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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five questions from Miss cuttings on a blog...

My five questions from the lovely B are as follows.... some scenes may be disturbing and viewer discretion is advised....

B... What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Ali... well I am not known to be a morning person so this one is easy... i repeat my mantra... curses it's morning... that means getting up... curses it's morning...that means getting up! Then I do a quick reccy to see where everyone is, you see the McGillicutty's are terrible musical bedders in the night. Sometimes I wake up next to the handsome Mr McG... sometimes next to a fluffy headed daughter (sometimes two of them)... .sometimes there's a kid and a dog, sometimes two dogs....sometimes, two kids, a handsome hubby, two dogs and various blankies, toys and goldfish!!!!

B...What's your favourite place in the world?

Ali.... this is a really tricky one because wherever I am at that time usually is my fave place in the world unless it's Atlanta... no offense but I can't stand the place.. never have!!! So here are a couple of places I have really enjoyed... Spain... always had a blast in the Balearic's but who wouldn't??? Paris was awesome and I'd go back again and again and again. Adored New York city and would love to have spent more time there, it's on our to do list as Mr McG has never been (that's unbelievable considering what a world traveller he is). I think I am a city girl at heart but I do adore South GA.. it's just so hilarious.. there's always something weird going on that you just don't see anywhere else!!!

B....what's your first memory?

Ali... Why I am so glad you asked that see I have a very long memory and it goes back right to the time of when I was approaching two years old. We lived in a house that I can see in my minds eye like I just was there yesterday. I woke one night I guess after having a bad dream and couldn't seem to find my parents or three siblings in the night. I wandered around the house crying and then made it out to the back yard where I sat at the end of the garden crying until my mother came and got me. She talked to me about it the next day and told me how she'd heard my cries and could not believe anyone would have a baby outside at that time of the night.

B.....Why did you start writing your blog?

Ali.... for me it was a way of getting something about my life down in "writing", I always fantasize about writing a book about my life and this is like an easy way of doing it without critics in the Sunday papers. I had heard of blogging but hadn't really investigated it, I wanted to keep a journal but I'm too lazy for longhand. I just couldn't see having a word doc on the desktop... not creative enough. So I decided that the blog was the way to go, and so far I am loving it... it's like an addiction!!!! I hope I'm accomplishing my original goal and making people laugh, I love humor and I see something funny in just about every situation. My mother and I even managed a giggle at the elaborate caskets in the funeral home after my step father passed away!!!

B... What's your favourite season of the year and why?

Ali....I don't really know if I have a fave, probably Spring in this part of the world. In Spring we start to warm up a little and it's not too humid. The flowers begin to bloom and the whole city is beautiful with vibrant colors in the azaleas and the roses. There's a million things going on in S. GA at this time and it's almost like we're awakening after a hibernation. The mornings are still crisp and then it warms to beautiful sunny afternoons followed by fragrant evenings.
Lately though I have had a hankering for snow... this winter I ached to head north and see some snow and let the kids play in it. We didn't get away but hopefully next year we will. I grew up in Scotland where we had snow almost every winter and I remember the complete quiet it brings and how it sparkles under the street lights. My girls have never seen snow and I sooo want to show it to them.

Well that's it for my five questions.... hope you enjoyed this "meme"... .if you want to join in just let me know and I'll send you five more questions to answer on your own blog... come on now don't be shy.

Thanks B for the questions... I so admire your blog and loved answering these questions. Muchos Gracias my


rxBambi said...

Great answers to some fabulous questions! I'll try to make mine different...I love that you never know who youre going to wake up to :)

spudballoo said...

ME ME ME CHOOSE ME, BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!! Giggle, er yes please I'd like to play pretty please...

I'm with you on early mornings, yuck I hate getting up. And Spring. And the reasons to blog, and giggling. oh I have a medical NEED to giggle, alot. I also enjoy black humour....;-)

Where is South GA, I'm geographically challenged. Help!

McGillicutty said... morning I woke up to John Travolta...and then I woke up!!!!

Spud...of course you're geographically challenged you live in Suffolk!! S. GA is the capital of the Universe and sits right above Florida. I'll post a map so you can sleep at night knowing where your long lost Siamese twin is. :o))))

Unknown said...

Great answers! I love that you don't know who you'll wake up with ! :) And your first memory is hilarious and sweet! Thanks for playing!
PS. I think your reason for blogging is great, a book without the hassle!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I love paris and nyc. I make it to nyc a couple times a year but really really want to go back to paris again. And of course if I travel all that way, I'll be sure to check out spain.

Anonymous said...


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