), a bikini (don't spit your coffee out it's obviously not mine) and crumbs of all shapes and sizes.  So you see there's always something to rattle around or fiddle with, no matter how many times I promise to clean out my car on the weekend it just either never happens, or on the occasions I do get to clean it out, it's right back to where it was within a matter of two journeys.  Holli keeps her vehicle nice and clutter free so last night when she graciously gave Ashley a ride, the kid told her "Miss Holli, there's nothing fun in your car!!".

This morning we played music loudly on the way to school because we were all in a good mood... yep finally... the last day of school.  After throwing them out in the drop off lane I turned off the cd player and then it started to sprinkle outside. I wished I had a long drive ahead of me because I love the peace of driving without the radio, especially when it's raining just enough to put the wipers on medium and they swish back and forth, hypnotizing you into a wonderful sense of oneness with your Jeep.  OK yes I know I've finally lost it but for a few minutes there it was perfect, just me, Flower and the rain, and I thought to myself.... "and breathe!!".

feel free to leave comments and let the world know what your vehicle means to you. 


julochka said...

my vehicle means much less than it once did. we have an ancient toyota and with car taxes at 150% in denmark, we keep nursing it along because it's both paid off and reliable. we never wash it and never change the oil, b/c at the rate it uses oil, we figure it doesn't need changing.

but i had a boyfriend lo so many years ago in orange county and he happened to be a two porsche kind of a guy and so i got to drive the black (non-turbo) one. and that was pretty cool.

if i had my choice and the taxes weren't 150%, i'd have an audi A4.

McGillicutty said...

Good Lord!!! We were so like that with the van, it leaked oil so we'd just top it up once a month and I was afraid that if I was to wash it the thing would fall apart. Also it only had a sliding door on one side which was a constant source of embarassment at the school drop off and pick up, the teachers would wait for it to close by itself... not gonna happen.
If money were no object I would most certainly drive some kind of a German car, I loved my Golf!!!!

Jan said...

Hi thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Most kind.
A long time since I was 'at one' with a car, but I know what you mean.

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