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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ths Simple Things.

Here is my list of the simple things

tiny reminders of home, the pocket size souvenirs that the kids adore

favorite wedding picture

a story penned by a second grader

the imagination of a five year old

bright colored nail polish on a fresh pedi

the smell of a diesel engine

an embrace from a friend when you're too sad to say anything

that little moment of silence when you're sharing a remembered time or place with someone and you both get to thinking about it

Branston Pickle!!!!!

very cold white wine on a summer day

walking on the edge of the ocean and sinking your toes into the wet sand

clean sheets and freshly shaved legs (that's one I stole and now love!)

the smell of laundry after being air dried

the sigh of the dog when he plops down beside me

white noise

loud raucous laughter

clean, clear water in a stream where you can see the rocks and plants and fish under the surface

moments of inspiration that turn into pure genius

letters in the mail

unexpected presents (my mum is great at this, she doesn't even wrap them, just pops them in an envelope and mails them. this is how I get great lipsticks, earrings, bracelets just little stuff)

and finally the love of my life... not simple by any means but so uncomplicated and grounded..we simply fit.

now go enjoy the other simple things around the blogs..... and thanks for visiting...bon voyage!


Anonymous said...

Oh so PERFECT!! You nailed it, even down to the Branston pickle. I adore this list and am stealing it and printing it for my notice board. Oh the embrace of a friend with no back patting, just a warm embrace.....those shared remembered moments..white wine so cold it makes your teeth ache! Perfect!

My list looks a bit rubbish compared with yours. I should have thought about it a bit more, durr. But work stopped play today. Curses!!

McGillicutty said...

Are you kidding me?? I have just been on your page and had a fit!! Go check out my comments and look back at the tooth fairy secret.... LUV IT!!!

rxBambi said...

Pickels? PICKELS? No. No no no. Cant suffer the pickels. Everything else I'll agree with. No damn pickels. Ok?? Oh, and I love white noise. Puts me right to sleep...

marinik said...

love your list, unexpected presents i like too :)

Unknown said...

Great list! I love those British souvenirs!

McGillicutty said... don't understand it's a Brit thing, it's little veggies in a brown sauce similar to A1 but oh so much tangier and fruitier (kind of) I haven't met one American yet who likes it but I live for it!!!! Cheese and Branston sandwiches and ploughman's lunch.... you really need to get across the Pond!! :o)
Mari...thanks... you never know when a little something will brighten your day.
B. You must have lots of places in Oxford where you see these little things.. they are so cute!
Happy day!!

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