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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on the Peanut....

So my blog this morning was a little premature...nothing new for me, always expecting the best! Just as I finished blogging I went to check on her and make sure she was drinking, minutes later it all started again and she was back to square one. This time she couldn't even get out of bed when I had to change the sheets. So I called the Doc again and took her back in for more fluids via IV, this time they drew blood and did some tests. Nothing more than a hideous virus and severe dehydration so we stayed there for two and a half hours while they pumped her with fluids.

I got her into the car to go home and she told me she might want to try some pizza... ok.. so this sounds good. She has slept some more and had a little eggs and is now looking a lot perkier than she has in days. It's going to be a day or too before we get to the pizza but it's certainly a triumph that she seems to be on the mend.

Thanks for all your support.... today has been another day!!!

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