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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bloggidy Blog Blog....

Lately I have been checking out some other bloggers.. in fact I have been blurking!!! Pelham, I hear you laughing from here!!!

There are some really interesting people out there but they are like me and they're sitting in front of the computer instead of telling their life stories while with buddies at the bar or something. Believe me, I would rather be spouting my rambling bull crap over a couple of cocktails with friends but the thing is, if you do say something hilarious and you all laugh a lot you never remember what the funny thing was later!!!! You just remember laughing. Which brings me to one of my favorite sayings... "people won't remember what you said, or what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel". I learned that in a previous job and it's stuck with me, kind of an Ali motto. Something to live by, so if I love you and you're a friend I will try and make you feel good, if I don't then vice versa!!! not really, just larking around.

Anyway check out some other blogs and if you're a google member you can go to "Blogs of Note" that's where I started. I am currently following a chick from Denmark and one from Australia. I was consumed with envy when I saw the Aussie chick's layout but her Blog is kind of mommy oriented in a not so interesting way, so I am quickly going off her. I could easily got to and read the stuff she's writing. I want something a little juicier, more gossip even if i don't know the gossipees. More fun and sarcasm... you know what I mean, don't you???? Happy reading everyone, let me know if you find any good ones.

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hmm. attractive thoughts!

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