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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What in the world???? Why is you can be ticking a long quite nicely and then just out of the blue, BAM, you wake up and it's a shitty day. The girls this morning would not cooperate, I feel tired and miserable, the sky is overcast threatening rain!! blah blah blah.

Today is Teacher Appreciation day apparently, something I didn't know about until I turned the little school calendars over yesterday in preparation for the last few weeks of school. Yes I know I should have turned them last Friday but I was a little busy with Sydney's birthday people. So I am not prepared, at all, I love their teachers and really do appreciate them. The fact that I get them to school every day on time, check on their homework, send items for projects, volunteer to chaperon field trips and communicate regularly on their progress should show the teachers that I am appreciative. No, not according to Hallmark, I have to do a little something extra today. Well there's just too much going on and I didn't get to this one. Sorry. Those of you who are teachers reading this will probably hate me for ever more. The whole thing about it is that now I will feel bad for the rest of the day, wishing I had made some cupcakes last night or sent a card in their book bags. Just something..... well.... I sent a lame old e-card just to ease my conscience a little. Woo Hoo. Mrs. Donna will love and cherish it for the rest of her life!!! not.

So... now I have it out of my system and can go back to feeling miserable for the rest of the day and hopefully tomorrow's blog will be a little cheerier. I doubt it though, tonight I am juggling an open house at Syd's new school for next year and an Exec Board meeting of the JSL. Siggghhhh.

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