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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I have learned this week..... or sometime lately....

Once again my blog is inspired (copied) from the Duchess Julochka

She's a tiara wearing Anglo-Dane with a great sense of blog, much like I am an AngloalmostAmerican with a developing sense of great bloggyness. I think I can climb to the lofty heights of Blog Royalty and perch there with my wonderful self, writing and taking pictures and generally having fun in cyberspace... oooohhh the thought makes me giddy!!! You'd be right to assume at this point I am full of it....  now here's the stuff I've learned which hardly makes me a scholar!!! 
  • Drinking red wine from this glass that my good friend Holli gave me for my birthday makes me happy.... for one it's big.. always good in a Red glass.... and secondly it's shiny, happy people and should not be reserved for one day a year. 
  • I have learned that there is no longer a day without rain in GA. Why then, did I move from England if I have to endure the rain here? What was the point? Other than this is real rain, good hard rain with thunder and lightning and all the sounds that make you want to lay in bed with a cup of soup. OK there are other things here like friends, family and my adorable shih tzu's, the rain can stay! 
  • This week has been just as busy without school as it was with it. It doesn't matter whether it's Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring if you're a mother of two you're gonna be busy. Get over it or get under it, whatever you have to do just do it.  This is real life and when you read that little blue stick (or whatever it is now) you better brush up in reading, writing, playing go fish, taxiing (does that have two I's) (two eyes... hahaha). Get some practice in on sports of all kinds, they want to try everything and they never want to do the same thing.  Get cracking on your craftyness (all that stuff you forgot about in your oh so chic twenties) it's back and in a big way;  kids won't stand for anything short of a Blue Peter proportioned effort.  My sister earned a Blue Peter Badge (of course) but that's a whole other blog.
  • If I drink from my Super Mom mug I really do become Super Mom and no one can tell me otherwise, even if I do occasionally forget to feed my kids, or forget where I left them???? particularly if that mug holds red wine!! 
  • I am still master of the dirty one liner, like "What's wrong with your package?" or "Courtney, come and look at my pickle!".  
  • This year there are predictions of a plague of roaches and a mighty influx of mosquito's... uh yes people, we live in Georgia.. it's a given.  All I seem to have seen are tons of are toads!!! not surprising considering all the rain and that once again people we live in Georgia.
  • I learned that there are false eyelashes being purchased at a Mac store every 15 seconds.... I thought we were in a recession???? or is this a tool to help those trying to gold dig their way out of recession??? 
  • Jon and Kate are apparently no longer John AND Kate but Sometimes John and Sometimes Kate plus Eight.  Without the eight they would not have become famous so please give these kids some consideration and get over your selfish selves already.
  • And finally... I could go on all night, this is fun!!! However there's always a finally, and this one is that life is probably best looked at from underneath a Hello Kitty Ball Cap!!!! 


julochka said...

i totally get the mac eyelashes thing. they're awesome.

and if i said something about a lack of computer savvy on the part of the candidate for child blogging partner, i'm sorry, b/c i didn't mean to say that...i know the mom from my days in microsoft, so i think the 'puter skills are in order. :-) i think it may more have been the 5-month-old little brother drooling on the keyboard that could be an issue...

i love that you think i'm anglo- rather than amero-. that's excellent and means my vocab is going in the right direction. but i'm afraid i'm born and raised in south dakota.

McGillicutty said...

oops.. probably was thinking way too far ahead as usual!!! Course you're AmeriDane, right??? thanks for stopping by. Ali.

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