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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's all in my head... or at least it used to be

So here's the thing, I used to walk around constantly narrating in my head to myself, making the most mundane of things into a dramatic paragraph for my next book.  You know, taking milk from the fridge became all bejewelled in lovely adjectives and had a dramatic ending with a twist the reader would never have guessed in a million years.  I dreamed of talking with Terry Wogan, David Frost and later Oprah about the jet set life of this millionaire writer whom everyone wanted a piece of.  It makes your life just that little bit more over the top, like wearing a feather boa to work or something... it's just a wee bit of glam where homely is the norm.  
So now here I am still doing it, but openly, in front of cyber friends and cyber family, hoping to create something. I am not really any good with hot glue and ribbons so I turn to my blog and embroider words to make you think, laugh or just to catch up with how we as a species live and relate to one another.  Mostly because I am a great people watcher or more to the point people listener.  They say the darndest things don't they... people in general that is!!! There are trillions of us on the planet and with a look,  a gesture, a word we can change the lives of others, either for a second or a lifetime. The following are examples......
We had to take a long drive today because Sydney had a doctors appointment, Ashley sat in the front on the way there and merrily chatted about "Ashley World" a place in her head where all the Ashley's live especially Ashley Tisdale, she told me how her and Ashley T. would sing songs and be rock stars in Ashley world.  She also said this..." I hate to tell you this Mama but I was running at the Y pool yesterday and the lifeguard called me over and told me not to do it". This child is almost 5 (next week) and says things like "I hate to tell you this Mama"!!!! 
Sydney sat in the front on the way back and chatted about all kinds of things... she's happy to have met the doc and isn't so afraid of the surgery any more.  She liked the way the road curved and we could see farms and all kinds of different landscapes on the way home. She loves her sitter for the summer and is having the best of times.  Then she went into a big explanation as to why she didn't like one of the towns we drove through on the way home. I won't mention it in fear of offending anyone who lives there... but believe you me... no one living there is reading a blog!!!!  She told me how it's all gray and that T-ville is so colorful, then she told that she feels so sorry for one of her friends from the Y because her family moved there!!! Heaven forbid!!! I wanted to tell her that you can get so much more for your money in real estate there but I guess at 8 years old she doesn't care... there's no color so we're never going to live there. 
These are the kinds of conversations you cherish, the kind that need to be archived somewhere in a journal (or blog) so you can reflect back on them later and show them to your kids.  They may not remember the actual conversations but hopefully they might remember taking a car ride with you and vaguely making a connection with you on that car ride. 
So all in all I would say today was a success... my inner ramblings have had time to manifest and come out into hopefully some kind of interesting post of the day.  I have had a little time to reflect (that's a necessity to sanity) and I have preserved the memory of the day. Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Bon Soir!!!! 

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