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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Am I getting old or what?????

Here are some difinite indications that I am getting old.... it's sad but it's true.....

  • it took me longer to fiddle with ear buds and figure out the iPod than it did for me to actually exercise the other day

  • I actually told the girls that Mitchell Musso needs a haircut
  • I actually use the word actually way too much

  • I have a bathing suit with a skirt, LOL!!! (it does come off)

  • I need way more support on certain body parts than is socially acceptable

  • I am starting to hold things away from me in order to be able to read it

  • I looked around me in the department store where I was shopping the other day and I was the only one under 80....surely THEY were in the wrong department???

  • I'm often told how cute my grandchild is.... when I'm out with hubby!

  • I'm contemplating some Depends underwear for the boat rides when we're on vacation! it just makes sense to me now.

and finally....

Rod Steward in a banana hammock still does it for me!!! com'on i know he does it for you too!!!!!!!!


spudballoo said...

[hushed voice] oh no [/hushed voice]. Oh, it was all going so well with our friendship. You're hilarious, I'm banter...I return. And now you've flung in a love for Rod Stewart looking like a washed up old hag. Oh dear. I'm not sure we can be friends now? LOL

Your list resonates with me. I think I have a similar but different list, hmmm an idea for a blog post methinks.

Now, you need to pop down the optician and get some new glasses. And then to the Dr for some anti-bonkers pills since you are clearly deranged. OK? xxx

Mari Mansourian said...

I'm sooo there with you on most of this stuff.... boo-hoo... oh well let's drink to getting old gracefully ;)

McGillicutty said... win over Rod's wrinkles any day! Although it's going to be hard peeling that picture from over my bed!! hit the nail on the head, we need to drink to it!!!! Cheers!!!

Jeannette said...

Ohhh...this was way too funny to read while drinking. I blame you if my laptop explodes because of the coffee spills! ;)
And a word of comfort (well, it actually comforts me)...the whole list made me laugh because I recognize so much. You are not alone!
So yes...let´s have a drink..I need one now. Maybe we can all go on a cruise and get drunk while playing bingo?

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