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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corner View "coffee" Thomasville, GA

This is our beloved coffee machine at work (probably the only place I actually drink coffee). We have a great selection of coffee and hot chocolate to choose from, clients LOVE it!!!

Ahhh... this is what a beautiful cappucino looks like fresh from the machine, I wish you could smell it!!! The machine makes one fresh cup at a time.

How do you say, "two coffees with milk" in your corner? Hey, it´s up there with "please," "thank you," and "toilet?" (Or in your dream vacation spot.) ...I'd have to say that no one ever utters those words, most Americans drink it black or ask for a Latte. Of course there's all the variances you can have at the local Starbucks... i find it totally intimidating therefore avoid them.

What are the most popular ways to drink coffee? see above, it's both ends of the spectrum really and depends on what the current trend is.

How do you take your coffee? I like it to have bold flavor and I add lots of cream, lately I have been adding a little sugar.... never sweetner... yuk!

French press, percolator, espresso, or other? Love French press but alas my Bodum is no longer, so I go for the cappuchino from the wonderful Flavia machine.

Are you a dunker? I'd have to say no although it has been known.

What was the funniest topic of conversation over a recent cup of coffee? Well it's hard to say there are so many in the office, most of which we can't talk about here. There was a time when myself and a coworker over heard our boss tell another man that he was holding his thing and of course this led to a lot of hilarity. It's never good in the retelling but had you been there, you too would have snorted coffee down your nostrils.

You can find more views here. Next week´s theme comes from Cele and is "cityscapes." Thanks Cele! Sophie would you mind going next? Have fun everyone! I´ll catch up with you all next week. Besos!
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Jeannette said...

Great to have a new corner to go to every week!
I will come back later to read more.
Have a great day, Jeannette

Allison said...

I'm laughing internally about the machine at work... that is so American. My husband says that Americans drink their coffee black because it is so weak. (needless to say, he is not a fan) Is the Starbuck's thing too many choices? I really don't like their tea... very tasteless. Enjoyed your post.

kyndale said...

Oh, I always thought my daughter would love a pen pal. She is 10 1/2 and wants to be a writer when she grows up. Love the post on coffee!

Anonymous said...

looks like yummy coffee! if you can just figure out one thing at starbucks you like, you can just keep ordering it over and over again like this: i'd like a tall decaf latte with skim milk, please!" and i only order it like that after i've had about 10 regular cups at home - full strength!

Palmer and Co said...

Oh, too funny! The conversation that is!

Happy Day!


Kari said...

That cup of coffee looks great and I can only imagine that it smells great.
I love Starbucks and go often but I still get intimidated by all the coffee lingo.
Thanks for sharing.

caitlin said...

Mm, I wish I were there to smell it too. That's my favorite part. Great post!

McGillicutty said...

I was thinking this morning at about ohhh 4am. that actually it always smells better than it tastes. Oh well.

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