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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interview with a would be Photojournalist......

RxBambi... What's the most outrageous thing you've ever done?

McGillicutty...I discussed this with hubby before answering and there are one or two things to choose from.... other than releasing this pic on my Blog... that's pretty outrageous in itself!!!
Anyhooo.... there was that time I vandalized a traffic sign in my home town in England to read "Texas 3000 miles" just before I left for my new life. Not entirely a waste of a good Estee Lauder lipstick because it lasted a number of years!!! hee hee.... or there's the time I posed as a crew member to get into a BBC set when they were filming some drama or other in the Cathedral grounds in Salisbury, always wanted a connection to the glamorous world of the British Broadcasting Corp!!!!

RxBambi What is your oldest memory?

McGillicutty ... I have already answered this one here, another one though from about the same time (at least in the same house) was getting in trouble for drawing stick people on the leaded light windows in the front room with nail polish. Rather creative I thought.... I can see a theme arising with me and using make up to deface things....

RXBambi If you could have a superpower what would it be, only 1?

McGillicutty... Definitely to be able to read the minds of others... all others... not just men, or cats or something but everyone within close proximity to me. I am (like a lot of other women) very paranoid about what people think of me, I don't know why because I'd love to say who cares and when I stop to think about it... I don't care. But now and again it creeps back, that little nagging voice in my head that says what the hell are they thinking right now. Would be funny to be able to hear what Peanut is thinking... her head has to be crazy in there!!!!!!!!!

RxBambi....When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Why didn't you? Or did you?

McGillicutty, I always had a desire to be a journalist, you know run around checking things out and writing about them. I loved to do book reports and write stories when I was in school, English and History were subjects that I pretty much excelled at without much effort.... that's me it's all about the lack of effort. Then at 14 I desperately wanted to fly Harrier Jump Jets in the Navy so I looked into it and at that time way back in the dark ages the Royal Navy would not put women into a war situation so I received a lovely letter from the Ministry of Defense telling me that they were putting the kibosh's on my dreams. So I became a boring old Civil Servant for a few years and then fell into Insurance and Banking where I have remained. The blog is my return to the writing/photography dream of my youth.. now if only I would get paid for this.
One attempt at Photojournalism failed dismally when I took the Jeep out in a hurricane to get pictures...... here's one of them...... shortly after taking this I was trying to get back to the house when a pine tree fell on the car.... very scary, very stupid to be out there, very expensive. No more Weather Channel like excursions for me. Friends don't let friends drive in hurricanes. Pine trees are VERY heavy.

RxBambi What is one accomplishment that you are most proud of?

McGillicutty... The biggest has to be the girls pictured above, although they're more a work in progress than an accomplishment. I love the fact that they can talk to me about anything, they're always proud to see me and let me meet their friends at school and are glad to say "this is my Mom!!!". I'm sure that will end soon though just 'cos it does!!!! I think that moving to a new country and learning a whole new way of life and managing to stay married for as long as we have is an accomplishment these days... we've had our moments.... but we're committed to each other and the girls and that's what's important. Ask again in another ten years and I hope to be able to give you the same answer. Cheese ball i know but I'm quite a cheeser at heart!!!!

Thanks for letting me answer your questions Mrs. RxBambi...... y'all have a good day now y'hear and stay away from them there hurricanes!!!!!


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I like yours pictures !! And If I had a superpower, I'ld like to have the power to read minds too !!! Have a nice day !

spudballoo said...

Oooh interesting. nice portrait too ;-) you crazy cow. I definintely would NOT want to be able to read minds. I would hate to know what people thought of me, what if it contradicted my own very high opinion of myself? Tee hee.

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