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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cuttings on a blog: Where is home?

Cuttings on a blog: Where is home?

This post spoke volumes to me and I'm sure that the wonderful B won't mind me linking to it.  She tells it exactly how it is!! I have often felt the same way.  

I think I have now reached a point in my life where here is where home is, mostly because we have created a safe, sound environment for our kids and feel it's extremely important that they have a place called home.  When they are grown this will be their "home". You turn a corner when you start a family and it all goes from "us" to "them" and back to a big fat "US" again, only this time the US is all of us.  That will make sense to anyone with kids who are no longer babies but little persons with opinions and thoughts and most of all input, we have two that will always have their input believe me!!! especially Thing 2 as she's now calling herself. 

So what can I tell B and others like her?  I don't know that we world travellers will all have the same outcome,  some learn to live in harmony with their new surroundings, some go home to where they grew up, and still more like Hubby and myself,  well we just wandered til we found somewhere that felt somewhat like home to both of us and then stopped. 

I am definitely seeing a trend here in the blogosphere; there are a lot of transplants as I like to call them...we must all have more in common than we realize???? Hhhmmm now there's something to blog about. 


jane said...

hey there. personally i always feel a little like an outsider. in spain and also when i go "home" to the states. i miss large chunks of time there and always feel a little out of it. it´s hard to explain, but everyone who lives outside their country tells me the same thing. My kids feel comfortable everywhere. And that´s the most important thing. o.k. now i´m rambling. happy monday!:)

Mari Mansourian said...

it's nice to know that you have found that "home" feeling :)

McGillicutty said...

Jane; I don't think I had even figured out until now that you are not native to Spain although I had the thought that your English is great! I always seem to get you and B confused???
Marinik.. thanks for stopping by, I really have found home and think we'll stay for a while.

julochka said...

but ultimately home is where your books are. :-)

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