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Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm baaaaccckkkkk!!! missed me?????

Hello, it's me and I'm back from what I am now referring to as the fabulous five.... five whole days of relaxing, swimming, fishing, tubing and sweating...yes folks it was constantly hovering around 100 degrees!!!! Whew!!! You'd think I would have lost some weight.... urgghh no!!!
We went there expecting to have a good time and we did, the girls had a great time in the pool and fished a lot... caught some little ones, then we went out after dark one night and managed to hook us some decent sized trout. Didn't keep them though, catch and release is our policy.
There's a little zoo there in Gulf Shores that we visited and we watched a tiger show.... pictures to follow... we also fed the animals.... pictures to follow.
His gorgeousness had a fantastic time at the Steely Dan concert while us girls stayed home and fished some more.... we really have this fishing thing down!! the kids are now quite accomplished at baiting and unhookin'.
There was one little unnerving moment when Mr Wonderful.... aka... Daddy... left his phone and wallet on the top of the car and then pulled out into a major highway, four lanes of traffic, and there it flying all over the place!!!!! An Emergency Management Guy stopped with us and helped retrieve the wallet from the road and chase some of the bills being blown around. Where was the phone???? still on top of the car!!!
All in all a good time was had by everyone and over three hundred pictures were taken, just waiting to be shared.... when I get a moment. I always feel like there's more to do at home after you get back from a break... right now I am still on a vacation high so I'll try and get to the pictures tonight.
Hope everyone else had a good weekend!!! and Happy Fathers day for yesterday!!!!!


jane said...

sounds like you had a great time! you have to show some fishing pictures! hugs-jane

McGillicutty said...

Your wish is my command!!!! Hope you're hanging in there sans kids... we're about to do that for the first time although not as far away. Hugs to you too Ali.

rxBambi said...

OMG I can picture you all running around after money! Didn;t happen to get that on film did ya? I'm glad it turned out ok and that no one was splatted :0
Cant wait to see pix!

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