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Friday, May 8, 2009

Oprah feeding the country....

So....she's at it again. Instead of creating riots about chicken dinners why doesn't Oprah just give trillions of dollars to Obama so that he can balance the budget? I don't get it? But I will get it, I am as hungry as the next guy and I'll be at KFC gettin'my chicken on... oh yeah!!!

Today is Friday already... great... I need a quiet weekend at home just me and my 'puter. I am slowly getting heavily involved in this here bloggin' thing and hope to really study up and spend some time on it this weekend. I also hope to get out there with my camera and take some cool pics of T-ville and surrounding area (as well as my super model beauty queen kids).

Last night Sydney and I did a little karaoke together...poor Steve and Ashley, oh and I apologize to any of the neighbors who could hear us. It's a McGillicutty thing and we love it. Steve has been home earlier in the evenings lately and I have to tell you people it's doing wonders for our marriage and our family life. I think even the dogs are enjoying this new found togetherness. He was home when we got back from baton practise last night and we all enjoyed dinner together, then a little singing off key, followed by bath time and story time. What an idyllic life we lead. Stay tuned folks.... looking forward to some creative genius this weekend!!!

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