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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Corner View.... Out my backdoor... Thomasville, GA

This weeks Corner View theme is what's out your back door/window.
I have decided to show you literally what I usually see from my patio (not a very grand patio) most of the summer I see the girls playing on the water slide or friends enjoying cook outs and drinks on the patio....good times. It's really funny here in the States because the men and women tend to break off into groups. Something we really didn't do much back home.

Either my thermometer is broken or for we never get temps lower than this in South GA in the summer time. I went out the other afternoon and it was well above 100 degrees, I really think I need a new one!!!!

OK, then I decided last week when it was raining that I would try and get some "different" shots for this weeks theme and these are what I came up with. The thought did cross my mind that I have to be nuts to be out there getting wet for the sake of my beloved Corner View!!! I love the way it looks so dark but it actually was only probably 5.30 in the afternoon, the darkness makes it more mysterious.. not like a suburban back yard in rural GA.

That's it for me folks... hope you enjoyed it... now why don't you visit some other Corner Views from around the world.... Jane you are awesome for inspiring this whole deal... 'til next week dahlings!!!!
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Ian said...

I really enjoyed reading that and clicking on your photos. I bet those burgers were good.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I'd love to join in with back garden normally consists of 2 small boys, cats, horses, loads of birds, a MILLION baby bunnies...will join in tomorrow. Just found your blog, love it!!

Unknown said...

I want to play in that bouncy castle! And the dark leaves are worth you getting out in the rain, me thinks!;)

Jeannette said...

Those are indeed good times in your garden .....a huge waterslide (I would love to try that one), good food (ok..also a fav) and a drink (absolute favorite)! ;)

Bonnie said...

you are committed to corner view !! :) getting out there in the rain !!! great shots though ! and my kids would love to come play on your water slide !!

caitlin said...

I love those first two pictures. In fact I think you really captured the fun times you were having through your photography. Great corner!

Janet said...

ooh! looks like fun!

jane said...

i want some BBQ! looks like so much fun! thank you dahling!

Joyce said...

It is funny all that we do for our corner view. I love your back view!! How fun to be on that slide during the warm months. Enjoy!

McGillicutty said...

ian, click away.. i always like a good click!!
spud... don't wait to be invited, check out Spain Daily, she is our awe inspiring inspiration. too, dark wet leaves are so moody.
Jeanette..back gardens were made for good times otherwise why have one .. and the waterslide was a fantastic investment.
Bonnie..yes I have to commit to something so why not this.
Caitlin.. they are some of my faves too, the girls are easy subjects is fun, thanks for stopping by
jane...anytime dahling you know you are always welcome.
Joyce...luckily we have a lot of warm months here and there's nothing but squeals and giggles when they are out there.
Thanks to all who stopped by.... I absolutely LOVE Corner View!!!! Muchos Besos!!!

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