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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Happy Happy times....

Sydney is quite the water baby!!!!! 

Steve had more fun with the sparklers than anyone! 
Three generations of Hutchisons.....
More sparkler fun with Steve!!! 

It's Memorial Day here in the States and we get to have a long weekend of rest, relaxation, fun, food, fireworks and FRIENDS!!!!!!  lots of great friends gathering to enjoy each other's company. 

Yesterday we went over to my employer's house with a whole bunch of friends, I call him my employer because he doesn't use the word boss and he's definitely created an office of 'family'. They are like family to me, everyone is close and we tend to move as a unit, we work together and play together.  It's a strange harmonious arrangement which I hope will never change.  We even had someone there who no longer works for him but she is still part of the family, and now a good friend to me too.  The inner circle gets bigger and bigger, of course there were other families there who don't actually work for Hutch but do have a long history of being friends... once a friend always a friend I guess. 

The kids swam in the pool all afternoon, we had a delicious spread (of course) he is well known for his grilling skills and the notoriety is well deserved. There's never a shortage and it's all just mouthwatering stuff that as he puts it "makes your tongue wanna slap your brains out"!!! We all talked and laughed and had the best time.  It was so relaxing and wonderful.  After a short downpour the kids got out of the pool, got dressed and it was time to have sparklers and catch toads. Can't beat it!!!  Memories that will last a lifetime... and of course I can come back here and revisit the afternoon whenever I want to. That's the beauty of this online journal we call a blog. 

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B said...

Ah, yes, that's one of the beauties of blogging. You're so lucky to have found a family at work!

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