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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ninety Nine Red Balloons.....

Did anyone ever get that song???? This is my 99th post, woo hoo. Really I don't care how many posts I have, everyone of them is a little celebration for me. I don't think I'll ever go back and read them ALL?? so onwards and upwards is what I say. Ninety Nine is a funny thing though when you think of it. Like why do they add 99 cents and 99 pence to items in the shops? I say ooohhh this is only $3.99 what a bargain, would I still want it if it were $4.00?? Are there ninety nine things you want to do before you turn 99??? will I live to see 99??have any of my relatives ever reached the grand old age of 99??? don't know the answer to that one, so far we don't seem to be a family of long livers....we are heavy drinkers so there's a pun there somewhere. All Brits are drinkers so I don't feel's in the genes there's no escaping it.

So for my ninety ninth post there's nothing to give away, no competitions and no awards. Just a note of thanks to the people who pass by here randomly and read the quirky thoughts I so clumsily put out there. I am enjoying this new found outlet for my creative side... I am learning from others, learning from myself, pondering more about everyday items and looking at things in a new light. I wish I had a better camera and more time to create things but that will come. Days like today are awesome.... not really 'cos Ashley is SICK people SICK... but it does mean that between cleaning up puke and getting her settled down again I can sneak some time in the blogosphere and do my 99th post in relative peace.

Things to do before turning 99........

Travel the world more, hubster wants to take me to Lake Tahoe, I want to take him to Scotland.

Meet John Travolta, he will just adore me!!

Fly in a helicopter, I have sat inside one but never been up there....

Visit Hawaii and fly over the volcanoes.... AWESOME MAN!!!!

Figure out the Picasa web pictures site... or just switch to something else.

Get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, we made it half way up and had to get out of there we were late for dinner!!! Dang!!!!

Get a Mac!

Win Lottery.

Lose 50 lbs!!!! That's a must!!! I have plans!!!

See Sydney and Ashley graduate from college. These are in no order by the way, this one is high on my list of priorities.

Have eight kids, have my own tv show and write a book... oops sorry that's someone else.

Retire at fifty and still have the will to get out of bed and actually shower and wear something decent to lunch downtown with other young retirees.

Celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary in Palma, Majorca and still be able to party like we did when we met!!! LOL. good times.

That's about it... I am sure there's plenty more I could write but sick child needs me.... au revoir mes amis!!!!


Mari Mansourian said...

wow, 99 huh, one away from the BIG 100.
I have an idea.....
So you get John Travolta to take you and hub on a world tour on one of his private planes, you land near the Eiffel, climb it, then swing back by to the volcanoes on the Hawaiian island, then to Lake Tahoe, and Scotland, and by some frieck accident, from being in the air so much you lose the 50lbs, then come back in time to see the collage graduations of said children, and win the lottery... and retire and enjoy the rest of the 99 years left.... too outrageous???..... nahhh :)

McGillicutty said...

LOL... love it!!! JT lives but only a few hours from me so I could just drop by and see what he's up to. Think Kelly would mind??

Unknown said...

Well, thanks to you for writing! Those are some big things you want to do before you turn 99! I like Marinik's plan!

Jeannette said...

No giveaway????? No award????? AAAAAAH! need....I love your blog anyway!
And looking forward to read about all your adventures with helicopters, John and the Eiffel Tower.
Big hug, Jeannette

McGillicutty said...'re welcome and there's a whole lot more before I turn 101!!!

Jeanette.... Maybe when I get to post 150 I'll give away a print of little dragon fly!!

Just Jules said...

oh good for you - celebrate for any reason I say and 99 posts deserves a celebration! yeahhhhhh yippy.

and no, I never did get that song, but I did do a gymnastics routine to it in 6th grade!

I did pop over here to tell you that the latest installment of Ask Jules is up - bring your friends and play along.

jane said...

congrats on 99. can´t wait to read the next 99. please meet john- i´d love to read about it:)...happy day!

Mari Mansourian said...

LOL.... just let me know when you plan on going I want to come to... :) ha ha... nice to dream though right??

spudballoo said...

Too funny, you're a Brit...well of COURSE you're a Brit. I knew there was a reason why I loved your blog. Me Brit too, how d'you do..?

Loads of cool stuff to do before you're 99, but I'm mostly in a moment of remembrance of 'that' song and feeling so uncool as a teenager compared with nina and her flipping 99 red balloons. Pah!

McGillicutty said...

Thanks guys... now it's your turn what do you want to do before you're 99.

spud, yes I am Brit thru and thru darling with a little south GA on top. it's the best mix imaginable!!! Thanks for stopping by... come again.

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