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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And how in the world do you actually TWITTER???

A ha .... yes I am feeling a little crabby at the moment. I am pretty satisfied with the whole blog thing but would like to take it a little further, be a tad more creative and a tad more involved shall we say.

This lead me to thinking OK I can twitter right.... little funny/sarcastic/quirky/bull crap comments out there in twits ville.... nothing to it...or maybe there is. I attempted my effort at Twitter while I was in Julochka's blog and she instantly became my friend or follower or whatever it is they have on twitter... then it was easy to find a couple of others that I regularly converse with in blogoshere.
Not so bad I thought... I can do this... although it was hard for me to squeeze all the spouting to just 120 characters or less. I didn't compose a thing before I had more followers just randomly popping up all over the place. This made me afraid.. very afraid; that just doesn't happen on the blog, you gradually build up followers and they are very nice, respectable people also sharing their lives in a nice respectable way. Not on the Twits..... they were arrghhh... wtf.... followers promising all kind of erotic and weird stuff... stuff I don't want to be partaking in on the net thank you very much. I was a Young Conservative for God's sake!!!!
So I immediately deleted my account and probably offended everyone that I had intended to add to my list of followers... no offence intended...I was just such a frightened little chicky in a big new world I know nothing about. I was out of my safety zone... out of my mind!!! It was a scary, scary episode that I don't want to repeat..... Surely it can't be so hard to do, I mean there has to be someway to make it private right?? or does that defeat the purpose???
Now onto something completely different.... I want to add some things to my blog... I figured out the little crabby thing at the top so I am sure there will be no stopping me from now on. Now if only I could figure out the whole Strike out thing I would be OK!!! OMG for a minute there I couldn't get the damn thing to stop and my whole blog was laying on the cutting room floor.
And finally... I think I love my pictures so much I am going to have to get them on Flickr... I can't really figure out Picasa... it seems I have the same pics on there a thousand times!! And blogger is great for one or two or five but what about the three hundred I lovingly edited after the little trip to the beach???? who's gonna see them???? The only alternative is to print each one and plaster them all over the house and invite everyone of you to come over and see them and drink wine. That's not a bad idea!!!! I'll get back to you on that one.
So my dearest bloggies out there.... please bear with me whilst (Brit word) I experiment and learn and see what I can do with all this. Any helpful hints and inspirations are always welcome believe me.... more than welcome. Adiós!!!!!!


Unknown said...

It took me a while to figure out Twitter, but I enjoy it now! See you on Flickr though!

McGillicutty said...

Well it may be a while before I Flickr... see I am not one to let things get the better of me and I grappled with Picasa last night and I think I may have it licked!!!

spudballoo said...

I heart Twitter! When someone adds you as a 'follower', check their profile...if they are random/mad/a mentalist etc then you just block them.

Flickr is the way forward, then I can see all your lovely photos. Huzzah. WHILST is a super word, n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

i have two twitter accounts so i feel like a psycho with split personalities - oh well! it's fun, and yes, the key is the block button - wouldn't you love to be able to do that in real life to annoying people BLOCK - gone!

McGillicutty said...

Spud... oui.. I love whilst.. husband makes fun of me for that one. I am actually liking Picasa now and you can still check out my pictures... I think you can just find me under McGillicutty... tell me if you do. X Ali.'s kinda like the easy button right? When I have more time I'll try again, it may be more than a simpleton like me can handle. hee hee.

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