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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not so sad after all.

OK so my little foray into blogging etc has met with mixed responses. Some people tell me they love it and visit regularly to catch up on my ramblings and at the other end of the spectrum are the nay sayers who all seem to use the word "sad". It's funny, the positive responders are all using different colorful adjectives and encouraging comments, the others are all simply using the word "sad".

Well tonight I am taking some time to leave the dishes until later, let the kids stay up a little longer and I have spent maybe an hour investigating "webmasters" and a new picture program. It's all very mind boggling but challenging. Can I teach myself how to run a website? Can I make sense of all the stats and actually figure out how Google use their "spiders" for "crawling". If I can indeed master all this stuff then I may start to have my sight appear in searches on Google. I may even learn how to get it to be the first thing to pop up when you Google Mid Life Mama's.

Who knows one day I may conquer the WWW. It's all really interesting but tricky so this may take more than a week to learn, by that time I may just lose interest and be onto the next thing. I don't have the longest attention span in the universe. Right now this whole thing is fantastic fodder for my creative cravings so I'll stick with it and see if I can make it to the 'Blogs of Interest" page on google. That's my short term goal at least. I have been looking at some other blogs and I really like them, it doesn't take as long as reading a book but you get that "feel good factor" reading about other peoples lives. So stick with me, there may be some changes to the site in the coming weeks but just go with the flow people, you never know you may even like it.

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