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Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am a big John Travolta fan, always have been, except maybe when he did that weird Ron L. Hubbard movie which thankfully I never did see. Anyway, years ago when my darling hubby was a government contractor and flew all over the globe with the Special Operations Command, he had some friends who did some flight training for their Boeing 707 in Texas. Well there's only one facility for this kind of training and JT (that's what us mega fans call John Travolta) happened to be there. His jet is a 707 and he was looking for some people to come and help him out on flights from time to time, so Steve's buddies gladly volunteered... uh YEAH!!!!!!!

Knowing that I am such a big fan one of his friends, Tony, very graciously got me a signed picture from JT....yes people Johhny Boy, the Urban Cowboy, Vinnnie Barberino, Danny Zucko, Michael....he wrote my name ALI with his own beautiful hand. For about five seconds he knew my name!!!!!!!! Tony will forever by in my hero hall of fame.

I had that picture in a frame at home for a few years, then decided to take it out and use the frame for a picture of my adorable girls. Steve would make fun of me sometimes. Then one day I was rifling through the closet for something and I came across my wonderful JT again, so I decided to take it to work with me. I have it on the desk behind me so that people can see it when they come into the office. He is quite the conversation starter, people always ask me how I got it. One client even told me he has met JT and he brought in a picture of him and the big man which I have placed with my signed pic. Then last week a lady came in who I have known for about three of four years, she used to be one of my clients at the Bank and I just love her. Well her daughter was with her from Florida and guess what? yep, she has a picture of her and John too so she's going to drop it by to add to the collection!!!! hahahahaha. Who'd have thunk it??

So if you happen to have a picture of you with the man himself, or even just a candid shot that you snapped somewhere let me have it. I will add it to the ever growing collection and get into the Guinness Book of Records or something!!!!! Say what you will about John Travolta but he'll always be my main man.


sally said...

I remember watching him on Welcome Back Kotter....My first movie was Grease. BOY! Did i have a crush on him! Memories.

Lindsay said...

Love it. Love it even more that my husband thought you were talking about him... haha!

Ali McGillicutty said...

I know it always makes me smile when you call him JT!!!!!

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