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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ramblings from the Drop Off...

Sounds like Postcards from the Edge right? alas nothing so dramatic, these are the thoughts I have while I drop the kids off at school (when I'm not marvelling at foxes being chased by jack russells).

  • what do the numbers that people add to their license plates, email addresses, passwords, pins mean? Some are obvious, a friend with a 6 in her email address has four kids so the six means the whole family right, there was a license plate this morning with a girls name16; there was a dude driving it? Is this his daughters car and she is 16? Has he dated 16 girls with that same name? is his girlfriend 16? what's the deal? My brother's email has 180 in it? He's not 180 lbs, or 180 stone?? Has he done a compete 180? not that I can see?

  • Why are the school buses like big yellow bully's? They always assume they have the right of way(mybe they do and I just don't know it) they come in three's and fours and intimidate us tiny Jeep drivers. They are loud and stinky!!

  • My clock in the car is three minutes slow and it bothers the absolute living daylights out of me. That three minutes in the morning is crucial to my very being, I have tried to reset the thing and it just won't work. Do I look like a total anal maniac and take it back to the dealer because the clock causes me to be three minutes off my schedule occasionally? I have tried not to look at it but it's like a zit, I can't stop obsessing over it.

  • Only one more week of this madness left and I will go back to enjoying a more laid back kind of morning, the one with the bluebirds and freshly made baked goods smelling all delicious and fattening.

  • Why did that person honk me in the line at the light? We couldn't go anywhere and we don't live in NY, NY so shut the hell up already!!!!

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