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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

X-Ray Ears and Bugs Bunny!!!!!

Just when I thought the chaos in this house couldn't get any worse I agreed to let Sydney keep the class bunny over Spring Break!!! What??? Yes you heard me, what harm could it do, lets keep the bunny and indulge Sydney's love of Gods creatures.
What the hell was I thinking??? Have I lost every last drop of sanity I may have once had???? So on Friday afternoon here we go, load the bunny into the car and take it to the office for an hour until I finish work. We then take this pretty little thing with huge brown eyes home and proceed to let it out of the cage in Syd's bedroom. Of course the bunny is bug eyed with fear and wonders where in the heck it is...nothing else for it, Bugs is hiding under the beds... yes beds. Sydney has two beds in case of the odd friend stopping by and needing accomodation. She's a hospitable kind of a girlie. So here we are watching Bugs go from under one bed to the other, hopping in between with lightning speed so that even the cunningest of bunny catchers would have a hard time laying hands on the beast. Of course the girls slide under the beds in an effort to catch her, their little feet flaying behind them as they squeal and laugh!!! Eventaully after alot of hoo haa I manage to catch Bugs and return her to the cage, yes, she will stay there from now on I think!!!
Saturday morning comes and goes and Sydney invites a friend to come and sleep over so they can stare at the bunny. All goes well, they play very nicely together and manage to include Ashley so there's not a hurt feeling among them. However, little friend is convinced we have killer Shih Tzu's and spends a lot of time yelling that they are trying to eat her. Not so. She calms down eventually when I finally convince her that Daisy is only interested in licking her to death not chewing on her. So I leave them in the capable hands of Daddy and I head off to Walmart for some groceries. I picked up some little cup cakes as a treat for the girls. None of which ever got eaten on Saturday night because no one ate their veggies.
Sunday morning rolls around and everyone gets up bright and early in cheery moods, we're sitting at breakfast when Ashley starts to ask Steve about the cupcakes and how many did he eat last night. She quizzed him for a little while and then announced that she knew he had eaten them because she can hear him from her bedroom, she told him "Daddy, I heard you from my room because I have X-ray Ears you know!!".
Yes, Ashley has Xray ears!!! She is too funny, this is sooo a story to follow her through high school and beyond. Too funny little Miss Sunshine!!!

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