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Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley.... and do seacreatures have eyelashes?

Our little firecracker is now officially FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!! 

This is what's been keeping from my blog the last couple of days, I only ever get a minute to sit down and throw my thoughts into the blogosphere and this week those moments have been very few and far between.  Ashley awoke on her birthday in quite "the mood" not the happy little chick we're used to.  I think all the excitement of summer and her birthday took it's toll.  However, she managed to cheer up and we invited a couple of friends over to celebrate with her on Wednesday night.  Even if they didn't like the cupcakes a good time was had by all.  

Last night Ashley had a friend come over and spend the night, Steve made them Hotdog Octopus for dinner, which was delightful for them.  Ashley discussed each part of the octopus body she was eating and then posed the question..."do sea creatures have eyelashes?"...another thing to google when I have a minute.  

The dogs are finally fuzz free, I did a drive by the groomers and threw them out of the Jeep in the hope they'd land outside the shop and someone would realize why they were there!  The lady called me in the afternoon to tell me there was no hope for the ears, I agreed they were rather nappy and that there was nothing for it but to chop them off.... the mats that is.  This morning the girls got up early and were sitting on the couch intently staring at Mr. Mac, then Ashley turned to me and told me that they think he's having puppies because he isn't moving. I let her know that he's not having puppies he's just a lazy boy. 

And so it's Friday.... at last... although this week has flown by because I have been so busy, tomorrow morning is the official Birthday's at the pool so no clean up here for me. Then we're hosting a cook out with some good friends, ahhh good food, good wine and great company.. can't wait!!!!!!  Happy Friday y'all!!!! 


Jeannette said...

I hope I´m not too late...
Happy Birthday, Ashley
Happy Birthday, Ashley
Happy Birthday, dear Ashley
Happy Birthday to you!
Hip Hip Hoooooraaaaay
Have a great Birthday, Jeannette

McGillicutty said...

That is soooo sweet!! Thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

Let me know about sea creatures and eyelashes! I'm intrigued now!

jane said...

what a great cake! have a happy weekend! besos-jane

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