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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My layout....

I am thinking of changing my layout but there are so many out there to choose from! This comes about after seeing Holli peering at the screen with her eyes all screwed up, I asked her what the hell she was doing and she replied "reading your blog!". So I reviewed it and the print is kind of small and italic-y.

I am going to check out a few other layouts before I make my final change and so if you see some weird stuff here over the next few days just bear with me???? or is it bare with me??? neither one seems to look right does it???? note to self... consult the dictionary and thesaurus before using that phrase again.

Tonight went well other than the damn caterers brought the food and ran. No set up and no servers so it was a little hectic for a minute and I though it was going to come to blows at the cheesecake end of the table. Another note to self... not doing it next year so don't really give a shit.

Sydney confided in me tonight for the first time about how she feels on the subject of boys. Oh Lord!! I am so not ready for this!!! She sounds like me all over again and I don't know how not to sound lame when I tell her that her time will come. She's shy and so was I.... however... at the tender age of 28 I married my soul mate so I hope she will wait and find Mr. Right a little later in life than second grade. She is so beautiful inside and out I hate for her to feel like just because some snotty nose eight year old doesn't know she exists, she'll never find a boyfriend. She told me that when she's a teenager she won't have a boyfriend either!!! Why is this so important at eight years old... it makes me want to slap her class mates and ask them what the hell is wrong with my daughter but at the same time I am glad because as my mother told me... "the older you are, the better choice you will make". And she was right of course, so that's what I am going to tell Sydney and hope it heals her heart for now anyway.

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